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Hey guys, I'm new from Oklahoma City

Looking forward to getting to know you all




What's all the BS about us putting razor blades under posters?

I knew our fine upstanding people would never do anything that shit tier

oops, language.

Hey guys

What are you cucks doing up this late?

Shi*tposting most likely.




What you did there, I see it.

Context is everything




Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

is he "our bird"?


thats the thing, they have no shame

Hey CO members, my lady and I will be in Denver all next week. I'd love to meet some of you in the area!

We could go to dinner or something

Sure thing!

Honestly, I think Trump will be remembered as the most hated/most effective president in recent history


night brother

The queers/SJW's are still trying to hijack Bert and Ernie..

Arguing with their CREATOR about it.

This is yup



We are going to be arguing genitalia and gender identity when the mullas nuke us

Don't worry, AI will enslave us all before too long anyway....lol

reverse that

and I think you would be closer to reality

People are out there rent-seeling


Like good white men with agency do.

I love that guy.

where is the outrage?


Subversive actor??? Surprise surprise...

Well tug on my totsies and call me topanga!

that's an invasion if I've ever seen one

(i have seen one)

Thank you Suomi for that

I love when people push for obesity.

Go ahead, if a real disaster ever occurs, the fatties will be among the first to die.

I used to be fat. Then I took responsibility for what I was putting in my body and got my ass out of the computer chair.


Their food is SO BAD FOR YOUR BODY, but so good for the soul.....

What a ladies man.

Congrats on the offspring!!!!!

Sitting here in the airport reminds me how much people annoy me

Black guy with a hands free headset is sitting here yelling ebonics and taking with his hands


All this agency is making me hot

Just dropped our stuff off at our place I Denver

Which floor are my Colorado boys on?

Phones dying

fireside in 13 min?


this moutain time has me all jacked up



got to meet some of the guys here too. Solid group


youre fine'

best state ive been to so far=COLORADO

Leaving CO, thanks very much for having us gentlemen.

Sorry I called part of your state ugly lol

I went to estus and it forever changed me

Good morning brethren

shameless is also degenerate as shit

Good morning you wonderful people!

evening gents


and ladies!

good evening , nice respectable people

Just a lovely day in OKC

just had dinner with my gf and her family

you know, a wholesome drug free evening

I'm going to wife her up on ne years

New Years*

indeed. Get ready for the baby registry!!

yes sir

She agrees with most of what I believe. I'm even bringing her around on the JQ

Good morning nice respectable people\


Never thought I'd email the white house, but here we are.


106 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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