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2018-08-25 20:55:15 UTC  

Oh, and another problem with the "immigrants commit less crime" talking point is that it only applies to the first generation. Although immigrants themselves commit less crime, certain ethnic groups as a whole commit more crime. However, using this argument can drag you into an unnecessary discussion about race and crime whereas you could have responded in a far less controversial sounding manner.

2018-08-25 20:56:43 UTC  

@bspon002 I post those images a lot on twitter. Surefire way to own the libs

2018-08-25 20:57:11 UTC  

@unclefesterr I'm just surprised I got it to r/all

2018-08-25 21:00:00 UTC  

@AWellesley769 are you in the SLC area?

2018-08-25 21:21:55 UTC  

@Bjorn - MD he has 40k subs on his channel, that's quite a lot for a German specific channel!

2018-08-25 21:23:37 UTC  

Went for a hike in the mountains today and traffic coming back was brutal.

2018-08-25 21:35:58 UTC  

Damn Patrick’s still working on this lawn mower

2018-08-25 21:36:18 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff fixing up that lawnmower to hit blades to blades tomorrow at 6:30am sharp with a fresh sip.

2018-08-25 21:36:31 UTC  

I was using the lawnmower my landlord had at the house -- that one stopped working so I bought my own. This one won't start for whatever reason so I'm going to return it.

2018-08-25 21:36:58 UTC  

Must be an affirmative action lawnmower

2018-08-25 21:36:59 UTC  

But it was delivered and I'm not sure it will fit in my car, so I might be out of luck.

2018-08-25 21:37:12 UTC  

Have you tried sipping on a monster energy?

2018-08-25 21:37:23 UTC  

It’ll fit, just leave the trunk open, tie it down

2018-08-25 21:37:46 UTC  

Just ride the lawnmower to the store that's what we do in Louisiana.

2018-08-25 21:37:51 UTC  

Sounds like a bad starter, or of the lights aren't even turning on, it could be the battery

2018-08-25 21:38:01 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff Cut the grass with scissors

2018-08-25 21:38:15 UTC  

Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

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2018-08-25 21:40:07 UTC  

You could always try jumping the batteries, if it isn't cranking at all, it could be the battery

2018-08-25 21:41:25 UTC  

So this guy is laying it down! The fact he even exists is phenomenal to me really

2018-08-25 21:41:36 UTC  

Just pour monster on the lawnmower

2018-08-25 21:42:24 UTC  

We should push to appropriate milk as our official beverage, and thus deny our enemies of much needed calcium

2018-08-25 21:42:49 UTC  

Red Bull Italian Soda is as racist as it gets

2018-08-25 21:43:10 UTC  

Contains Red Bull AND a milk product

2018-08-25 21:43:20 UTC  

What are we going to do about Patrick’s lawnmower guys

2018-08-25 21:43:27 UTC  

We gotta get this thing running

2018-08-25 21:43:38 UTC  

And it's literally *Italian* soda, and Italians are white

2018-08-25 21:44:08 UTC  

@Pinochetball you know anything about small engines?

2018-08-25 21:44:21 UTC  

It’s within the realm of possibility that the 30 year old boomer meme is a marketing ploy from Monster, just to fool the goyim into buying their poison

2018-08-25 21:44:40 UTC  

Whats up @⚡Clark⚡

2018-08-25 21:45:13 UTC

2018-08-25 21:45:22 UTC  

@Pinochetball ask @Reinhard Wolff I’m guessing it’s a carb issue

2018-08-25 21:45:37 UTC  

Naw. Pat has a keto lawnmower

2018-08-25 21:46:21 UTC  


2018-08-25 21:46:49 UTC  

This is our lawn mower

2018-08-25 21:47:24 UTC  

Once Salvini stops the migrants Italy's export rate of high quality pasta sauce is going to explode their economy

2018-08-25 21:48:43 UTC  

Whats wrong with the lawnmower

2018-08-25 21:48:47 UTC  

Wont start?