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Thanks @celticflame !

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@missliterallywho my first two are July and August babies. My wife did everything she could to avoid that again and our third was born in February. I feel for ya in the heat.

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Just saw this on twitter!

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Anyone read any of the Tuttle Twins books... I have a few and want a parents perspective on them.

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I like them for explaining in simple terms complex economic topics...but have any of you had experience with educational material like this?

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I haven’t heard of those but definetly looks interesting. The most recent book we have read as a family with my two oldest kids is a book by a retired navy seal named jock I willink. The title of the book is way of the warrior kid. It is an excellent book.

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Marc had a terrible year in fifth grade: he can’t swim or do pull-ups, doesn’t know his multiplication tables, and is being terrorized by school bully Kenny. But Marc’s uncle Jake, a Navy SEAL, will be spending the summer with Marc and his mother, and once he arrives, he begins training Marc to be a “Warrior Kid.” The training is both physical and mental, and chapters are dedicated to principles such as living by a code, early morning workouts, and discipline (“Discipline equals freedom” screams one page in giant capital letters). Marc embraces his uncle’s guidance, gets stronger, and starts sixth grade confident and able, even standing up to and reaching out to Kenny in a too-neat conclusion. Willink, a leadership instructor and retired SEAL, places worthwhile emphasis on physical activity, mental sharpness, and hard work. But Marc’s dismissal of his mother’s ability to help him because, “a lot of the time it seems she just doesn’t understand me” (in part because “she works a ton”) is a disappointing stereotype, and Bozak’s b&w line drawings don’t add much to the boy’s journey. More treatise than fully developed story. Ages 8–12. (May)

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This might be a really dumb idea, but I was thinking the other day about the state of children's media. It's all very promoting of negative traits and multicultural society.

Would making kids books be a nice idea? We could use old stories of European heroics like Siegfried and the dragon. Some simple art and I bet it would be desirable.

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Amazon has a kids book designer app. Draw pictures, scan them. drop in text, and it it’s good to be published.

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@micbwilli I think it would be great. I mostly re use books from my childhood for my kids. But something new and fresh would be great.

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We badly need something like that. It would be an excellent business opportunity for someone whos a good writer

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Tbf, that was an extremely ugly wall decoration

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It's an "R"

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Children's books are a great idea, I have also thought about this for quite some time. Currently at least one wonderful gal is undertaking a project in the folklore genre . She has a fundraiser, it was posted above by Grossly Incandescent.

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Carolyn Emerick's project, I believe...

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I homeschool, so I have had a lot of experience so far with sifting thru poz and finding good books.

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especially this year as we are starting History. I am going to reference March of the Titans by Arthur Kemp ( history of the White race) alongside the more mainstream 'Story of the World'

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for our childrens' history lessons

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Ostara publications also has some great non-PC history books

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I used to be concerned kids wouldn't develop social skills but people have been telling me that's pretty false since there is so much free time to take them anywhere. I hope I can homeschool my kids.

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oh yeah it is a commie myth that homeschooling makes kids socially awkward

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@Freiheit - CA I hope so too

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It is not easy, and yes it tries my patience at times, but I wouldn't trade it for anything else atm

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It is pretty amazing to teach and learn with your kids. It is mind blowing how much potential is in a homeschool education vs. public school, which as we know- teaches to the lowest common denominator

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in many areas homeschool kids *can* take some classes at their local public school as well, if one shoudl choose to do that for their child

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Yeah, I don't want to put my kids through the hand holding for the dumb kid.

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normie FB has tons of resources and homeschool groups for networking

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yes, I mean, when I look back at my elementary education of ancient Egypt, for instance- it's just mummies and King Tut and some pyramids... LOL ... SO much important and fascinating history and science, etc, just gets skimmed over . It is disappointing. Homeschooling is such an adventure and you have the freedom to make education fun, meaningful, and thorough...

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I'm definitely having my kids Read/watch The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

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i regret not reading the books with our oldest before letting him see a couple of the movies... 😦

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You can't really argue with how nationalist it is

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very implicit

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It's Peak Identity Politics

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When I think about it, watching those movies when I was younger may have shaped my views