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"two 'Americans'"; "Zaid Abed al-Hamid, known as Abu Zaid al-Ameriki, from the U.S."; Alexandr Ruzmatovich Bekmirzaev of "Dublin, Ireland" <:really:453005408064241674>

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If the claim is that we are in Syria to fight ISIS, being in al Tanaf does nothing for that goal. It's surrounded by government controlled territory. War hawks might change their minds if they ever looked at a map or the conflict

2019-01-06 17:11:46 UTC  

As if war hawks actually want to win something lol they just want the war to continue

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@Alex Kolchak - NY Right on point!

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@Alex Kolchak - NY Even the term “optics” fails to capture what the issue is actually about. “Good optics” implies that we can just put a new, fresh coat of paint on worn out White Nationalist ideas, and expect to win people over.

With this in mind, it should be no surprise that IE is growing, and optics honestly has little to do with it. We’re crafting our own aesthetic, and our own movement in a disciplined way, with the best people.

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Happy Sunday I.E! I hope you all are having a holy day with great lifts 💪

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It's about actually believing what you claim to believe, and not just trying to hide extremism.

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Stefan is on fire.

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His angle though is ultimately not one of separatism and identity but social acknowledgement. I'm sure he wants an immigration moratorium, but I think he ultimately wants racial harmony based on this idea a social revolution is going to sweep in an era of HBD understanding and peace. Such a joke!

2019-01-06 18:04:23 UTC  

He admits coexistence isn't working yet the goal is coexistence. Great work Stefan.

2019-01-06 18:05:09 UTC  

Right. It’s almost as if he remains committed to still find a way to make multiculturalism still work but first by acknowledging the issues that come with it.

2019-01-06 18:05:26 UTC  

He is going quite hard lately, granted. I'm thinking he intentionally grows his audience and every so often he trims it intentionally by going hard on the race question.

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I’m sure he would be happy to live in a multicultural nation without feminism and a welfare state

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I understand and respect his caution. He never touched the alt right, especially during its peak. But I think his audience is asking for more at this point. Just an outside perspective!

2019-01-06 18:11:40 UTC  

Us and he have acknowledged the problem of competing identity politics. He would do away with the politics. We would separate competing identities

2019-01-06 18:14:41 UTC  

Just turn it into a market! 🙃

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I agree. Ultimately, we should be using these potential shifts in the Overton Window as opportunity to speak truth into people’s lives. Teach people what we believe and a pathway forward. There are thousands and thousands of people who agree and sympathize with us. These supporters are reading his tweets.

2019-01-06 18:21:46 UTC  

Yes! I love how he compared multiculturalism to communism. Jared Taylor does the same thing in his book, “White Identity”.

2019-01-06 18:22:42 UTC  

Hopefully, Trump uses his emergency powers to slow down our decaying multiculturalism:

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@Ryan -NJ that's predominantly why I geared my social media usage just for making fun of the left and giving out redpills. There's alot of opportunities. Everyone wants a grand windfall moment but the truth is that in a culture war you kill an idea in a death by a thousand cuts

2019-01-06 18:34:58 UTC  

Steady non compromised pushing further and further in the direction you want it to go

2019-01-06 18:37:47 UTC  

@bspon002 Agreed. We need to have the long game in mind. We will win via good ideas and stellar character.

2019-01-06 18:38:11 UTC  

It helps too if your opponent is ridiculous 😂

2019-01-06 18:43:33 UTC  

I was told last night at a bar that if we were to have a civil war, my white ass better be the first to be shot. I am glad that I didn't hit the person but this is what they want. This is their view of demographics. White = evil, if white is gone then no evil. This person was a co-worker of mine and knows my MAGA support. He seemed to be fine with me day to day. Deep down full of anger. He even started talking about reparations! I thought that was dead with libfag patrol but obviously not. He got offended when I told him no I wouldn't take 5$ out of my paycheck to give to some black. Just a quick story.

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@Papa Pizzagate yikes is right.

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reverse the races in that statement and you have an SPLC article

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The fact that he could blatantly say this infront of not just me and everyone just goes along their merry way. I guess building and inventing 99.9% of the modern world gets you a bullet in the head.

2019-01-06 18:47:21 UTC  

You shouldn't take blacks seriously @PatrickAZ

2019-01-06 18:51:15 UTC  

@Albo Greychak - MI oh he isn't even black. "Native" "American"! Shows how blind he is. His people are at the last pieces of genetic line and he's worrying about blacks...

2019-01-06 18:53:19 UTC  

Its the coalition mentality. Somehow all these different minorities are going to (((coexist))) and throw a jubilee every day with eachother.

2019-01-06 18:54:35 UTC  

Majority minority cities have extreme racial stratification. Black hates brown, and yellow hates all of them. They’ll only be unified as long as it takes to remove ypipo

2019-01-06 18:54:57 UTC  

@PatrickAZ I wish he'd said that on a tweet. Those things tend to travel around

2019-01-06 18:55:53 UTC  

ok, this is good trolling

2019-01-06 18:56:24 UTC  

CathBol Gang is already making big progress in the new year

2019-01-06 18:57:31 UTC  

@bspon002 And Tariq would promote it.

2019-01-06 18:58:00 UTC  

The only reason non whites seem unified is because their Jewish masters are leading them in one direction. Without their high verbal IQ mouthpiece, they'd have no common ground to stand on at all.

2019-01-06 18:58:01 UTC  

@bspon002 well I used to work with him so he's obviously too chicken-shit to actually speak up without the assistance of alcohol.