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2018-09-23 00:03:30 UTC  

In a sane country, every single non-citizen (excepting dignitaries and honoraries) would have been deported by that year's end. But our neocon leaders said we needed to go shopping to beat terrorism.

2018-09-23 00:10:26 UTC  

Gruutingv Evropa enthuviavtv.

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Oktoberfest event in Richmond. Beautiful European people everywhere.

2018-09-23 00:33:12 UTC  

Which floor are my Colorado boys on?

2018-09-23 00:34:16 UTC  

Phones dying

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Okay, this exchange is pretty hilarious. Australian young man (wearing IOTBW shirt, btw) gets confronted by a hysterical, obese man stuttering a bunch of nonsense.

2018-09-23 00:52:49 UTC  

PSA: if you have a Hofbrauhaus near you its the best place for meetups

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This is fake news

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If you're not having meet ups at your local Italian eatery on red and white checkered tablecloths and yelling loudly over each other is it really a meet up?

2018-09-23 00:54:50 UTC

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@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL Man, that stuttering "white" guy sure pulled a lot out of "IOTBW". 🤔

2018-09-23 01:05:37 UTC  

it was painful to watch him try to talk 😂

2018-09-23 01:06:46 UTC  

I think his various personalities were all trying to come out at the same time to shame the white kid and he couldn't figure out which one to let speak first. <:teehee:381917632359563264>

2018-09-23 01:08:30 UTC  

Is Nathan still part of IE?

2018-09-23 01:09:47 UTC  

I don't see him on the discord members list.

2018-09-23 01:12:06 UTC  

great livestream going on right now with Greg Johnson

2018-09-23 01:23:50 UTC  

Fellas we need activists to yell at Trump “what about white people?” Every time he mentions blacks or hispanics

2018-09-23 01:24:10 UTC  

I promise to do this if there is ever a Trump rally near me

2018-09-23 01:25:29 UTC  

Gotta be early in line and up front so he hears it

2018-09-23 01:30:39 UTC  

@Rick I think hes sorting his own personal stuff out

2018-09-23 01:31:03 UTC  

I think he'll probably be back here and there behind the scenes/at large events (maybe)

2018-09-23 01:31:35 UTC  

Sneaky puppy

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:^ )

2018-09-23 01:34:13 UTC  

Who is this cartoon lumberjack pretending to be <:koba:359010745112985611> ?

2018-09-23 01:40:57 UTC  

>hes never seen megazone 23

2018-09-23 01:42:33 UTC  

anime is b!g gh3y

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<:thinkplant:359034245777457173> anime is the highest form of entertainment fren

2018-09-23 01:52:12 UTC  

much better than jewtainment

2018-09-23 01:53:48 UTC  

I'll defend anime purely to defend koba

2018-09-23 01:54:07 UTC  


2018-09-23 01:57:22 UTC  

"Jewtainment" wow now that's FASHY

2018-09-23 01:58:46 UTC  

anime gangangangangang

2018-09-23 01:59:05 UTC  

nevermind my pfp is Hellboy and that's a comic

2018-09-23 02:00:06 UTC  

Speaking of anime, I want all of you to know that traps are gay. ;)

2018-09-23 02:00:19 UTC  

It's the truth.

2018-09-23 02:00:49 UTC  

did... did _anyone_ here think otherwise?

2018-09-23 02:00:53 UTC  

That's an ebic meme!