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Yes I already locked in my vacation time at work to make sure I'll be available I've got most of my uniform I've just gotta pick up an undershirt and waiting on my patches but I will be there for sure

Yeah I can what time you thinkin

Can we use mumble instead I don't have jitsu I broke my old phone

Alright and 8pm your time or mine

I'm est so I'm about 2 hours ahead of you

I have no idea don't even really know where we're going I'm assuming east coast somewhere hoping to catch a ride with someone

I'm supposed to talk with Vincent tonight hoping to find out more then

Correction tomorrow night


When are they gonna announce the location I'm hoping to catch a ride with someone if it's far

I don't have one I'm not in a network yet I'm the only guy in the whole state

Thank you

I'll be there

I haven't got my patches yet is that OK I ordered them like 3 weeks or so

I have a 1 man tent but I may have an extra sleeping bag if anyone needs to use it

Which way you taking to the meetup wanna carpool?

If it's far can I meet up with you and catch a ride I'll buy fuel

Central wv I'm about a half hrs south of clarksburg

I'm talking with nw13 trying to catch a ride with alexander

What all gear we need

Did the telegram go down I can't find it

Same and any particular brand the link isn't useable

I can't even copy the text may be my app

@Vincent TX It's a tinyurl



I got it to work

15 it is

Same mines saying Dec 16th

I ordered from somewhere else I bought an extra in case someone can't get one

Send me the link for the bumpcap as well please

I'm usually not off work till 6 or later and I work most weekends I've done a few while I'm traveling for work but being in a company vehicle and uniform makes me pretty easy to pick out

Just making sure I have everything I need for the demo I'm on a shield team my shinguards just arrived today should have everything I need except my patches

I ordered them with my promat a while back and still haven't gotten anything

Any clue where we're going is it gonna be OK if I ride with you

I'll keep that in mind it's prob gonna be a bit before I post anymore I'm waiting on promat and my patches I'm just about out I've got enough for 1 more post

Sure will already scheduled my vacation days to have it off

You too brother

That's what I was asking that's assuming its a long drive

I'm prob gonna wind up driving myself hard to make travel plans when we dont know where we're going


@ND - Ryan OH I would greatly appreciate that

Mine turned out about the same as well

@Mark PA I've got a spare for ya bud


Got it

Is there a good spot to park there

Sweet thank ya

I'll only have a duffel and a backpack

I assume we're camping?

I was gonna say I packed my tent and sleeping bag I'm also bringing my camp stove if anyone needs a sleeping bag I have a spare

It's just a little backpacking stove

Alright I'll drag my feet I left an hr earlier than I needed to be safe

Made it to Lewisburg do we need a case of water or anything

Alright anyone else in the car need anything while I'm in here?

Blue subaru

I'll pull over by the ambulance

Where you pull in on the left side of the lot

Ryan oh and us are here

Lemme know when you guys make it home safe I'm waiting on Walmart to open to get a compressor

Glad to hear it just did make it home myself

How's the trip going bud

Nothing like baptism by fire lol

I'll be there

I'm missing a tent stake but I have spares haven't noticed anything missing yet

Got logged back in thanks bud

Welcome @James OR

Welcome @Bradley IL

Jane lew it's about a half hr south of clarksburg

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