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I'll make sure to write it down this time

It says user not found

Vincent TX @PF-4354

@William TX @Christopher VA FYI I need the new link. Not in the interview chat

William TX @PF-3544

@William TX What did Carter say regarding the IL returning member?

William TX @PF-3544

did we get confirmations from victor and stephen?


Jason NY @PF-3527

Is new in-person vetting pdf in this channel yet?

Tyler SD @PF-604908

I haven't seen it

I have it, unsure if it's supposed to be shared here. I will ask.

Tyler SD @PF-604908

Have a guy near Fort Worth TX, which TX guy should I send him on to?

William TX @PF-3544

DFW? Thomas

ND - Jon UT @PF-3354

@Tyler SD that would be thomas my friend

Tyler SD @PF-604908

Wild, I'll let him know.

Jason NY @PF-3527

ND - Thomas TX

@all Hop into once you're done

@ND - Jon UT have you heard back from that former Francis IL

about James IL

Tmrw I won't be on until pretty late because I'll at my nw meeting and then another meeting afterwards

ND - Jon UT @PF-3354

yes I have

and what did he say

@all This is an example format of how all interview notes should be written. Note that interviews will flow from the Test Question to Q1, Q2, etc. without any need to jump around the record. Also note that the question numbers do not contain any information about how we divide our script or categorize our questions. A full, normal interview should go from Q1 to Q31. If anyone needs any clarification on this, reach out to me.

12/12/2021 (Date of Interview)
Age/State/City (To be entered after the interview for organization purposes.)
Conductor: Sam MN
Notetaker: Jesse AR

Test Question: (Enter the Test Question here)? Answer

Q1: 24 years old.
Q2: Lives in Alabama. Permanent resident.
Q3: Lives near Birmingham.
Q4: No past interviews.
Q5: Has access to a vehicle.
Q6: No drug history. No addictions.
Q7: No criminal background.
Q8: No government employ.
Q9: No ailments.
Q10: (Ideological journey follows)
Q11: (Political label follows)
Q12: (Found out about us through X source)
Q13: (Why he wants to join)

It is extremely important that members who have no knowledge of the interview process are able to determine what question is being asked by the content of the answer. What I mean by that is, when we ask if an interviewee has been charged with crimes other than traffic violations, we DO NOT put "No" as the answer to that question. We put "No criminal history" or "No crimes", something like that.

ND - Jon UT @PF-3354

@NS - Jason TX "Yeah. I kicked him out of nw6 for being: childish, fat, autistic, and incapable of passing fitness standards.

I gave him a 2 nd chNce to pass 6 months after I kicked him out.

Showed up incapable of doing 1 push up."

ND - Jon UT @PF-3354

He said if he has changed he should be allowed to rejoin

ND - Jon UT @PF-3354

someone competent from that area should assess him

Sounds good. Thanks for following up. We will send his record off.

Sam MN @PF-173220

One of our interviewees has cold feet:

That's pretty entertaining.

Vincent TX @PF-4354

I saw that last night. I guess it’s a good sign people are talking more.

Jason NY @PF-3527

@all We are increasing character limit per message, you shouldn't have to chop up interview records into 2 messages now.

Tyler SD @PF-604908


William TX @PF-3544



Thomas @thomas

867027 Emailed and said:

I want to thank you for the opportunity to be interviewed tonight. Although the outcome was not what I desired, I appreciate what your organization is trying to do to save our country.
I only wish you the best of success in your future endeavors.

Record says ideologically incompatible, nothing jumps out upon skimming it. What was the problem? Usually we do not get emails like this, so I'm curious. @IC - Jesse AR @NS - Jason TX

I believe it was a culmination of location, some sus answers regarding some questions, but Jesse made the call so he can explain better.

Sam MN @PF-173220

269097 was online at 12pm today, opened opened the server again and he's still online. This is the Iowa guy

Sam MN @PF-173220
Jason NY @PF-3527
Jason NY @PF-3527

5 in line, anybody who is available create room 3.

Ben MD @PF-159020

SamMN, ask him about his Italian flag

Ben MD @PF-159020

He says American is Northern European, Anglo, Scandinavian. How does his Italian flag fit into that?

Thomas @thomas

(Italian-origin peoples can be American with the proper cultural and&social conditioning.)

Ben MD @PF-159020

he says his family has been here since 1750s? looks very italian. has italian flag

Ben MD @PF-159020

agreed, he just seems to be slightly contradictory.

He was not a member of our culture, to put it shortly. He sounds like he is along a good path, but has too much hope in the two-party system and dropped the ball hard when it came to the question of Trump. It shows that he believes if we just elect the right people, we can find victory. Additionally, there were some odd discrepancies when it came to how he found out about our organization, he explained it as if he was "merely curious" when I have a hard time believing he found our content through some sort of random chance.

Thomas @thomas

Given recent events, it's entirely possible that people find our stuff without actively searching. Perhaps he'll be better in a few months. If someone is no security concern, and only has some minor hangups, if the area has some steadfast men, I believe we can persuade them. Just as we can deal with someone who's out of shape physically, so too can some mental items be situated.

Perhaps I was a bit harsh. I think I'm trying to adopt a totally new way of examining interviewee's and I may have gone a bit too far on him. At the same time though, we aren't desperate for new people, especially for guys we would need to train ideologically, in an area like Oakland.

I did offer him to reapply after he believes his ideology has progressed.

Well anyway, @here anyone need me to hop into a room?

Tyler MD @PF-179192

Can I be of assistance tonight? How do I join a room?

Ben MD @PF-159020

look for the Jitsi links. you'll see R1, R2, R3 etc in the link to enter room 1, room 1 etc.
I'm in Room 1 and we

Ben MD @PF-159020
Ben MD @PF-159020

enter your name Tyler_MD when you join

Vincent TX @PF-4354

I'm watching this conversation closely

Thomas @thomas

@IC - Jesse AR We are absolutely desperate for new people. We've been in the 220's to 230's membership rut for nearly a full year. Better quality, yes, but I want quantity as well (without lowering standards). Everyone we can get with our standards, or bring up to them safely, we want in our ranks.

Understood. That cuts against a conversation @Jason NY and I had previously.

Thomas @thomas

Remember that we are the last, best hope for anyone entering our side of thoughts. That includes both current and future members. Too lenient, and we risk the security or stability of the members we have, too harsh and we risk the aspirations and potentials of the members we have yet, to have.

So practically speaking, should we re-interview that person?

Thomas @thomas

Not immediately. I'll reply to his email and say get around to re-application when you feel better about what they said.

But it's mainly notes to consider for the future. It is a numbers game. We're in a battle of attrition with our opposition, so we need to spend our resources dearly, and gather them even more dearly still.

I will keep that in mind.

@Thomas could you reset my vetting server password? if you did it's not working for some reason.

Thomas @thomas


I'm in ty

ND - Jon UT @PF-3354


ND - Jon UT @PF-3354

I really do pity people like this

Sam MN @PF-173220

deny deny deny

William TX @PF-3544

Thats rough.

Ben MD @PF-159020


Interviewee- 652071
Conductor: Randolph IL
Notetaker: Sam MN

Test Question: What do you expect will be asked in this interview?
base political beliefs, questions about involvement and goals

1. 35


3.Permanenet resident, for now

4.plans to move to AR next august

5. Oakland

6.never interviewed before

7. has accès to personal vehicle.

8.has a history with substance abuse. clean for 15 years. alcohol.

9. charged with crimes. possession, assault - domestic charge - willing to show paperwork - no conviction, DUI. “Im not that guy anymore”

10. Never been employed by gov entity

11. has back pain, getting it figured out, injured at work. not crippling

12. started off as a leftist, liberal mother, young weed-smoker, then basic conservative american patriot, saw it wasn’t getting us anywhere, saw race growing up. had “beef” with minorities experience problems with other races in the cities.
now has hope for america whereas he did not before. no longer believes drugs are okay.

13. labels his beliefs as “white nationalist” i.e. “me and people that look like me deserve to have a nation” this includes all white people.

14. first found out about the org through a friend “Will Planner”. saw the DC thing, see our stuff online. likes what we do a

15. first impression that caused him to join was seeing a bunch of white men standing up together unafraid. has not seen anything negative. saw the DC march. Has seen promat in person.

16. he wants to join because he wants to be a part of this because he thinks we have the right idea and wants to network

17. willing to participate in activism

18. civnat question: “White power or go home”

19. You have to be european to be an american

20.believes there is an ethnic component to being an american. that ethnicity is white european.

21. unsure of how long he family has been in America. Mainly English

22. describes his ethnicity as “white american”

23. Religious beliefs are Asatru

24. he religious beliefs do not currently conflict with his political beliefs

25. skills, has outdoorsman skills, no additional med skills, no photo-skills

26. in “Fair shape” considers himself about 15lbs overweight

27. 6’ 199lbs

28. has workout routine mostly consisting of body weight exercises. he is confident he can run a mile in under 10min.

29. has been a part of GoldenStateSkinheads, done lots of activism, flyers, rallies, banner drops, boycott Israel

30. has been doxed. is unafraid and

the biggest threat to America right now: our media. It has everyone asleep, pushes the most nefarious shit without remorse. He sees his family brainwashed and falling for media narratives.

Believes the use of violence is justified in self-defense and in defense of others.

He does not think we are at the point that violence is a feasible solution to the problems facing america.

last physical confrontation was new years 2 years, alcohol was involved restated he has stopped drink entirely.

gets his information from telegram almost exclusively. He likes conspiracy hold, west coast news&Discussion, BossHawg, other meme channels. Listens to TRS stuff, loves the paranormies,
“88 precepts.” “Might is right”- but not on the christianity bashing

the ideal family structure is the man should be working and the woman should be home. against the homosexual lifestyle. against trans, against pornography, “all that shit’s degenerate. thinks porn is ruining ruining young men.

From american history Admires David Lane for the 14 words and the 88 precepts. Thinks he really cared deeply for his people.

Despises Soros (Hungarian Jew) AOC is a fraud

describes the nationalist movement in America is primarily flawed in unity. hates the bickering, drama, and infighting.

the organization has unity. likes what he sees with us and Media2Rise

plans to be in AR in the next few years with his family, buying rural land and building on it.

Believes he has been fully truthful

thinks he should be a member because he is a solid nationalist

Ben MD @PF-159020

I'll clean that up better before posting next time.

Sam MN @PF-173220

@Ben MD Good work. You can follow along with the script to catch all those questions with multiple parts. Make sure to enter the correct date and fill in the "Age/State/City" You can also write your own name after "Notetaker:" One questions 1,2,5 make sure to include the context of the questions, so "35 years old" instead of "35"

Ben MD @PF-159020

thank you

Looks good, just familiarize yourself with which follow up questions go with which numbers.

Sam MN @PF-173220

@IC - Jesse AR Who do we go to for oakland, california?

Looking, Jon UT said it somewhere above

Sam MN @PF-173220

Ralph or Brandon?

Sam MN @PF-173220

Screenshot (777).png

Screenshot (777).png

Josh CA

Sam MN @PF-173220


Sam MN @PF-173220

@IC - Jesse AR I see two people in cryptpad who don't have irl guys assigned

Whoever did those two interviews, we need verification that the record got sent off but the LA one should have gone to Leo LA

Sam MN @PF-173220

How about Tennessee?

The CO one should have gone to Ben CO

Good question

Sam MN @PF-173220


Sam MN @PF-173220

You don't wanna make that drive do you?

Sam MN @PF-173220

I think MO might be closer, but Carter is busy for a while

Me? No way, that would be like 10 hours

Sam MN @PF-173220

Logan TN?

Sam MN @PF-173220

William has him listed as the guy to go to

Yeah suppose we can try

He's been around a while

Sam MN @PF-173220

Right on

It says he's online but I sent him a message and he hasn't responded yet

Sam MN @PF-173220

Sent it over to him

Sam MN @PF-173220

Well, I'm caught up with my note sending

Sam MN @PF-173220


Randolph IL @PF-729917

What about Alabama?

Thomas @thomas

@ND - Christopher AL is ND of northern AL, GA, and south-central TN.

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