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Sup boys

Yeah bro it was me

No I don’t run plates

> I suggest a channel for gear, such as vests, boots, bags, etc. I've been using the Tactics room for that.

Armory is used for that as well

Hell yeah

Well you can make some people change their nicknames on this server

Go sing a song or something

Imagine being this dense and confident about it

He gone

These people are genuinely retarded

Anyone need budget vests?


> I wouldn't trust a wish vest...
That was a joke lol

I’m not that dense lol

I just popped up on my notifications lmao and I was like well that’s fucking stupid

Looks damn good

What the fuck?

Alright boys

Spoke to the wifey, she’s good with getting a gun, only asked because were renting an apartment right now.

And while we were talking I was going to only drop $250ish because I didn’t want to go overboard

So I was like “so what would your budget be like?” And this psycho goes “I’d be cool with $400-500 if you want it”

So not I gotta rethink shit

Well my father owns a gun range and I could’ve gotten a Canik TP9 for 146


Because of his discounts and shit I can get hella cheap

Paying basically wholesale or less

Dads store man

But it’s just something to have for now while we’re in the apartment

Someone also suggested a CZ

@Sparrow hey man, sorry to bother, what version of the TP9 did you have that you liked?

Ah nice dude. Have you checked out the others or just that one

Okay man, thank you

I was looking into conceal at first but at the same time I feel like a full size would fit my hand better. But I gotta shoot first antway

Oh shit. I guess I need to look into them more. I legit don’t know fuckinf anything

Holy shit dude you’re a beast. Sorry I was doing a lot of stuff at once and didn’t see this right away. I read all of this and gonna head to bed and wake up with a clear mind and go over it all again in the morning. @Sparrow

Congratulations on admin @Sparrow

Kidding 💜


You don’t have to do any paperwork as long as the ATF doesn’t know

Fuck if I know lol

Some kids in my beautiful home state of New Jersey did that and they shut it down

They’re big gay

Well I wouldn’t be surprised 😂

I love root beer


Dude this is fucking insane

What servers exactly?

Oh that’s hype dude

Damn he got clapped

P#i didn’t even see his stuff

Whole lotta gang shit

Holy fuck N95 masks are hot

Wouldn’t be half as bad if I didn’t have 6 machines operating at 350+ degrees but Jesus Christ man

Bouta die up in this bitch

Oh no doubt Recon

It’s hot as balls back here without the masks 😂

But now I’m blowing my own spicy co2 back into my face

Oh that sounds fun

Although that does legitimately sound fun

Drop legs suck trying to do anything

Scratched my car with one a week or so ago

But I love them so much

Just turn @ notifications on


A pocket


I hate it too but it’s the most memeable handgun ever

I want a Gucci Scar and it hurts my heart that they’re so fucking expensive

Honestly non-retention holster are dumb as fuck imo

I mean I could MAYBE see them in competition shooting if like draw speed is THAT important but still, it’s unnecessary

But I don’t shoot much so

What do I know

I genuinely don’t even know the difference

Not recommended? That’s weird

Manual I guess would be like a finger trigger yeah?

Oh like the button on the thumb

I like it 🤷🏽‍♂️

Yeah that’s true. Idk I feel like I would like grip tape.

Stippling is nice but it’s a little slippery to me

> Maybe do
> Xbox
> PS4
> PC master race

He said no to that a little while ago, sorry

@Copbot1001 I would personally say we steer away from that for now. I think right now is about building character and growing the community

The ps2 had an upgraded WiFi chip

That allowed for you to be able to play online

I believe it was actually inside the console. I can’t remember shit I was like 7 😂

Poor Canadians man

Y’all are fucked

Well the real problem is that his “mom” had a problem with it

Granted, dummy shouldn’t have set a rendezvous at his moms house lol

Now it’s possible that he had no where else to turn, but even at that, after her telling them that they aren’t welcome there, it should’ve been a done deal

Oh my god

Guys come bring your entire kit to my moms house for a playdate with the cops

He can’t be that stupid

And yet they are

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