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Action Edit 2/8

5/0. Charles Town, WV

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6/0. Bolivar, WV

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7/0. Harper's Ferry, WV

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8/0. Frederick, MD

Action Edit 3/8

450 pieces of promat form Arthur. There would have been more but I went pretty HAM with his flyers in Charles Town WV last night.

the manufacturer is Ergodyne, i think the same company who makes the gray ones we've been using. strangely they do not seem to offer this version by itself, it is sold with a hat.
I've only seen it sold individually on Ebay. I let a few NDs know about it so they can suggest it to their networks as they see fit. I like it

Do you have new shields in your possession?

It was okay. a little awkward. he seemed to feel the need to explain himself or justify his choice to me. He mentioned the Gideon thing. I wanted to be like, "Bro, Gideon sounded based. Lets go smash some idols together" but idk. I just noticed it was hard for him to look me in the eye. Im not sure what his situation is, but I think he does feel bad about leaving. but at the same time if you have a moral problem with covering up a George Floyd mural then you're probably not a good fit for PF.

Action Edit 4/8

Action Eit 5/8

Action Edit 6/8

Can you share the stencil typeface? i'm working on a comp of for a stencil design with the "join-or-die" segmented snake design

Screen Shot 2021-11-13 at 2.07.20 PM.png

Screen Shot 2021-11-13 at 2.07.20 PM.png

Action Edit 7/8

What is a "man camp"?

did you get got?

When I finish an Action Edit should I post that in editingphoto room the way we post our promat edits?

Action Edit 8/8



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I hear you are doing some large format stenciling. I've tried before but with no luck. What are you making your stencil out of?

What's the largest size you've been able to pull off?

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9/0. Nottingham, MD

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10/0. Gifford Pinchot State Park, PA

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11/0. Hereford, MD

Missing attachment: Screen Shot 2021-11-16 at 8.53.16 PM.png

Also, I just got spergy and felt the need to illustrate this idea.

Missing attachment: Screen Shot 2021-11-16 at 8.53.16 PM.png

Making stickers count.
One of my favorite locations to sticker are signs next to left-turn lanes at 4 way intersections. It is one of the first places I look for when sticking because a spot like that can be seen by as many as hundreds of people in a day.
These spots get lots of driving traffic but almost 0 foot traffic which means there’s very little chance of them being removed. They are also placed on the back of the sign so the state has less incentive to remove them.
Some such spots that I’ve stickered have been up for months now and still look fairly good. In my local area I am running out of 4 way intersections to hit and its making an impact on the landscape.
This takes more effort than casually placing them on targets as we walk through town but this is what separates us from Antifa who sticker the easiest low-effort targets with 0 fear of social or state repercussion and feel like they’ve stuck it to the man
If you put in the extra work one well placed sticker has the potential to be seen as much or more than a banner drop.
I want PF stickers to eclipse the place the “OBEY” stickers have in popular consciousness. I want PF stickers to be the symbol of ideological pushback against the anti-white globohomo world order.
We do that by putting them everywhere. When people see the same message repeatedly it shapes how they interpret the popular conversation. Suddenly the Nationalist position is not some hushed boogeyman lurking on the internet; the public becomes aware that Nationalist activists in their area are working to shift the conversation.
We are those activists.
take advantage of those high potential spaces and reclaim the public conversation

I save our largest, most readable stickers for those spots. I like the large "Conquered; not stolen", "America is not for Sale", "America First", "Better Dead Than Red" ones for those Jobs.
In most towns such intersections have plenty of spaces near by to park your car. At first walking into those median areas made me nervous but if there's one thing i've learned from doing activism is how absolutely NPC most people are. the only thing you really need to look out for is Law Enforcement, but even then, just look like a pedestrian and you'll be fine.

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1/0. Glyndon, MD

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2/0. Reisterstown, MD

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Can NW9 conquer WV as its own? How do we go about doing that?

And while we're at it, at what point do we start taking members in Canada and get that long overdue process of conquering the northern territories going?

Is WV currently in an established network's area of influence?




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on it

If what i'm seeing in the editing room is an indicator, the MA gang has been stepping up their game. props to em.

I also am seeing people posting their promat numbers in activism room. (e.g: 1/5). I'm going to remember to do the same. The goals and promises accountability of that has powerful motivational impact.

No, I saw that from another network. I'm not sure but I think it was Henry MA



10 Promat Edits


btw, the photo editing process for the stickers is really not difficult. GIMP is a free image manipulation software I use on my laptop in downtime at one of my jobs and I usually can get 10 posts done in a day easily. The process to make our posts is very formulaic, if you've done it a few times you'll be able to handle that task.
Please DM me if you think you could help in that regard, I can meet up to train you.

I'm having issues unziping downloaded .zip files from MEGA. The folders seem to contain lots of video and it makes the .zip files several GB in size. When the .zip file is unzipped it creates a .cpgz file and when I try to unzip that it gives me another .zip, round and round in a circle.
I tried two suggestions from the web, one was using the OS terminal to command unzip the file but it said the file was incomplete or corrupted. Another suggestion was to download the Unarchiver app but the privacy policy seemed unsecure for our purposes so I didn't follow through with that.
Unfortunately I already deleted the HamptonVA action folder from MEGA so we might lose that event
Have any of you run into similar problems before?

Good to know. thank you
Fortunately Sam still had it in his MEGA folder so I could get it from there.

Action Edit 1/10. Hampton VA Oct

will you be at drilling this weekend? I'm going to start the portrait you requested tomorrow and theres a chance i may be able to finish it. We never talked about price, does $100 sound okay to you?

super cool, i'll definitely try and have it done for you.

I wasn't aware I was doing that. You are Frederick Pine correct?

Oh, i see what you're talking about. I think I shared that with you without knowing what I was doing. I'll remove it

btw, MEGA sent me a notification saying I've downloaded too much and it wan't me to pay for it. That may just be on a month to month basis but if I keep doing the ActionEdits i

Action Edit 2/10. Nobelsville_IN_Oct2

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