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Not currently

Firstly, can you have Benjamin message me because I need to contact him about getting a ride to the meeting and secondly Im currently not employed right now, that will be happening in January, so Im kinda free for the rest of this month.

Just an FYI

And Idk if I can get the hat in time but I know for sure that I cant get the mask in time

I hate to be a burden but kinda all of the meetings currently until I get my license

Oh, sorry. didnt know

Ok, See you Wedsday

my bad, we are meeting in person tonight? alright

Ok, sounds good, ill send you an address that you can pick me up at

31515 Hoover Rd Warren, MI 48093. Ill be in the church parking lot

what time should I meet you there?

Got it, see you then

Thank you. Glad to be a part of the movement

Hey if you could, bring a hat and a mask. See you in an hour

I’m here

It’s a church Parking lot btw

Is that you in the black car

We are on our way

Yo I just had this guy speed past me with his phone out (I could see some of his screen through the window) and then turned around and drove past me again. Idk if this is actually serious, this happened months ago but I’m just saying

Welcome @Logan MO

Thanks, Glad to be a part of the movement


Hey, Its me from the Discord server

I was told to kinda keep quiet about this but my first sticker run was pretty eventful.

Just check #activism

Best Monday I've had in a while, Sam. Just wish I was wearing my boots and maybe a cooler jacket.

Could you send that link again? it didnt work

I heard Michigang is going down to Ohio in January to help you guys out. Is this true? and how do you feel?

Looking forward to doing that haha



Is this meeting for Mi only or all of PF?

And it starts in 30 mins, correct?


Just downloaded Mumble

getting connected now

ok im in the lobby

got it

Meeting time!!!!

Whats going on rn?


So should I ask for perms?

Hey, what do we do?


and he will just pull me into a room? not send me a Dm or something for me to join?

ok I get it


I need to be verified


trying that rn

The place is between from Sojourner Truth monument(2-14 E Michigan Ave, Battle Creek, MI 49014, United States) and First United Methodist Church (East Michigan, Battle Creek, MI 49014, United States) The google "street view" wont show the graffiti, but its there, When I drive home next week, Ill try and snap a picture (edited)

Hey, two things. First, Im gonna need my patches, I know youre working on it, im just saying and then secondly are we still on for driving around tomorrow or whatever day this weekend? I know it was still a thought but Im just checking

Great. Thanks for the update

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55 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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