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2018-10-08 05:02:01 UTC  

I sure am glad that the recent murdering illegal was working on a Republican owned farm. People were talking about that and that's a great thing.

I don't understand how these people can betray there communities for a little bit higher profits in the short term. They need to pay for these crimes someday.

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There was a massive turkey farm in the county where I grew up. It smelled far worse than cows, pigs, or chickens ever did. Wouldn't be surprised in they used illegal labor. I wonder if leaving ICE a tip would make a difference

2018-10-08 05:21:06 UTC  

I'll just leave this here...

2018-10-08 05:21:22 UTC  

I just put up some stickers in Wenatchee but it's too dark to post them on activism photos

2018-10-08 05:21:45 UTC  

@Jacob Go there and take some photos on your morning run.

2018-10-08 05:21:50 UTC  

I'm coming back from the other side of the state so I'm trying to get as many cities as possible

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I can't go on my morning run because this city is 2 hours from home. But when I get home I can do that.

2018-10-08 05:23:26 UTC  

I'll probably end up hitting like 5 cities today. When I get home I will send out emails to the news stations in all 5 cities posing as a very concerned citizen.

2018-10-08 05:24:18 UTC  

They're gonna freak out. Every region of Washington hit in one day. Must be a massive group behind this!

2018-10-08 05:30:15 UTC  

The hubris

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Everything is so obvious...

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She's so smug and matter of fact about being a pile of garbage.

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Today, California IE members painted a banner for a banner drop. After painting we had dinner and chatted while enjoying the company of a full fledged family. What did you do today for your fellow countrIEman?

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Screens grabs from the video captured of us painting

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Flyering meets Prussian-tier autism:

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how do we get on their level guys?

2018-10-08 12:46:17 UTC  

This is from League of the South I believe. Obviously we would not use these, but I like the idea:

2018-10-08 13:59:38 UTC  

Has anyone heard about Columbus being a Crypto Jew?

2018-10-08 14:00:02 UTC  

@FACINEMA A1 photos

2018-10-08 14:03:03 UTC  

@The Huwhyte Ulf - VA Heard it, but haven't seen it substantiated.

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I went to her concert at Soldier field and she went on a pro LGBT rant

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@Undercover Academic - IL Couldn't let my have my moment, could ya...? 😑

2018-10-08 14:18:38 UTC  

Are they insinuating that there might be some kind of correlation between racial identity and voting patterns...? 🤔