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@KoninginTanja please stick to english in <#468388839799390210>

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@Shiver sorry

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no problem 😄

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@Deejay of Flat Earth, did you know that Israel allowed people of gaza to go to their 1st class hospitals? The security has sharpened after a "pregnant" woman planted a bomb in a hospital. Israel must look after themselves, the world believes the propaganda that the muslims propagate to the world. Most of the photos used so far have been taken from a former muslim war. We have to discern the truth.(we must sleep awake?..)

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@KoninginTanja That's nice of them lol.

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I hate how we're associated with Israel sometimes... Our situation is NOTHING like theirs.

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@cµrvy The Israelis are genociding the Palestinians in Paelstine, and the Blacks are genociding the whites in South Africa. Same thing.

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Well yes, but I mean the otherway around is how we're compared...

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The ANC are piggy backing their agenda on the plight of Palestine

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@cµrvy Almost impossible to change that perception when they own the entire MSM.

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Yes, and this is why I am sick of these "stop plaasmoorde", stop this stop that banners. Nobody will stop anything. We have to to stop it ourselves.

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I mean it's good for raising awareness but how long wil lit continue.. I don't know..

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I added some new custom emojis. Have fun.

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@Deejay from Earth Palestinians don't exist

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Ah ok thanks. Henceforth I shall refer to them as "the people being genocided by the Israelis". 👍

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Lol if you want but they're not a people and they're muslim so who cares what's happening to them

2018-07-19 12:34:30 UTC  

@Malcolm the Seceder And that attitude and level of spirituality is exactly why the entire world is completely and utterly FCUK'd.

2018-07-19 12:35:04 UTC  

Muslims are destroying our world. They worship Satan.

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@Malcolm the Seceder You preach hate, you attract hate. Maybe it's time to stop hating dude.

2018-07-19 12:37:40 UTC  

When they stop beheading our soldiers on our own streets and raping our girls and blowing us up and flying planes into our buildings and taking over our cities and enslaving our women in their shariah law then maybe I will

2018-07-19 12:38:21 UTC  

The Mehdi is quite literally the antichrist.

2018-07-19 12:39:10 UTC  

@Malcolm the Seceder If you still believe the official 911 narrative then I can't help you.

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Deejay are you a flat earther?

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@Shiver Howzit dude yes I am.

2018-07-19 12:41:08 UTC  

👌 Naisu

2018-07-19 12:42:17 UTC  

To be honest with you, EVERYONE is a flat earther.