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Missing attachment: threema-20211110-150235423.jpg

sounds good

FRENSgiving location: [REDACTED]
5pm tomorrow

Double sent in case you didn't have it

PF is welcome at Amren?

I thought we were too extreme

You delete a message?

We haven't agreed on a time yet. Mostly cuz I'm gonna be working late a lot these weeks

I'll get you a set time soon

No I'm still around

We're on telegram now as well

Chat. I'll get you a link

I was just coming in here to look for this.

Prog is going to the moon. Now I go back in the wagey cage for a few more hours

What is this?

Whats preventing you from coming back here with us?

Neither of us gets Sam. He wants to go to iowa

Same sentiments. I worked 13 hours almost again today and im just dead tired

I'm sending you the money to your cash app

Send it to this location so I can go pick it up.

1218 Amber Lane Faribault MN 55021

Sooner please

We have a location to do before December

Did you receive the money?

Is there something up with the vetting server? I can't message my new interviewee nor see our messages from last night.

I'm on my phone. I don't remember my login for the vetting server unless it's all the same now.

Alright we can still make that work

@all I wont have the stencils till next week. Hopefully before Thanksgiving. I just need two people to come with me near Mankato


If necessary, since itll be easier for us, me and peter can just do it.

The tent I purchased may not get here on time for the event. There a chance a extra tent might be available?

Still waiting on response. Most don't get off work for another hour.

We've tried to take you out, it's just never lined up.


I doubt anyone will be in here Thanksgiving day so and I'm driving to the bake sale late Thursday night.

How did everyone's Thanksgivings with their brothers go?

I was more referring to the social events Thomas mentioned a while ago, or was I the only one who hosted one?

Very nice. People I wanted at the drilling, specifically new guys, are sick, so that's been postponed. Thanksgiving gave everyone a chance to connect and bond over what we've built together thus far. Everyone was engaged and very cheerful the whole evening. We definitely had way too much food on hand despite how many people came.

PF attendance list.png

PF attendance list.png

Idr what Adam's reason was because the chat was cleared

Matthews were personal reasons he didn't want me to disclose. He'll be out of commission when we need him

Did you figure out if youre able to come to dec 4th

We may not have room to grab @Norman WI

If youd like

I dont have all the details yet

Nothing stuck out to me on the first look


Adam SD: I'm vetting a new guy that day and going to do a sticker run with him.
I'm switching jobs after new years which I hope will give me a more flexible schedule on the weekends

sounds like a cunt if he works you to the bone

All for PF?

Yes. His schedule is worse than mine

and thats saying something

Thanks Tyler.

He's lost a lotta weight since I last remember seeing him

He still doing good on that front?

We don't respond to current events as they happen, but maybe it should be addressed in the speech for the bake sale?

Sent it from in a private group my bad.

@all LAST WEEK BEFORE THE BAKE SALE. Make sure everything you need is within your position and secured for the day we leave. Everyone in the cities will coordinate with @George MN on the easiest location to meet for pick up (check the park n rides in the area. You can leave your car there for 3 days or more for free usually.) EVERYONE further south will meet up with me. I've told our SD brethren as much.

@ND - Samuel VA give us a list of all the things he likes and then each network can pitch in for the best toy on it if overwhelming is going to be an issue.

Idk any kid that doesn't love getting a bunch of stuff seemingly from nowhere.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I've passed my 13 and now my record for longest work day is 15 hours


"Hey uhh when's the next event going on?"

Missing attachment: 20211125_174213.jpg
Missing attachment: e4a08bf69d1bd420.png

I lost peter to his parents. Everything was good until they found out he was leaving the weekend right before finals.

He's at the mercy of his parents for the time being

Hes young, but dedicated. Just a crap situation.

I could just send him that tbh

I will do my best

Peter: "If I was moving into a dorm next semester, I wouldn't hesitate to go against my parents. However, I am stuck living under their roof for the foreseeable future. Also, my sisters pulled some awful shit on my parents in the past so I would, without a doubt, be stripped of any privileges the minute I returned home. There just isn't a scenario where this ends well.
All that aside, I don't plan to sit idle while you guys are in the streets. I'll make sure some stickers go up around Mankato after school this week."

@all REMINDER: Make sure your gear is sorted and accounted for when you go to join your travel parties tomorrow.

@all REMINDER: Make sure your gear is sorted and accounted for when you go to join your travel parties tomorrow.

We might end up being almost too early even leaving late evening.

Tomorrow*, but at least it'll factor in stops, sleep, and road bull crap we may encounter.

If I factor everything I stated in, we could be there anytime between 1-4pm Friday.

Despite it being 15-17 hours away

Oh perfect then.

That's a lot of time for a lot of people to be gathered in a campground

Are we going to be left to ourselves this time?

I'll see about pushing on him.

I have run into a problem that I wasn't planning on. I cannot find my patch hat.

I'm going to ask around my network, but if someone has a spare that would be helpful

do you have Mark's Threema?

He's not responding on RC and hes fucking up some of the guys travel plans because of it

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