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KY based boog lookin for local groups. Don’t mind working with TN depending.

West Ky. By Tn border.

By Ft Campbell

Get interconnected

Good to know, you need anything or men just lmk 👍

Yes would a cock ring work as a cock tourniquet

Joking. I’ve got the basics. TQs, alcohol, gauze, literal basics. What can I go out today and get and improve my poor loadout


Little knowledge on diesel/ big shit. Tractors included. More knowledge on vehicle maintenance basic mechanic shit on cars.

I’m not cert by any means but I could probably be of some help if we were to do a kill dozer 2.0

Well come on back ASAP

Lmfao that’s a bottle opener tf

I’ve got venison that’s been waiting to get eat, a shit ton of canned shit that I’d rather not eat. Gardening is something all boog bois should know how to do.

So how’s all my kentuckians fairing throughout this pandemic/lockdown?

Not quite sure how to get this to link directly to the telegram group but copy paste into a url then switch to the app and you should be g2g.

There ya go. Evansville?

I know where that is I’ve passed through. Good to know when SHTF you’ll come south 😂

Kentucky’s my home but where I lay my head is home kinda deal.

We as a community need to realize that PR is important. I’ve seen guys post their gucci gear and their shitposts, but give no thought to PR. We need to, in public and in chats like these (consider this public) act mature and professional. A boog won’t get off the ground without the public support. Remember this when posting, protesting. Act mature and professional, a military bearing almost.

Don’t give the enemy ammunition.

Don’t clog up this channel please with memes, good discussion going on gents

Motor tuh

Woot woot

It’s a fantastic day in wky

Big papa energy

I appreciate this constructive environment for moving the Liberty movement forward.

Dejected & I talked for hours yesterday about this and it’s coming into fruition and I think this server is a great opportunity for disseminating information to the entire movement by and through taking it back locally

The way we conduct ourselves will shine through & give the enemy no ammunition so to speak.

You can’t smear a movement when there’s nothing to smear on.

Keeping this genuine, and mature will pay dividends for when we protest. We show up and are taken seriously, not because of some kids gucci gear but by professionalism and maturity, that ties directly into discipline, we can orchestrate these concepts and disseminate them back locally, into other boog groups, there’s a lot of promise with intelligent discussion here.

People who want to join this chat and say things unsat shouldn’t even be given a second chance because of the implications of their actions.

This ISNT a game or a meme. If you think it is, you need to leave this group immediately.

Yes, we can have fun, and have lighthearted convos

Depends on how you conduct yourself, but I see your point.

I agree, no need for pandering to the state.

It’s for, by and through the people.

The actual people of this nation are the foundation of every aspect of this nation, we’re by for and through the people. Keeping things genuine and having the positive optics, people will see that and recognize that

What we have to remember is that local local local. If all of us take things we learn back locally, implement them, then now all 50 states have grass root freedom liberty movement boog groups that aren’t as extremist as msm would have you think

Be the good neighbor

Selflessly serve tour community


Volunteer at vfws DAVs, help your fellow man out in ways and expect no repayment

Working on that. But that will take time.

take it to the pickup airsoft game


Don’t play the systems game.

T Rex?

Simunition is still used

I recommend everyone go watch some field craft survival on YouTube. Good shit

Mike glover hosts it, ex SF guy.

Don’t gotta go to a range to do drills kiddos

Not everywhere

Not every boog has a firearm sadly

Nor applicable history with firearms

Gotta mentor the young bucks and lost souls bring them into your fold

Hi point

Trust me, I think every American should have experience with firearms, but the truth is that’s not the case.

We all have.

We’re all on the lists.

Which is explicitly why we need to set the standard when it comes to professionalism, maturity, discipline among other things man

This isn’t a game or a meme anymore, not for me atleast.


True. Guys be a leader. Step up into that role for these guys.

Hey gents I’m back.

I can post the link to some trusted circles of mine and get a couple in.

I consider this truthfully as the next step forward for the liberty movement. We are communicating ideas, disseminating information, group thinking of common goals and objectives, and it’s a unique learning environment for us. Let’s continue to facilitate thoughtful intelligible debate, discussion to further the liberty movement.

If everyone takes back what we do here to their local groups, this liberty movement would flourish.

Keep up the good work guys and remain vigilant.

Any of my Kentuckians planning any local protests or rallies? What’s going on across the commonwealth.

Mike Harts released from detention on recognizance, boogasue commencing

I don’t think it’s cowardice to want to see the flag taken down but I digress as my personal opinion on the matter is irrelevant to the facts.

Ah gotcha. If we can get something going in Frankfort I’ll definitely post it here

I wouldn’t use signal.

WhatsApp/ Telegram is what I use.

Or you could just mute the server

Go to the sidebar and scroll down to the state

I agree on a personal level but the idea of change isn’t in itself a horrible notion.

Tricky subject, states rights vs “right to own slave” subject, so yeah

^ bingo

Oh for sure. But I can totally see where people come from when they tend to not like the flag. Don’t have statues of Nathan Bedford, but don’t erase the history surrounding him. Ya know?

Statues are for idolization of people

history books are where the history lays

Oh yeah I know. Family fought both sides, my family never owned any slaves, we had just got here from Ireland when it kicked off.

For the average troop it wasn’t anything further than hey the unions coming defend this house, vice versa

I wholeheartedly agree

Tell the truth no matter how ugly

Everyone knows how to read maps right? I think that would be very beneficial for young guys to learn and old guys to relearn.

Gimme Kentucky bro


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