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12/15/21 Michigan Cluster Meeting Report:

In attendance:
1. @Alan MI
2. @Eric MI (cluster meeting note taker)
3. @Michael MI
4. @Benjamin MI
5. @Johnny MI
6. @Sam MI
7. @Francis MI
8. @Nathan MI (was at work for the first half of the meeting.)
9. @Ulysses MI
10. @Matt MI (first meeting)

1. @Arthur MI (Awaiting a password reset)

Basic Report:

@Alan MI : 9 sticker posts.
Maintained 1700 calorie ceiling and workout program.

@Eric MI : 3 sticker posts.
Can meet the network fitness standards (when not sick). Researching venues for the Toledo War Memorial Event with network 13.

@Michael MI : 1 sticker post.
Has maintained the workout regiment that @Johnny MI helped him design, and he is now following at diet.
I will be placing him in #lifestyle_recovery by the new year if he has not made tangible improvements.

@Benjamin MI : 3 sticker posts.
Assessing what each MI member needs from the shop (patches primarily). Will place an order for the cluster within about a month. Really enjoying being on the photo editing team.

@Johnny MI : 1 sticker post.
Is coaching @Michael MI on fitness and dieting.

@Sam MI : 3 sticker posts.
Has done a great job coaching and managing the spreadsheet for #lifestyle_recovery .

@Francis MI : 0 sticker posts.
Concentrating on moving out of his parents house to a bigger city both for work and more space to place promat (currently lives in an extremely small community with no transportation).

@Nathan MI : 4 sticker posts.
frequently scouting out stencil locations in metro detroit. Changing his workout up a bit.

@Ulysses MI : 1 sticker post.
Joint fitness/diet goals with his wife.

@Matt MI : 3 sticker posts
Vetted by @Eric MI with @Sam MI assisting over the weekend. Already participated in a group stickering.

@Arthur MI : 0 sticker posts (excused).
Still healing from his injuries. Has focused his efforts on dieting and abstaining from alcohol.


Additional Details:

1. Reviewed the need-to-know principle and commanded all members to reread both the information security guides and conduct guides.
2. All members except for @Michael MI and @Arthur MI have at least two of the following days available January 7th, 8th, and 9th.
3. Paid special attention to @Matt MI because it was his first meeting. He stated that his primary reason for joining was @Benjamin MI 's advice over the least several months.