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Welcome back man!

More cover ups. Only 3 this time

Missing attachment: IMG_0749.HEIC
Missing attachment: IMG_0750.HEIC
Missing attachment: IMG_0755.HEIC
Missing attachment: IMG_0759.HEIC
Missing attachment: IMG_0759.HEIC


Its a communist plot


Jackson GA is who I have

@Sam MN do you mean george TX or the intermediate?

I apologize for missing the meeting I fell asleep and slept through the alarm I had set. It wont happen again

Will be on shortly

Yes I will benon in a second

@ND - James TX If you want to talk now we can probably hammer it out real quick

Thomas do we still need pans and serving spoons for Saturday? If so how many do we need?

thats great work floyd

Missing attachment: IMG_0779.HEIC
Missing attachment: IMG_0780.HEIC
Missing attachment: IMG_0781.HEIC
Missing attachment: IMG_0782.HEIC
Missing attachment: IMG_0783.HEIC
Missing attachment: IMG_0784.HEIC

Done with @NS - Jason TX

Ok copy that, I’ll just get what I need for what I will be bringing

I will take a look


@Jason NY Are you able to do interviews tonight or no?

I'll make it


Thomas i pled no contest and have 180 days suspended pending completion or payment of 69 community service hours. I am also on probation until the hours are completed or paid off

Not that time, but I do remember a time, I forget when exactly, that you did change from attending the day before or the night before.

I want to say that it was one of the times we had guys from NW1 coming down


I have some wire racks to set stuff on, as well as a few cans of heat that can be placed below them

Jason and I are currently traveling. Apologies

Around 1am

Coming on in just a moment

Jason NY isnt on yet

but here is the link for when he is

I can do Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

Though this week with thanksgiving I might be unavailalble

Pads just came here I think. Havent opened the box yet, chin strap should be in soon

I take that back the chin strap came too

They gave me an extra one too


@ND - Jon UT heres the link when you come on and we can take the next one https://meet.jit.si/IntR2Nov23

@Jason NY when you get on join room 2 and we'll take the next guy

Hello, you are being contacted because you have been deemed an
appropriate representative to participate in the Evaluation Process
for an Intermediate who has been interviewed. The Interview record and
instructions for meeting the Intermediate will follow this message.
If you are capable of meeting the Intermediate within exactly two
weeks, and do not choose to protest this assignment immediately, the
responsibility for this Intermediate is transferred to you. Message
the Intermediate on the Interview Server immediately. Do not contact
them or discuss vetting details on any platforms or apps other
than the Interview Server. If you do not have access to the Interview
Server, please contact leadership to attain access.
If you cannot complete this assignment and comply strictly with the
guidelines in the following Meeting Intermediates document, let me
know immediately.
Please message the Interview Coordinator once you have concluded
reading this message. He can be found by searching for the prefix “IC”
on the chat server.


William TX(notes), Jason NY (conducted)


Political Ideology:
Drug Abuse:
Why Join:
test question:Have you spoken with anyone who has interviewed before about the
Q1: Mason VT
Q2: First time rejoining. was asked about political views, his political beliefs
Q3: from november 2019 to october 2021
Q4:best time in his life. Made friends with a bunch of guys and went all over the country went to 8-9 demos
Q5:Rocket chat was software
Q6:life liberty victory, for the nation against the state
Q7:Jon UT, Rex VT, Patrick TX, John WA
Q8:was having personal trouble and was unresponsive for a couple weeks
Q9:did have issues with one member who didnt do much activism and caused trouble
Q10:he was depressed but has reached out for help and has improved
Q11:will stay in contact with people instead of isolating himself
Q12:he is willing commit more readily and apply himself more
comprehensively if he is given a second chance at membership

Missing attachment: IntermediateMeetingAndEvaluation11_11_20.pdf

I thought he was hesitant to answer the racial question

Shouldve pressed him on that

But I chalked it up to the step father

I have Thursday evening off now.

Will not be available Monday, Tuesday, and potentially Wednesday

Will be on shortly

Happy thanksgiving guys

Just want ti say that I am grateful for all of you and I am glad I get to be a part of this with all of you

Missing attachment: IMG_0816.PNG

Happy thanlsgiving mate


I thought I already told yall I managed to swing it. Will be working all day today, tomorrow, and Wednesday morning-afternoon

I will be unable to make it tonight

Said last week I would be unavailable this week


Will I be able to paint my guards at your place or no?

Its a rental house, cant paint anywhere

I dont want to get anything on the concrete for fear of the owner kvetching. Plus my family will ask questions

That might work actually


Ok, I’m still waiting to hear from USAA on any more updates. Last I heard was they were waiting on a couple others to agree to the settlement terms

Hey clark are we in the front or back? And which rank are we?

Ok, I didnt realize we were the front rank

Thats cool

Oh ok, I guess I’ll be hearing from usaa soon then

We are at the address Patrick have James

The early bird get the worm as they say

We’ll be following someone there right?

I mean to the house. Are we leaving the car here?

So is someone coming to us or no?

Hey Patrick we are at the address you gave James. Is someone going to come guide is in or what?

We are at the parking lot for the train station I think. Paul said to park in the mall but I dont see a mall anywhere around here

I think thats what it is yeah

James and Jason were getting impatient

Missing attachment: IMG_0832.PNG

We were number 10 but we fell off

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