George MN

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Nice, I hear power transformers love the stuff

Nah, I don’t know that I want to have some goober ass looking chin strap

I’ll drill the holes anyway in case I want to

Hey, George here, we are at the pick up site. I have other MN guys too

Are you and the rest of the WA guys okay?

You guys okay ?

Were your cars okay?

You and your guys all good dude?

Paints all off for the most part, we got 2 used tires for the 2 tires they fucked

Keep me posted dude

His GF Doxxed him?

How’d it happen?

Oh Fugg dude

How was it determined? I have been told this but haven’t been told how

I’m guessing there’s a secret technological method y’all use

I won’t pry


@John MN Sounds good

Sunday-Monday 6-12pm

I usually work every other Monday, which will complicate things as far as meeting go

I’ll always reliably have Sunday off, lords day

Yes, however. Next Monday is the 20th, we have a vetting, keep that in mind

Sounds good

23 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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