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KC area here.

KC area here.

About 100 feet on the Missouri side

Anybody on the west side?

Anybody on the east side?

Lol yes.

Nabbed from Syria in 2016.

> SE, Olathe KS
@ChaseGin Born and raised.

If anybody's ever near the Kansas City area, hmu.

I'm in OP right now.

> i have exp in said field @Kato and i were discussing that yesterday i think
@Spud Wait what?

Focus on short combat sprints with a heavy load rather than long-distance.

> I've been wanting to find some local boys to make an actual group. I'd even call it a militia, but I don't wanna get confused for a 3per
@Sparrow Call it a cell then.

Agree to disagree.

Lol and we are?...

Define insurgent.

We haven't done anything and they're already going crazy. Would we be losing anything?

Yeah you right.

Lol I was just defining us. Not suggesting it as a PR statement.

Yeah, but I'm up near KC.

> I'm just south of KCMO. I wouldn't mind a range day.
@Schadraquetor Where's just south

I'm in OP

Oh that's nothin

Somebody nearby wanna host a BBQ or somethin?

Just bring your beautiful self. Maybe some Jameson

The ghost of all my IRA nibbas speak to me while drinking Jamo

Tell em to get off your property

That's when the big barrels come out

They have to be spoken to in the only language they understand.

NO wait for me bruh

Lol alright

> I was just about to fall asleep and then this fudge packing prick had to wake me up.
@Anonymoose If you in get back in.


By tanks, does he mean tanks, or APCs?

@Bambi ya damn classification nazi

Or 12 hours prior at midnight to persuade them to end sooner?

It sure does.

What's this

Oh the CO guy that just got arrested?

Right the dude on live was apparently responding and describing the other guy getting hit by feds

For bomb-making? Is that confirmed?

Real men eat their steak raw.

Lol why are we arguing? Just use whatever you want. A bullet is a bullet.

I've been hit with 5.56, 7.62x39/54

Doesn't matter what you use, as long as you're effective.

Also account for logistics.

Personal experience = this shit doesn't matter.

I haven't heard of anything like that

Just got done with Landmark Thucydides. Good read.

That's under the new KC 10/10/10 law

I'll just go and give Duncan Lemp's name and address.

Don't think KC LE's have had to deal with that awareness yet.

That sounds fun as well.

Oops indeed.

"Ope, if I haven't committed a crime I'm just gon' squeeze right past ya there bud"

@Bob Dole What's your page? I'd like to share.

I spent my first two hours of work this morning without leaving my bed.

Enjoy my Missouri brethren. Doc is safe.

FYI let me know if one of these are in your area, I can find more info for you.

Missouri drop. Snitches get [d]itches.

The video on Archibald's FB page got taken down.


@Bender It was a livestream from the fuckin jacked dude when they were at the business in Odessa and they sent SWAT with an MRAP to arrest.

boogboi_fitness or somethin like that

> it's better to bring more gun than not enough
@Bender I think it was more of a message from PD.

Yeah that one @canuck-boi

'Ole boi was just rockin' irons with a make-quieter. Obvious why he wasn't actually ready to defend a business with lethality.

Nonetheless, we were making our statement by showing up, their countered with actually making an arrest. We need to move on to the next step.


I'm sure that might've been a legal barrier they required to go hard. General pop is less likely to be outraged by the concept of people with rifles hanging out outside a bar.

Assuming they also hope they breathalyze each of em and hope they get a good reading.

So they can say they were drunk walking around with fully semi-automatic machine guns.

Snitches in the St Louis area.

@[LA] Zoomer Medi/k/ Looks like our only reliable source was the livestream he took on his personal FB, it got taken down though sometime around an hour ago.

Got taken down before I could.

@INNATRUCK Where'd you get that profile pic tho?


@INNATRUCK Fuck yeah that's mine

> hold on i need to be significantly more drunk for this
@Bender Hurry up

That one's not mine

@Bob Dole Ah okay. Thought you meant you posted on a public page.

Looks like cancer to me.

I'm just waiting to see what @canuck-boi does at 1K.

> Impeccable meme @Kato
@Abe Clark More of a self trash. Like 12K of 19K on my FB are alts and feds, so...

I'm a girl

157 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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