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Will do

Looking forward to seeing them at the march brother!

Just missing the trauma sheers and foldable stretcher.


Anyone have a decent sized tent I can double up with ya in?

Would be much appreciated if so

Meeting in 5ish mins, right?

Sounds good

Bring extra blankets and whatnot if y'all can. There's always someone (typically not from the glorious and cold state of Ohio) that doesn't bring a warm enough sleeping bag

Yes, I used to have a good foam mat I camped with. Left it behind in tx.

We could always take some personal vehicles and cram in together. I can fit four others in my sedan.

Count my car in

Sounds good. Hopefully all our bags fit lol

Howdy Ethan, glad to have ya. Are you near the Cleveland metropolitan area by any chance? Need some more local guys around me lol

Still, very glad to have you and I hope to see you soon

They're going pretty well, haven't had the chance to do much because of being sick and all, but I'm all better now

We're all just focused on getting the travel plan down for the national

Yes, on the 17th

I have room for four others. I'd really prefer to ride with someone else if necessary, as I just missed a whole bunch of work due to having covid and finances are extremely tight right now.

How many total are coming from our lot?

Happy thanksgiving indeed

Looks like we'll be road trip partners lol

@Patrick OH great to have you, man.

@Sam OH how north? I'm near Cleveland.

I'd be down, but I have work and dinner with my father that night

@Patrick OH You more by Cleveland?

So, just trying to figure out what would make more sense here for me. I don't need to know where we're going of course, but it really depends on whether we're going east or west out of Ohio if I should caravan with y'all or not, Given that I'm in Cleveland.

@Benjamin OH what city are you nearest? I'm nearest Cleveland

I want to minimize the distance I have to drive given my very tight gas budget

How about I head down to Columbus, pick you up, then we head together to the destination?

Better to have two drivers for road safety, company, atc

Hmmm... Nevermind, I think it'll work out better to drive separately. I forgot how out of the way Columbus was before I looked at the map lol

Probably best for me to drive alone then

Not a bad idea. I'll dm him and figure it out

How'd you feel about meeting up in Ohio, then carpooling to the final destination?

You're in Columbus, right? Cadiz Ohio would work well as a rendezvous point

Walmart Supercenter
(304) 547-1726

That walmart specifically. That'll allow us to park one of our cars over the weekend and not have any issues

Hey, Ryan OH told me to get with you about travel plans. I'm driving from Cleveland OH, and I'll be passing through Pittsburgh. Any room in your caravan? I could park somewhere safe and roll with y'all.

@Benjamin MI Any room in the michigang caravan? I can meet you at some city in Ohio along your route.

Just me, a backpack, and a suitcase

Hey man, any chance you're able to pick me up in Ohio on your way to the national? I can meet you in a city on your way. Just me and a suitcase/backpack

@Patrick OH you could drive on down to Eastlake where I am (near Cleveland), park there, then we could carpool in my car if that makes it easier

Yeah, no roomy fortunately.

No room unfortunately*

Unless one of the Michigan guys ends up picking me up

Yeah, Eastlake Ohio

I can drive out to a city that goes along your route and park at a Walmart or something if you need

In fact, I'd message some of the Michigan guys and see if they have room for you. You're right along their route

Ahh, my bad

Awesome man, really appreciate it

Alright, it looks like some MI guys may pick me up. I'll let ya know if they flake or something, maybe we could carpool

Yeah just lemme know where to be and when to be there. I really appreciate it again man

Oh, yeah that makes sense. I've been told Virginia, but that's pretty vague

Alright. That's perfect man. I'll be there at 2pm and wait for ya

Thank you so much. Really saving my butt after my carpool situation fell through

Yeah sounds good. I've got cash ready already for the fee. And yeah, I've got all my food for the weekend already

The Alamo March was similarly sketchy on the food until afterwards lol. I made sure to have plenty this time

Sounds good. I'm pretty strapped for cash but I've got enough to help with gas a bit and for the event fee for sure

I've got enough, don't worry. It's just tight after missing work from covid a couple weeks ago

All good now though, don't worry lo


Oh yes, I'm glad too

I was pretty irritated, getting sick right before the national

Oh yes lol


Thank you regardless

Ok, on my way now, should be there why then

ETA 1:45

Alright, I'm here. I'll move over to the garden center area

@Vincent TX eta 3 hours 50 minutes for myself

That includes most of the Michigan guys too

Ah ok, thank you

ETA 3:40 minutes for myself, Alan MI, Johnny MI, Michael MI

3 hours 40 minutes, Sorry

We should be there around 10pm

Alright, very good




We are 20 mins out

Ryan OH said to hang back and wait for a new location. Going to park nearby and wait for further instruction.

Ok, heading there

Carter Misssouri/ Sam MN school bus
Not drivable

Walter Nc Chevy Sonic

Marcus NC Jeep

Christopher Alabama white f150
Smashed windshield. Drivable.

Norman AL white Honda

Walter ID kia

Bill MA Toyota

Ryan OH Kia

Alex Pa f150

Cark OK 4150

Paul TX tundra

Sam MI Ford

Mark SD
Not drivable, tree flats

grant md Honda

Jack wa rental gmc

Ethan was
Not drivable

Michael TX Rental van

Jackson GA rental van

Ryan PA Renta van

Alan PA Renta van

*Brandon CA rental van

Every person's vehicle situation. Driveable of course may mean damage, but the police said that it's good to drive out

Greyhound doesn't have any busses running for well over a few days on that route

Lyft works about half of the way, but eventually it seems to get too rural to find a driver

No Amtrak service between Toledo and Crawfordsville either

Michael Indiana may be able to pick him up, working on that

I asked Michael IN and he asked Adam IN and neither of them say they can come for him, Even if you meet them half way

The Indiana guys are saying they've never heard from him before

Or that they haven't heard from him in a couple months, they're unsure

Sorry, didn't see that.

Made it home safe and sound. Thank you guys for the ride so much.

Lmk when y'all do your next hike or cover up, I'll do my best to make it

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