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Ok i remember you now haha

LA Police gear has Bdu khakis for around that price and Walmart wrangler cargo pants are like $20

Who was this in reference to?

So unfortunately I am unable to attend the December event as my Fiancé is a bridesmaid at a wedding in TN and I am both her ride and date. Sorry bro

Ah gotcha haha, no it was not me. I’m actually pretty unfamiliar with 4chan, I’ve browsed it maybe 3 times in my life. I’ll take the complement though and run with it.

Totally agree, the first time I ever got on was after I joined PF. I opened it up and immediately saw porn followed by autistic political takes. Only other time I checked was for a PF thread. It was one where a guy was arguing that Thomas was a non-white lmao.

Yes I know, I really enjoy getting to see all you guys who are outside my area.

I won’t be in attendance due to a wedding. I have already talked to Patrick TX about it

I think calling me lame is totally reasonable, this will be the first event I’ve ever missed, i understand completely.

Who is going to be able to attend the activism on Friday the 10th. The location will be in and around the Cincinnati area.

@Patrick OH You could possibly carpool. What part of Ohio are you located in bro?

@Patrick OH @Patrick OH yes but there are some guys up in North OH who could likely pick you up.

What would your thoughts be on making an official uniform guide/enforcement with the help of myself and Nicholas OH? We both served in the military and could offer a lot helping to teach proper uniform wear and standardization. Based on your preferences we could put together the substance for a guide which would include information such as proper ways to blouse your boots, tuck your laces, patch placement, masks under hats, etc. It would also include official recommendations for pieces of the uniform like pants, jackets and hats. At future events we could even teach quick 15 minute classes. The way a man wears his uniform is telling about other aspects of his life; seeing many with sloppy headwear and untied shoes in our videos may seem like a small detail but it can make all the difference.

I’m going

Missing attachment: IMG_8635.HEIC
Missing attachment: IMG_8638.HEIC
Missing attachment: IMG_8640.HEIC
Missing attachment: IMG_8643.HEIC
Missing attachment: IMG_8644.HEIC

Currently panicking

Hey bro what’s up, remember me from the vetting?

Ryan OH is out of town for now so our activism we had planned got cancelled but me and you can meet up to sticker soon.

Can you reset my password for the vetting server? I have not used it in a long time. Thank you

Yes I believe so


Yeah bro I’m all good it was in another part of the state


Did you guys get removed from network creation because you are a network now?

Ok sweet just checking in

For sure

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