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2018-12-07 03:26:12 UTC  

I get that nuance exists, but, I mean, it's like saying "we gotta be more nuanced about Atomwaffen"

2018-12-07 03:26:12 UTC  

@reactionarytree I haven’t seen you in a while.

2018-12-07 03:26:43 UTC  

Of course that is how Russia behaves. The real question is who do you side with: somewhat trad, somewhat nationalist Russia or globo-homo tranny jew dicks with big macs USA

2018-12-07 03:26:53 UTC  

@Jacob yes, if Atomwaffen was a brigade-sized military unit that’s part of a country’s official military

2018-12-07 03:27:07 UTC  

One day in the future history students will be so confused by all of this, and probably just conclude it was a game of thrones style cluster

2018-12-07 03:27:12 UTC  

@Kingfish That's true. So, logically, it would make sense for Ukrainian nationalists to seek improved relations with Russia rather than this cringy "fashy Ukraine" that just pisses off everyone.

2018-12-07 03:27:25 UTC  

It doesn't even matter whether Azov and their allies are based or not The Western powers could topple that shit easy if they don't have Russia propping them up

2018-12-07 03:27:28 UTC  

Azov can form a giant brigade bc they got all that CIA-Mossad money.

2018-12-07 03:27:30 UTC  

@Alex Kolchak - NY this but unironically

2018-12-07 03:27:35 UTC  

@Jacob plenty of reasons for Ukrainians to be upset with Russia

2018-12-07 03:28:01 UTC  

normal ones, not just these CIA-Mossad Ukrainians I keep hearing about

2018-12-07 03:28:02 UTC  

You can be upset, but glorifying people with Bandera and intentionally cutting trade relations is just dumb

2018-12-07 03:28:18 UTC  

USA just wants to use Azov to get a foothold in the region to prevent Russia and Europe from uniting to fight against globalism

2018-12-07 03:28:35 UTC  

i don't get what's wrong w bandera? he is condemned by Jews and the European parliament, those are two groups I wouldn't be against condemning people that we stand with lol

2018-12-07 03:29:10 UTC  

@reactionarytree That's an oversimplification of events, the Kremlin's ideology primarily revolves around enriching the elites that are a part of it, if the Russian populace would let the Kremlin get away with it, they'd be promoting globohomo just as vehemently as the West. Based Putin and nationalist Kremlin are memes and fairly far from the truth.

2018-12-07 03:29:18 UTC  

looks like dude just tried and failed and tried and failed to create an independent Ukraine

2018-12-07 03:29:49 UTC  

UPA ethnically cleansed Polaks, and the story actually makes sense, unlike some other genocides in history

2018-12-07 03:30:37 UTC  

why would that change ukranian views on the guy

2018-12-07 03:30:47 UTC  

these perfidious Russian oligarchs were those who sold out the Russian people following perestroika reforms

2018-12-07 03:30:52 UTC  

If it was 100% certain that an independent Ukraine would be right wing and ally with other European right wing states to fight the globalists I'd support it. Fact of the matter is that's less likely than Russia utilizing a propped up Ukraine to do it instead

2018-12-07 03:31:12 UTC  

they sold out Russia to the West

2018-12-07 03:31:18 UTC  

@reactionarytree some of the oligarchs were forced out by Putin, others were integrated into the regime

2018-12-07 03:31:25 UTC  

andrew jackson "ethnically cleansed" the amerindians from america, i love the dude,he's my favorite president. him being a part of some boo hoo "ethnic cleansing" doesn't mean dick to my opinion of him

2018-12-07 03:31:36 UTC  

Well, even from a self interest perspective, it's not very smart to glorify some guy whose army went around murdering civilians

2018-12-07 03:31:38 UTC  

@Nemets oh god

2018-12-07 03:31:52 UTC  

yes, Putin is not backed by the oligarchs. they are not a monolith in Russia. Putin has played hardball with them

2018-12-07 03:32:03 UTC  

@Nemets aren't they left?

2018-12-07 03:32:18 UTC  

James K. Polk was best

2018-12-07 03:32:25 UTC  

@reactionarytree again, some of them. Plenty of oligarchs and special interests still around in Russia. Usually at the people's expense

2018-12-07 03:32:39 UTC  

Andrew Jackson didn't arbitrarily kill them, he negotiated separation between groups so they stop fighting. He was objectively a good guy. @Sam Southern - TN

2018-12-07 03:32:50 UTC  

Doesn't the majority of that block basically want to ally the west though

2018-12-07 03:33:12 UTC  

Furthermore the Kremlin is flooding Russia with cheap central Asian Muslim labor, at the expense of the ethnic Russian tax payer. So is Putin even a quasi-nationalist in practice?

2018-12-07 03:33:22 UTC  

Who would win out though

2018-12-07 03:33:29 UTC  

I'd support an Intermarium it's just unlikely

2018-12-07 03:33:37 UTC  

@Kingfish Yes, these "nationalists" are nationalists in name only. They literally supported pro-EU protests lmao.

2018-12-07 03:33:41 UTC  

and the west could topple a single ukraine anyway

2018-12-07 03:34:06 UTC  

at the end of the day, you have to pick a side: USA or Russia. USA has made it explicitly clear they would like to destroy people like us. and the notion of us vs the world is fantasy

2018-12-07 03:34:11 UTC  

I support Russia propping it up because it seems to be the most likely and secure strategy for fighting our enemies

2018-12-07 03:34:29 UTC  

@reactionarytree you are aware that you live in this country and are kind of stuck with it for the time being?

2018-12-07 03:34:29 UTC  

a more powerful Russia is a less powerful European Union and NATO

2018-12-07 03:34:32 UTC  

Azov is so based that due to the coup they supported, you're more likely to die of starvation in Ukraine than Libya