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Sam MN @PF-173220

I'm thinking of moving to Iowa in early December instead of Minnesota. I want to make myself as useful as possible to the organization, and I think what Iowa needs right now is someone who is fanatical enough to be able to maintain high levels of activity without reinforcement/encouragement from others nearby.

Sam MN @PF-173220

Iowa has a population of 3 million, and only one member. My hope is to eventually build a network there.

Whats preventing you from coming back here with us?

Sam MN @PF-173220


Sam MN @PF-173220

But I'm excited about the possibility of the chance to really prove my worth as an organizer by building a network, as well as the prospect of advancement in the organization. Since my family isn't tying me down to Minnesota anymore, all of these avenues have now opened up.

Sam MN @PF-173220

Iowa is simply the most convenient location for that, since it has potential in terms of its demographics and is surrounded by states where I know people.

Sam MN @PF-173220

Want me to meet up with you guys for the protest?

If youd like

I dont have all the details yet

Sam MN @PF-173220

Whatever happened to that 18 year old who was supposed to join?


Sam MN @PF-173220

That sucks

He looked at my last comments. Prolly got cold feet.

Sam MN @PF-173220

Hello, you are being contacted because you have been deemed an appropriate representative to participate in the Evaluation Process for an Intermediate who has been interviewed. The Interview record and instructions for meeting the Intermediate will follow this message.

If you are capable of meeting the Intermediate within exactly two weeks, and do not choose to protest this assignment immediately, the responsibility for this Intermediate is transferred to you. Message the Intermediate on the Interview Server immediately. Do not contact them or discuss vetting details on any platforms or apps other than the Interview Server. If you do not have access to the Interview Server, please contact leadership to attain access.

If you cannot complete this assignment and comply strictly with the guidelines in the following Meeting Intermediates document, let me know immediately.

*Please message Jason NY when you have met with the interviewee.

Sam MN @PF-173220


33 /MN / Minneapolis


Conductor: Sam MN

Notetaker: Christopher VA


Test Q: How long ago did you send in your application?

Sent it in on friday

-- Applicant Information --

Personal Transportation: yes

Permanent Resident:yes

Political Ideology: Facist, Nationalist

Drug Abuse: no

Religion: christian, traditional catholicism

Why Join: been involved with other groups, interested in serving the org and sees us as the best shot

Skills: personal trainer, coach fitness, nutrient knowledge, mechanic skills, experience with writing, small business could support the org. Done a lot of camping and took CPR classes.

Read Manifesto: yes. As a writer, he thinks it's well written. Better way of explaining the role of individualism and that it can corrupt and race is essential. Enficess on the betterment of the family

-- In-depth Questions --

Q1: no

Q2: no crimes, no government employment

Q3:no impairments

Q4: read info wars, started seeing comments about daily stormer, went to pol and filled with righteous indignation. Found out what was going on. Why our government hates the people of our country. Country hijacked by foreign group who wants to destroy white people. Freedom has a duty associated with it, how our founding fathers intended. Sir john gloves “ The fate of Empires” similar today

Q5: knew about us after Charlottesville, saw a sticker in a nearby town, saw us on pol. Wanted to join after country started to fall apart, guilt, and

Q6: standard conservative talking points, foreigners cannot be americans. Genetics and culture are tied. Being American is European, that's who built this country, its where we get our ideals.

Q7: some people have been here since the 1700’s, Swedish, Norwegian, English, French, european. Part of identity Europa.

Q8:not doxed, was part of identity europa, can see himself as an activist.

Q9: justified in self defense and life was threatened, would be able to hold back if needed. Understands and agrees with our policy.

Q10: no previous conflicts/fights. Only been near antifa, never fought. Was

Sam MN @PF-173220

Q11: have about 20hrs during the week of free time, works about 3 days a week. Very flexible

Q12: so many threats, stranglehold over media, banking system, the jews.

Q13: daily stormer, zero hedge.com, no social media, uses twitter sometimes for information

Q14: counter semetic, white nationalist, fascist, lives in minneapolis, have had friends stabbed by BLM, hes seen enough

Q15: very rarely has his his religion and beliefs conflict

Q16: read unz.com articles, richard spencer articles, daily stormer, pol. Showed him the truth that the media does not

Q17: currently can run a mile in 7 mins, somemartial art experience

Q18: ideal family would have 10-20 acres, amish, today is very fragmented, causes a lot of damage to children. Was raised with a father and a mother never divorced. Sexual promisquitey destroys relationships, against poronography, homsexuality, and masturbation. Human body is cool and people shouldn't use it wildly.

Q19: admires charles lindbergh, was wise to race and to the jews, read his books

Q20: despises barrack obama, opened a portal to hell, BLM is because of him.

Q21: nationaist movement doesn't have enough people, money, time, or energy. The Internet is offering an opportunity for us. Lack of charity amongst nationalist communities. Solve this by being more charitable. PF are the most organized and hopeful group in the movement.

Q22: would like to become a mushroom farmer, live in the country.

Sam MN @PF-173220
Missing attachment: IntermediateMeetingAndEvaluation11_11_20.pdf
Sam MN @PF-173220

We have a based mushroom farmer who wants to join.

ty sir

GAve him a boiler plate message before I go to bed so he knows he's not ignored

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