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Leaving soon, keep me posted; threema ID is C7SSEAE2

We talked at Frensgiving about it, I'm welcome with your crew for the food drive next month?

I talked with John MN about transport within the week. He said I was welcome to come with his group then, however, I have checked again.

I would be happy to provide support in either spreadsheet operations or interviews.

@Robert IN Happy to have you!

Indiana has been very busy with people recently; what brought you on board?

Glad to hear that; it takes a village.

Understood. Welcome to come as in catch a ride in his vehicle group; I'll press for more information quickly.

I have experience with conducting interviews in a corporate setting. The practical skills from that which would be useful in this context are asking questions and appropriate follow-ups then recording said answers.

Did you mean to have John MN in that list instead of Johnny MN?

Roger that.

Excited to start helping out with interviews.

I'm feeling it; sold 3 covered calls at the $5 strike for this Friday at $60 per. I'm not confident it will stay above $5, but I am comfortable with selling above if it plays out that way.

Just Thomas so far, who referred me to you.

Roger, I can make work given that it's just for that meeting.

If you want to meet sooner in the day that would even work better

I'm glad to hear that, I hope I can be of use.

That's perfect, thank you for accommodating.

Wicked; please let me know if you need help moving in or anything and I'll be there.

LOL gotcha. It looks like there may have been a little bit of a mix-up between you and Johnny.

For future reference my ID is C7SSEAE2

I will also be gone this week and the following; best of luck.

You know what, if it's still available I can do it.

Roger that; I'll be back Monday, but generally what I'll need with be contingent on what you need done.

Gotcha gotcha, same list. Only info I'll need is for being able to edit the site.

Missing attachment: 1120212002a_HDR.jpg
Missing attachment: 1120212003_HDR.jpg
Missing attachment: 1120212012a_HDR.jpg
Missing attachment: 1120212009_HDR.jpg
Missing attachment: 1120212007_HDR.jpg
Missing attachment: 1120212004b_HDR.jpg
Missing attachment: 1118211840_HDR.jpg
Missing attachment: 1118211840a_HDR.jpg
Missing attachment: 1118211839a_HDR.jpg
Missing attachment: 1118211829a_HDR.jpg
Missing attachment: 1118211827b_HDR.jpg
Missing attachment: 1118211845a_HDR.jpg

Roger that; thank you.

If anyone is double dipping tonight, please let me know and I'd be happy to do a ride-along

Barring this week (I'll be out Thursday), I can commit to Monday - Thursday

Roger that. From what I'm reading I can setup an environment for working on your site if you can export the template.

*theme, not template

It looks like I might not even need you to do that. Give me a minute to figure this out.

I am

Right on, this puts into perspective what Jesse was talking about in terms of different styles.

I'm going to be out tomorrow and Thursday this week for a Family event. Next week I'll be back to standard operating schedule.

Notes from this last interview:

30/CA/San Jose
Conductor: Sam MN
Notetaker: Jason TX

Pending - Waiting for other members to vouch

Test Q: How long ago did you send in your application?

A: Several monthes ago, missed email with login info, got in contact with PF guys to re-send creds and got setup.

-- Applicant Information --

Personal Transportation: Yes.

Permanent Resident: Yes.

Political Ideology: Traditional, Conservative, but Racially Aware. Economically liberitarian, otherwise very Right Wing.

Drug Abuse: No.

Religion: Prodestant, non-denomination. No issues working with activists of differing beliefs.

Why Join: Has two kids, wants to help shape a better future for them.

Skills: has MT1 licences, expirience generally in first aid, used to compete in Ju-Jitsu, now trains boxing on an amateur level; lots of expirience hiking from military expirience (has been out of mil for a while).

Read Manifesto: Yes, what resonated most was description of decadence that our culture is living in. Didn't think that all ideas were totally fleshed out because "we're not there yet" because we "don't know what we don't know".

-- In-depth Questions --

Q1: Views current finacial system as especially hostile to us, CRT is next in line as a major threat to our people. But not willing to push political views on other people (so liberitarian socially as well).

Q2: Has interviewed in this process before, was part of CA network prior to security contract overseas; lost contact due to tech issues. Formerly Gabriel CA.

Q3: First time rejoining org.

Q4: Remembers first time through the process as being similar to this, but did not describe in-person part of the process. Henry CA was ND at the time, familiar with other CA members. Was roughly member from mid-2019 to 2020 (around the time of the election, said "about 18 months ago").

Q5: Describes meetups in org as follows: meeting up for boxing, physical training, canvasing with flyers and sticker.

Q6: Says Rocketchat and mumble (but also says maybe jitsi as well) was used during his time there.

Q7: Describes "America First", "Patriot Front", "QR Code" stickers.

Q8: Paul CA, Henry CA, Bradley CA, Charles CA, Scott CA are members he remembers that could vouch for him.

Q9: Circumstances surrounding leaving was due to being unable to contact members via Rocketchat, Mumble, even Telegram before leaving for security contract after which he was unable to contact.

Q10: Had no issues with members previously, main issue was logistics as members in CA were pretty spread out.

Q11: Does not plan on doing and more security contracts in the future. Again, hasn't been in Military in 2014.

Q12: Agreed to maintain consistent contribution in the case he was re-accepted. Would apply self even harder than before.


Remembered Scott CA after the interview.

Interviewee - 668368
Conductor: Jason TX
Notetaker: Sam MN

OUTCOME: Accepted

TEST Q: What do you expect will be asked in this interview?

A: I expect that location, what your beliefs are, and why you are where you are now.

-- Applicant Information --

Personal Transportation: Yes

Permanent Resident: No, residing with family, planning on being in MI for about 9 monthes before returning to Florida.

Political Ideology: Nationalist (pride in older America, how things used to be), traditionalist ("Catholic Values")

Drug Abuse: No

Religion: Chaldean Catholic, "no issues with others, doesn't want to be swayed from beliefs or challenged"

Why Join: Not doing a lot, wants a higher purpose, to stand for what he believes in. PF in particular because of inspiration from (Media2Rise? Or Nordic Front? Doc) PA 2 part series; caught inspiration from member who came from broken home.

Skills: Body-building, Cyber-Security; hiking expirience (Appalachian Trail, some place in Ecuador)

Read Manifesto: Yes, read fully a couple of months ago; skimmed through it recently though. Did not apply after first . Agreed with most everything, but especially that America has been killed and that it requires a rebirth to recreate the values it once stood for.

-- In-depth Questions --

Q1: No, hasn't interviewed before.

Q2: No violations with law.

Q3: No work with Gov entitites of any sort.

Q4: No physical or mental ailments.

Q5: Got into idealogy after 2016 election, favored Trump. Radicalized through polarization in school after teachers pushing anti-traditional agenda, then steered away from Trump when he pushed support for faggot. Friend introduced him to "ultra-nationalist" through story about Japanese national who attempted to assasinate Japanese priminister to restore Japanese impirialism.

Q6: Bronze Age Pervert provided inspiration toward his ideals, in addition to Nick Fuentes for a little bit but got turned away after percieving that he was controlled opposition. Fully left the AF side when Nick said that the Holocaust "definitely happened".

Q7: Found out about PF through Telegram channel (doesn't remember channel) with clip of one of the demonstrations.

Q8: The aesthetic of the marches along with the messaging is what appealed to him and convinced him to join.

Q9: Has heard of civic-nationalist. Says it's "Neo-modern nationalist, weak nationalism". Says migratory peoples cannot become American and that there is an ethnic component; more specifically that it's teutonic: Nordic, Anglo, Germanic, etc.

Q10: Have had ancestors that fought for the Union, family orginated from Norway (Mom) & Ireland (Mom & Dad). Lived in UK for 7 years.

Q11: Ethnically Norwegian and Anglo-Irish.

Q12: Was in UK because he was young and Mom moved to UK.

Q13: Came to be Chaldean Cath. through step-father (who is Iraqi). Believes that Asyrians and Chaldeans have homeland in the middle east.

Q14: Never been part of any other groups.

Q15: Wanted to do activism in pursuit of a higher purpose.

Q16: Seen plenty of Telegram post; activism maps, photos, and videos.

Q17: Sees self as another warm body, more specifically putting up posters, marching, helping with meetings.

Q18: Has like-minded online-friends, but also real-life friends back in FL.

Q19: Believes the use of violence is justified only in self-defense

Q20: Verbal agreement to peaceful means of demonstration.

Q21: Never been in physical altercation

Q22: Has 2 or 3 days available on a given week, able to meet on a weekly basis.

Q23: Believes biggest threat to America is either "leftist movement as a whole or jewish menace"; believes that there is maybe a loose connection between the two, that the Js are the head of the Snake: control of finances, government, military, etc.

Q24: Consumes TG primarily (Son & Steel, Tolerant Fellow, Kascadia, Fashwave, The War on Whites, the Catholic Integralist) for idealogy.

Q25: Fascist is the primary label to descibe self, encompasses beliefs of nationalism, tradition, and religion. Influences that lead him to these beliefs were primarily influenced by family life (mother divorced twice, now living with a man she's not married to) which is in stark contrast to how things used to be.

Q26: Doesn't believe religious beliefs conflict with political. That facism is perfectly compatible with religious beliefs based of past facist leaders who have supported the Catholic Church.

Q27: Mind, War and Trouble; Son and Steel; Bronze Age Mindset are books he's read recently. Son and Steel in particular because he described his pride in his Nation and it's traditions that ultimately led to him standing up for what he believed in by his attempted assassination and coupe attempt.

Q28: Works out every day except Sundays; 5'11'', about 150 lbs. Fitness routine is roughly a half mile run, 100 sit-ups, 50 push ups, 20 pull ups. Has extensive dedication throughout the week to each muslce group.

Q29: Some MMA and Ju-Jitsu expirience

Ok, I finally got a local dev environment setup; likely all I'll need is for you to create a "private app" which will give me read/write access to the theme you're using and I can make changes locally.

I'll get better instructions tomorrow.

Missing attachment: Clipboard - November 24, 2021 12:24 AM

Alright, nevermind, all I'm going to need is for you to accept my request for the 'Themes' permission on your store:

Roger that!

Understood, I'll have the parallax images finished pretty rapidly but limiting the service area and setting up subscribe & save are things I'm figuring out how to implement

Roger that, I didn't get around to working on this today, I'll hopefully break ground this weekend and get rolling next week.

Happy Thanksgiving man! Standing back and standing by for Turkey.

The youth group my wife and I got to changed their meeting time to Tuesday night 7 CST, I can make Sunday work in it's place if that would be kosher.

Nice, welcome!

Verifying we're still on for getting those items at the food-drive?


Glad to hear that, thank you in advance!

I'll be on in about 10


Missing attachment: Clipboard - November 28, 2021 9:59 PM

I've been trying to work through issues I'm having getting your theme locally, at the moment this is blocking for even getting the aesthetic work going. Has something to do with auth to your site. I'll let you know what I find about what can be done about this:

Nevermind, after a lot of trial and error I was able to find a way around it. LFG

Let me know what images you want parallax'd, I've got it down like a clown

Got a POC going, I'll send you a link you can pull the test CSV from soon enough

Needs to be fleshed out, but here's the gist:

https://1b24-184-83-81-75.ngrok.io/rocket-chat/hook - is the hook that RC will POST the activism messages to
https://1b24-184-83-81-75.ngrok.io/report - will download the CSV with the report; formatted as "Activist", "State", "City", "Location"

Oh, and auth is
user: activist
pass: activistpassword

I'll leave it up until you get eyes on it, and I'll move forward with actually parsing and regex'ing the message text once I get the go-ahead from you

You can but you'll just get a 200 for now

Roger that, I'll have something more complete tonight. I swapped to Go because I prefer it over Python for reasons I won't get into, so there's a couple of options for how it can be packaged up for use:

1. Complete binary; compile targeting the server, send binary to server
2. Zip project and run with Docker

I like 2 more because you'll have the source to build and can see what's in it, but it will be more resource intensive since it will be built on the server.



lmao "Roger That"

o7 groyper commander

Roger that; this isn't exactly a groundbreaking change but I'd like you to see what's coming before pushing it out: https://c14d-184-83-81-75.ngrok.io , user: "activist" , password: "activistpassword"

Got the parsing working extremely well (until one of the guys has a post with a wild format), need to add clauses for handling multiple posts from the same location and when there's more than one guy involved (or not if that wouldn't be important)

idk why it's forwarding you there; give me one second

Shopify cli is more advanced than I thought, you can just go to: https://yellow-rose-acres.myshopify.com/?preview_theme_id=127945375899

Appreciated, if that's not how you anticipated the effect to apply or had another vision in mind please let me know; I've got a pretty good grip on how to tweak things even though it's quite a bit different from my normal work.

Since the app work is in another domain this is the only change right now so I'm happy to make it the best it can be. If you're happy with it I can push it live.

LOL no, absolutely not. If the work begins to get to that point I'll let you know but just assume that if I agree to do something up-front it's for the goys.

You know it!

Theme is live; I got this development loop down.

docker-compose build and then docker-compose up will bring it up listening on port 1488; default user/password (for report) and RC token can be changed through docker-compose.yml. Let me know if anything is unclear or would want to be changed.

Hope it serves well! Thank you, I appreciate that.

I'll be on tonight.

Negative; are you auth'ing through the browser or curl?

To the same one?

Gotcha, I hate to say it but can you try a different browser?

LOL thank you. Shouldn't be an issue but I'm wondering why the page resets when you try to auth, it should either reprompt you or give you the file.

Oh, then it's a creds issue; you're using the creds in the dc.yml file?

I wouldn't think so, but maybe

Worst case scenario, add log.Info(os.Getenv("USER"), os.Getenv("PASS"), user, pass) before the server starts to see where the disconnect is between the env creds and used creds

Then rebuild of course.

RT, keep me posted

Is RC in docker?

Ok, then you'll want to get your machine IP and replace localhost with that

In the future that can be streamlined so that the containers have overlayed networking and can talk to each other directly without having to do that.


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