Message from Deleted User in Nice Respectable People Group #media_about_ie

2017-12-29 19:54:26 UTC  

Oh man, three angry letters. It’s worse than Auschwitz!

2017-12-29 20:08:28 UTC  

It’s anuddah Shoah, oy vey!!

2017-12-29 20:20:44 UTC  

My county paper freaked out over siege at local university so much so a smaller publication called them out for over reacting and double standards.

2017-12-30 13:26:31 UTC  

Since some of those comments are foreign they couldn't possibly be our guys, though I doubt the journalist cares for integrity.

2017-12-30 20:45:08 UTC  

Those comments seem possibly fake. Even internet trolls know to be polite when IE is being discussed.

2017-12-30 20:50:47 UTC  

There's a lot of angry people out there and this guy only has to pick the worst two or three.

2017-12-31 04:53:20 UTC  

That one from Auckland wasn't me lol

2018-01-02 00:28:05 UTC  

Ringsmuth said: "There are people who don’t understand this group. Isn’t it OK to be proud of my heritage?"

"There’s a difference between being proud of your heritage and belonging to a group that specifically asks if you’re Jewish."

2018-01-02 00:28:41 UTC  

'My biggest concern here is that the goyim seem to know. The goyim knowing is a form of hate-thought.'

2018-01-02 00:32:59 UTC  

That basically read like an advertisement for us.

2018-01-02 00:47:42 UTC  

On fb, there's over 500 shares of the banner. Not shares of the article, just shares of someone's photo of it on a personal page. We have our local leftists just freaking out. Almost no mention of the memorial. They're not angry anymore, they're just scared.

2018-01-02 01:38:04 UTC  

>Posting the banner "is still a long way from standing up and saying 'this is me and this is what I believe,'" she said. "If this is the way you’re going to live your life, come out. Let's talk."

Just wait sweaty 😘

2018-01-02 02:08:20 UTC  

See that? A banner and a memorial got us all this attention. There's a lot of bigger chapters out there that do very little activism. There's so much attention waiting for you out there, all you have to do is grasp it!

2018-01-02 02:43:54 UTC  

Honestly, the way I see the left reacting (not just to orange hitler, but more and more to us), along with their high rates of anxiety and depression, I wouldn't be surprised if there are mass suicides this year. I monitor these people, some of them are in a really bad place and just getting worse.

2018-01-02 02:44:35 UTC  

3 Atlanta antifa suicided last year as our progress became unstoppable

2018-01-02 02:44:47 UTC  

There are precedents

2018-01-02 02:45:29 UTC  

yeah, I remember you saying that now. were they all people of trans?

2018-01-02 02:45:38 UTC  

I know two were

2018-01-02 02:45:43 UTC  

The third maybe

2018-01-02 02:45:48 UTC  

Honestly, likely

2018-01-02 02:46:00 UTC  

that's almost worse. 'is that a tranny?' 'can't tell.'

2018-01-02 02:46:16 UTC  

It's ugly. I know that.

2018-01-02 02:46:42 UTC  

one local one whose fb I monitor (already been arrested attacking us) posts violent and suicidal stuff.

2018-01-02 02:47:07 UTC  

I think the modern world causes a lot of anxiety in people. I think that some of the people in the hard left are feeling that more than anyone.

2018-01-02 02:47:26 UTC  

modernity and urban living and shit jobs warp their minds.

2018-01-02 02:51:02 UTC  

Antifa, in my experience, are overwhelmingly poor, psychologically unstable, and undereducated. Couch surfing non washing soup kitchen folk that have parental conflicts. I know they say those things about us. I guess they're just projecting. In general, they're overwhelmingly lazy, but couch that by saying they don't want to participate in a system that they don't believe in.

2018-01-02 04:29:09 UTC  

not celebrating but....called it

2018-01-02 04:34:33 UTC  

It’s acting like the person was killed

2018-01-02 04:35:06 UTC  

I read a few tweets, sounds like a suicide. they're dancing around it.

2018-01-02 04:37:19 UTC  

Looks like opioids could be in play

2018-01-02 04:37:25 UTC  

Could be a simple OD

2018-01-02 04:37:47 UTC  

She’d “discussed attempting suicide” as well

2018-01-02 04:38:50 UTC  

And they’re also positing her boyfriend killer her for some reason

2018-01-02 19:45:04 UTC  

Maybe carl was cucked one too many times

2018-01-02 19:53:42 UTC  

>He went to kill her and a black guy had broken into her house and was currently killing her

2018-01-02 19:53:45 UTC  

Cucked again

2018-01-04 13:31:48 UTC  
2018-01-04 13:32:44 UTC  

MSM showing us that fairness we’ve come to love them for.