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2018-11-20 16:27:04 UTC [Scale brigade #consent-form]  

+giveme consent

405 here too

Things definitely feel tense. I don't know about other states but mine is currently on phase 1 of 4 of re opening. Stuff like restaurants and parks are open again.

Would also like a sale channel. I've got an optic I'm looking to sell, funny enough

If the death rates stay down, we'll re open theaters and other stuff

Also classes are definitely good. If we have knowledgeable people here, it'd be great if they could share reports on best practices. I know the Facebook group has tons of people who think tampons and belts actually work, among other things.

The one I'm looking to get rid of is a trijicon accupoint 1-6 on a geissele mount. Bought new in 2019 so the tritium is fresh

Sweet. Could we get this pinned to the channel? @Drifter_actual

<@&704442383554838632> could we get a message pinned?

I'm glad to be doing fairly decent. I don't make much but both of my jobs are considered essential, and I've finally got my foot in the door for an IT career

Weird, it wasn't showing until just now

Trijicon accupoint 1-6x24 on a geissele mount, new from late 2019 so the tritium is fresh. Green triangle reticle. I'm looking for 1k for the whole thing but I could sell them separately if wanted. I've found that I just prefer red dots.

Works great, I just don't care much for dealing with scope shadow and eye relief, and I live in the suburbs, so a red dot makes more sense. Plus it's trijicon, idk if I could break it if I wanted

Considering moving to a trijicon reflex but right now I'm more interested in putting together a rifle for my fiance

Torn between that and the 1x42 reflex as it wouldn't involve batteries or too much fiddling. The dot is a bit big at 4.5moa which I'm not sure how I feel about, but it'd be going on my 11.5" upper

Running a huey atm though so I'm set. Just looking to sell this optic and start building a gun for my fiance

Anyway. Trijicon accupoint 1x6 with green triangle on geissele mount for sale.

11.5 yeet stick. Will be adding irons soon, probably ARMS 40, replacing the magnifier until I get around to picking up an aimpoint one that'll fit with the irons

Mixture of g$, FN, and BCM on an aero lower with a larue trigger

May be good to attempt creating sort of closed non profit groups in various states with the goal of being prepared for disasters. All this stuff, medical, survival, self defense, and so on is important for everyone and more shit can happen to someone than just regular tyranny.

Meet occasionally for stuff like workshops on first aid, bushcraft, weapon maintenance, and so on.

I'm big for voluntaryism. The government is horribly inefficient at helping people but there's stuff we can do.

Going off of some stuff in <#704561847134584893> I'd be interested in forming a sort of non profit group focused on growing skills needed for dealing with disasters and helping others. A healthy focus on voluntaryism. Could host workshops on stuff like first aid or weapon maintenance.

I put something in <#704466319793192990> given that's where I'm at

For the price, baofengs may be more versatile. Of course there's way better, stuff like higher end Motorola, kenwood, yaesu, and so on

Looks good. I've been considering trying to write up a report on covert boog attire, geared more towards not getting rifles trained on you immediately but being better than nothing if you run into trouble.

Could apply to visiting a bad neighborhood

Motorola's real products, not the consumer grade soccer mom road trip stuff, is built like a tank. Very robust equipment.

My dumbass coworkers still manage to break them though >.>

Hence my idea on writing a report on covert attire

Shit that works well if you have to go innawoods but won't turn heads on the streets

Depends on the scenario. It's more of a specialized tool. If you need it, then you know exactly why you need it.

I'd probably wear something similar to what I'm wearing right now. Redwing boots, Duluth jeans (crotch gusset ftw) and a regular shirt, currently a polo.
Tq, shears, and keys in right pocket, wallet in back pocket, phone in right, pistol in kydex appendix holster.

Could ditch the jeans for something tan colored and a brownish shirt for blending a bit better with foliage


Right now, literally everything is green where I'm at

However light tans tend to take on the colors of their surroundings due to light reflecting onto them from the foliage

You can see this a bit in asat camo

I haven't checked them out yet but I've heard good things about dark angel medical

Sounds good. I think you could technically even rent it out, it's just a tool, as long as they're the one who presses the start button.

If it fits your needs, go for it. Personally i have a uv-82 but whatever you go with, I'd suggest getting an extended battery and a nagoya antenna

Just uh, stuff that hole

Need this patch because reasons

"Hewwos, it's me, youw combat medwic. That's awot of bwood there mister, I'm gonna have to stuff your hole uwu"

"Just let me bleed out, please"

Yeah, and a free software called chirp

Generally best to program it to gmrs frequencies since that's what most people use but if you have a team, you can use whatevers in your radios range

Technically illegal without one of the ham licenses but fuck it, they can't find you unless you're broadcasting pirate radio.
That being said, getting your license will teach you everything you need to know for the most part

*breaks out this bad boy* "Uh ohs, looks like you had a nawsty accident. Looks like it's bondage time."

*frantic screaming*

I hate myself a little just for typing that

Honestly though michael reeves his hilarious

this one

It means they failed, I do not condone tampons replacing wound packing

maybe a patch that shows a flatline on it

shoot wrong one, yeah you're right

still suggest picking up a book though

It'd definitely be great to have another podcast or news show. The only real sort of igloo / libertarian podcast I know of is the Emilitia podcast.

Discord being fucky, gotta restart to get my ptt to work

Definitely the best igloo related server I've seen

Definitely. Unfortunately my schedule is super booked, but I'm hoping I can get it cleared up a bit by getting on full time at one job and dropping the other

Since there's a library section, it may be good to have a channel for submissions. Where people can put information that they think is important or useful, whether they made it or someone else, then it can be reviewed and placed in the library if it's good enough

Thought people were talking over me for a bit. Just tested my microphone and it stopped working in the middle of the voice chat

I personally use the DJI Mavic Mini. It's not as robust as the bigger dji drones but it still has some impressive capabilities, and weighs just under the FAA licensing limitations

It also folds up small enough to fit into something like the spiritus sack

249 grams, 30 minutes of travel time, 2.7k video, 12mp camera, costs 399

uses micro sd cards, though it requires a smartphone to link with the controller

range is roughly 2.5 miles if unobstructed

I'm definitely not part of the radio community or anything but I've always been told "wire is cheaper than watts"

There's literally no way for them to find out though. Unless you're broadcasting some radio 24/7 at high power, someone gets annoyed with it, calls up the FCC, and they have the one guy for your region drive out all over the city searching for it, you're fine

A little something that might pair well with that is loading Tails linux onto a flash drive

bleh, I think my mic has been acting up and I've been talking to no one

Most servers implement roles like that, it's very useful

A server can have 250 roles so there's plenty of room. Say you live in a certain state and want to ping everyone in it for an emergency

I've done it before, it's relatively easy so it shouldn't be a problem

Oh no I mean it'll be easy for you

Though someone could go @massivecockhaver "hey, nice cock"

My mic is fucked so it's text for me right now

I particularly like the idea of "the liberty movement"
Boogaloo conjures images of that taran tactical video with explosions and whatnot, which is funny as hell but not exactly persuasive.
It's important to attempt to persuade people, taking tiny steps and just bringing up the occasional point, of course being able to fully articulate and argue that point.

I suggest we adopt a policy to react 👀 on anything either really overly suspicious or stuff we don't want to be associated with. Keywords that get people flagged, pedo's, and so on.

promoting radical violence as well

Ah, as well as a rules channel that people cannot post in, to lay out all of the accepted stuff and ground rules

I'd argue that gives the government just a little more money to enforce stuff. It's your decision to weigh risk, whether or not to get your permit.

They'll always have ammunition to make up. You just gotta prove them wrong with your actions

but damage control is definitely a must

Discord is just a good platform that's widely used and hasn't been cracked down on too hard yet. It's a bit more difficult to crack down on it than facebook, as it's semi private. As in, Karen can't just go reporting you unless they're in the same server.

okay to be fair the name and server pic are kinda memey so I can see if people think it's just another boog meme server

you can't please them

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