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Same here

Did I happen to leave

my pf hat in your car

Let me know when you need an address

Thanks for finding it. Just bring it to the event in December. I dont think Im missing anything else.

What's up Joseph? How are things going up in northern IL? It Looks like you have been staying pretty active. Keep up the good work.

Low on materiel as well but should have some coming soon. Otherwise it's going well down here.

Kirkwood, MO 1/3 St.Louis, MO 2/3

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Springfield, IL 3/3

Did you gat all three pledges done

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I am

Lets gooooooo

@Sam MN I sent someone to Jason and James TX last week. Did it not get put into cryptpad?

Could we have our Wednesday night meeting at 7 this week?

Conductor: Jesse AR
Notetaker: Randolph IL

@Sam MN This is the guy from TX that Jesse interviewed. I sent his info to James TX and Jason TX


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Missing attachment: Clipboard - November 17, 2021 6:21 PM

I will be on but maybe a couple minutes late.

@all anyone else on tonight?

Missing attachment: Clipboard - November 19, 2021 8:00 PM

Are you able to interview tonight?

I will put out the word that no interviews will be conducted tonight.

All good. I didn’t think I was going to be available either.

Did you contact interviewee 812039 yet? He said that he has not been contacted and Sam said he sent his info to you.

Got a couple of people already wanting to interview tonight if anyone is available. @all

Ok. He was being a boomer tech wise during his interview. I'll let him know.

Will you be on tonight?

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Good man.

Can you make a room in Jitzi. I don't know if there is any specific ways we are supposed to make one.

Hats off to our finest MAGA warrior @NS - Jason TX for making here it tonight. WWG1WGA

I have read and bought the items listed.

Didn't do worth a damn.

Absolutely. All done with hunting.

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I can typically commit on Mondays Thursdays, and Fridays. I want to say weekends as well but they are a toss up at this point.

@all meeting tonight at 7. Make sure to post your activism!

Looks like we could potentially have a lot of interviews tonight @all

I'm in a network meeting so I might be late

Did you get you 3 sticker runs done this week?

@William TX and @Jason NY Start a 3rd room if you both are on. We have 5 in line.

Interviewee- 599797
25/WY/Casper or Jackson
Conductor: Jason TX
Notetaker: Randolph IL


Test Q: What do you expect will be asked in this interview: Questions about personal character

-- Applicant Information --

Personal Transportation: Yes

Permanent Resident: Yes

Political Ideology: Constitutionalist. Strayed from what the founders have intended. Government has become corrupt. Founders intended for the nation to isolationist. Too many foreigners have diluted the national spirit.

Drug Abuse: No

Religion: Non practicing Christian. believes in God. No problem working with other

Why Join: Activism can drive us towards a better tomorrow for the nation. PF has a good positive message and actually does activism.

Skills: Trained in Marine martial arts. Trained in firearms. Agreed to firearms statement. Was certified as first aid respondent in the marines. Hunts and hikes. Punctual.

Read Manifesto: Yes. a week and a half ago. Thinks its a pretty good message. Doesn't glow. To the point.

-- In-depth Questions --

Q1: Never interviewed

Q2: No crimes. Was a marine. Was in the Marines. No other gov employment

Q3: No ailments.

Q4: Was a centrist in HS. Enlisted soon after HS. Got to travel a lot and realized that the American dream is diluted. The idea of America is gone. Made him more center right. The riots of 2020 got him to this mindset. Be ready for anything. Prepper. American dream is groups of people coming from Europe and making something for themselves out of nothing. Foreigners come over from the southern border and don't care for the country.

Q5: Found PF online. Saw us marching peacefully and being harassed on a march. A friend brought it up a few weeks ago. He looked up our telegram and he decided to apply.

Q6: Does not believe in "first generation Americans". Thinks 3rd generation immigrants can assimilate maybe. Ideally they would come from Europe or South Africa. There is an ethnic component to American. Europeans who founded and settled this country.

Q7: 4 generations. Poland and Britain. Identifies as a white European.

Q8: Not part of any groups. Seeing BLM and Antifa make a mockery of our cities made him want to join. Can put up pro-mat and do marches. Has a like minded friend in Idaho. Brother is being "slowed into this".

Q9: Violence is justified when you are being attacked and there is no political solution left. No politician will represent you and will take in foreigners over you. Believes there is a political solution at the moment. Would engage in violence if he or a bystander is being attacked. Would use necessary force to make sure they are safe. Understood and agreed with violence statement.

Q10: Had a physical confrontation a year and a half ago. A man that looked homeless walked up and demanded money. Told him to get lost. The man pushed him and they got in a grapple. Police saw the incident and the man ran off.

Q11: Available before 9am and after 5pm. Schedule allows for weekly meetings.

Q12: Biggest threat to America is within. BLM and Antifa. The are funded by someone but cannot say who. Their end goal is to have a communist takeover of some form.

Q13: Center right podcasts. Matt Christianson. V. Used to watch Sargon of Akkad. Discord, YouTube. Telegram: CIG, PF, Murder the Media.

Q14: Constitutionalist/populist. Right wing populism is viewed as a gateway to Nazism which he is not. Trump, while flawed, was one of the better president in a while. Would vote for him again. Disagrees with Trump on Israel. Should not fund and aid Israel. The bill of rights is essentially the most important document we have in the US. Freedom of speech and the 2nd amendment are paramount in order for our way of life to be secure.

Q15: Religious and political beliefs do not collide

Q16: No influential writings.

Q17: 200ibs 5' 10". Works out 5 times a week. Hikes a lot. Has a fitness regiment that he follows. Squats, push ups, running. MCMAP.

Q18: Ideal family structure. Father is provider. Mother is home keeper. Hopefully can have at least 2 children. Children are unfortunately born out of wed lock today. Has no personal problems with gays. Doesn't like outspoken gays that try to teach children and introduce them to sexual things. Transsexuality is a trend. People should consume less porn and be less promiscuous . Not opposed to government controlling these things. Had a good upbringing. Father had a steady job and mom took care of the kids.

Q19: Admires General Patton for his charisma and iron will.

Q20: Despises politicians like Liz Cheney. The governor of WY. She is a RINO who voted to impeach Trump. Side note: Likes DeSantis. He opposes mandates and seems ready to take on the corruption.

Q21: Nationalist groups don't do much actual activism. PF does marches and pro-mat placement and lets their presence be known.

Q22: Wants to be happily married, have a few kids, and own a house. Hopes the republicans can actually stand up for what they believe.

Got a guy for you in Wyoming. He is close to Jackson.

We weren't sure if we should send this guy or not. He is borderline. You can see in the notes that he thinks that still believes in some conventional politics and that he would vote for Trump or DeSantis. He also never mentioned the JQ but he did mention how he does not like Trump supporting Israel. He also describes himself as a Constitutionalist and made sure to mention that he is not a NAZI. That being said, he did answer well a lot where it matters. He didn't think that migratory foreigners could become Americans and does think that there is an ethnic component to being an American. He also wanted to do any and all type of activism. He was a Marine for a year and seems like a very active person.

Very good

I hope you boys are ready because I freaking jacked.


Did you place any pro mat this week?

Sounds good.

Ok. Make sure to post your activism in NW12

Missing attachment: Clipboard - November 22, 2021 7:54 PM

Christopher did not post anything in NW12 this week nor did he respond to my DM asking him.

Same here

Hello, you are being contacted because you have been deemed an
appropriate representative to participate in the Evaluation Process
for an Intermediate who has been interviewed. The Interview record and
instructions for meeting the Intermediate will follow this message.
If you are capable of meeting the Intermediate within exactly two
weeks, and do not choose to protest this assignment immediately, the
responsibility for this Intermediate is transferred to you. Message
the Intermediate on the Interview Server immediately. Do not contact
them or discuss vetting details on any platforms or apps other
than the Interview Server. If you do not have access to the Interview
Server, please contact leadership to attain access.
If you cannot complete this assignment and comply strictly with the
guidelines in the following Meeting Intermediates document, let me
know immediately.

Conductor: Jesse AR
Notetaker: Randolph IL


Test Q: Have you spoken with anyone who has interviewed before about the process? Talked to some guys who are members on telegram but not the interview process specifically.

-- Applicant Information --

Personal Transportation: Yes

Permanent Resident: Yes

Political Ideology: Generally undefined. Doesn't want to commit to something he cannot fully back. Fascist/NatSoc. American Patriot

Drug Abuse: Adderall when he was young. Smokes.

Religion: Folkish heathen. No problems working with others.

Why Join: Looking to network, make friends, make acquaintances. Wants people who can hold him accountable and make him better. Likes the activism.

Skills: Hunting, Fishing, camping, hiking, outdoors. Joining local volunteer fire department.

Read Manifesto: Read it a few months ago. Liked it very much. Agreed with it and felt inspired. Liked how it talked about the heritage of our country being corrupted.

-- In-depth Questions --

Q1: Never interviewed

Q2: Charged with a disorderly conduct plead down from a littering ticket. Shot at the wrong species of duck and spotted by a game warden. Got picked up for weed when he was 13. No gov employment. Applied for membership at a township volunteer fire department.

Q3: No ailments

Q4: Grew up very poor. Older brother fell into socialist scene and got him into it a a young age. Exposed him to niche politics. Was also introduced to Varg and Odalism and National Socialism. Then went towards conservatism like Steven Crowder in order not to be isolated but moved away from that to NatSoc. Always was inclined towards his race and people.

Q5: Currently a member of the proud boys and heard we had some dual membership. Has seen our videos on telegram. Felt we where more serious and substantial than the proud boys. Still is a member of the Proud Boys but has been drifting away from it.

Q6: Thinks that culture, politics and heritage are downstream from biology. Cannot separate ethnicity from the people. America was built by Germanic peoples. An American is of white descent. Proud of their heritage and are nationalists. Americans are concerned with liberty above all else but they don't fall for fallacy of individualism.

Q7: Family has been in America since the 1690s-1700s. From Germany and Wales. Also Hungary. Direct descendant of Patrick Henry. Describes himself as Teutonic.

Q8: Member of the Proud Boys but didn't do much activism. Never doxed. Got into activism because he was angry at what he saw was happening to the people of this country.

Q9: Not going to risk his freedom or the wellbeing of people around him unless he believes someone is about to attack. Not afraid to hit first but not unless necessary. Would only act outside of any instructions given if someone is close enough to touch him. Would follow orders. Understands and agrees with violence statement.

Q10: Last physical confrontation was middle school.

Q11: Works 3 days a week. Has 2 kids. Can most likely make events given proper notice.

Q12: Biggest threat to America right now are the elite/ the Zionist occupying our government. They want world domination and to destroy the white race and create a master/slave relationship between their race and the rest of the world.

Q13: Gets news from Telegram or 4chan. Also has some intelligent friends. Telegram: The proud goys. Dave Martell. Norroena Society. Fascist Fitness. The Furgen. Watches John Doyle who is a "true conservative".

Q14: Label on Beliefs: Folkish. His people, blood and soil is what matters at the end of the day.

Q15: Political and religious have never collided.

Q16: Hasn't read much that influenced his ideology.

Q17: Above average fitness but wants it to be better. H: 6'2" W:196ibs. Cardio neglected. Smoker.

Q18: Ideal family structure is father over mother and mother over children. Fatherlessness, pornography, and apathy are huge problems. Personal upbringing was rough. Dad was a severe womanizer. Parents divorced when he was 12.

Q19: Admires Theodore Roosevelt. Found him inspiring because he was a madman. He talked about a lot of future problems that became true.

Q20: Despises Ted Turner. He owns CNN and a few other media conglomerates.

Q21: Biggest flaw in nationalist movement is that everyone is scared of feds. It makes them inactive. Thinks that the push towards physical fitness and the divine aesthetic is very good for projecting force. PF is good at Opsec so he isn't been able to find out much about us.

Q22: Wants to have a couple more kids and renovate his house. Wants to homestead.

@Clarke IL you only need to post one pic of your activism in this channel. Otherwise good job.


Missing attachment: 15B5BE3C-2BA6-478E-A37B-F8F9D71463BA.jpeg

I think Im gonna put some of these up

Nice profile pic 😂

I might put some around my home town at night. We should do some stickering tomorrow night and maybe take some of these with us.

In the evening sometime. I'll figure it out tomorrow.

Do you want to join Kyle and I for some stickering tonight?

I am meeting kule at shaw park in clayton mo if you’re interested

Im 20min away but we can wait

Thats ok. We’ll do multiple

Grab some stickers

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