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There's a pretty lulzy video of the Muslim womyn teaching the class how to throw noodley punches

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Who in gods name would take that class

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`have helped popularize a particularly violent version of combat-ready racism, offering an example of how to advance white nationalism with perfectly executed strikes and takedowns, which have already been used with vicious effect in street battles in California and beyond.`

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Get off our n*ts, lefties.

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"combat-ready racism"

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Hey goys I know I guy who is interested in intermittent fasting. I would appreciate any relevant sources anyone has

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There's an article about it freshly posted in the nutrition channel.

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Holy cow

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šŸ˜ šŸ˜ šŸ˜

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at what point does mobility become a concern when you're body building? A guy with massive arms and chest looks like he can barely move tbh. Is this a problem?

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@this_that5553 IMO, very much. But you'd be surprised at the mobility of olympic style powerlifters. The limberness in their legs, shoulders, wrists, and arms is incredible.

2018-02-02 19:04:54 UTC  

Bodybuilders, not so much

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Just leave humanity behind and don't look back

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Whatever it takes

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Saxon was it you with the max DL over 600?

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Yeah 620

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Light weight

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This was last March though

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Haven't competed since

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Haha earning your name lad

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Very impressive

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Soviet style training techniques and old fashioned hard work

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I love showing my friends these videos from IE. Makes us look like monsters.

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@Gaius Mucius Scaevola I cant unsee that shit brother.... not cool Dave not cool

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Iā€™m really not a violent guy.... but Jesus H....I would love to assist their learning in the art of self defense..

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Found the official church of the alt-right

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Does anyone know of a brand or company that sells swords for movie props? Working on a project where I will need some and if possible I'd like for them to look real and not heavy.

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What's your pricing look like?

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$300 at the most @StrawberryArmada

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will i still get gains if im sick

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I always just train lighter but go anyway to "force the weakness out" but I'm old fashioned like that