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Of course. tbh, that list doesn't look very israeli.

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(Even though I started this convo 😁 - sorry)

2018-02-18 20:00:32 UTC Outright falseified slander against Nathan trying to actually label him in same group as real terrorists is sickening & i smell a lawsuit that should be filed in defense of Nathan for slander against his character,etc

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This is Outrageous!!!

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>IE is literally the same as Al-Qaeda

Shitlib journalists, folks.

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Instead of trying to alter our wikipedia page, which would be near impossible, we would be better off promoting an alternative like Metepedia. We have no page on their, but we should.

2018-02-18 21:38:53 UTC  

I would encourage as many of you as possible to become editors on Metepedia and not only create a page for us, but also add more pages so that the website grows as an alternative to wikipedia for information.

2018-02-18 21:39:25 UTC  

It actually hits pretty high up on the list when using a google search engine for some terms like "cultural marxism"

2018-02-18 21:43:04 UTC  

I see many people on here throughout the day for weeks on end. Honestly that tells me you have a lot of time on your hands. Small things like this add up and have a major impact, so take 20-40 minutes a day editing metapedia pages and adding new ones instead of hanging out on here.

2018-02-18 21:43:59 UTC  

Pages such as this one could also use a huge upgrade.

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@celticflame if you want a whitepill look at the comments

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Can't wait to see what Metapedia has to say about Wikipedia...

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High-road, or truth?

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Just found this on IG, from this mornings siege

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Would be hilarious if they actually wiped their tushies with glossy paper

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Funny how law students hate speech...

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I think the way they sperg out just makes us look like the mature ones. They should just keep responding like this.

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Open mouth smile - soulless bugman.

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I've always hated the academic concept that if you cite enough sources (even if they are utterly unsourced themselves) that what you're saying is more plausible. It's extremely Talmudic.

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Did you guys know there's an "anti racist" writer named Jared Taylor? I was so confused when I read this quote:

"Jared Taylor called Damigo a “white supremacist” who is just another “suit and tie” neo-Nazi and who like the rest of the alt-right is relying on “half-baked science and genetics, not just fascist politics.”

Taylor believes Damigo deserves to be lumped with the rest who demean black people as being predisposed to crime and follow a flimsy construct “that down to the genes, people of different races have different levels of intelligence, are either propelled towards or unable to build civilizations.”

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What lol

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I don't believe he's ever denounced us

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Yea it's a different Jared Taylor haha

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oh lol

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We should write him letters thanking him for our Jared Taylor's work. Say we're really supportive of all he's doing to save the white race.

2018-02-21 00:48:01 UTC  

@Der Seeteufel - SD That would be awesome lol

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Is there any chance we can do activism about South Africa someday? If we could somehow go to SA and shoot video there to bring attention to whats going on, I think that would be great for showing just how real white genocide can be

2018-02-21 02:17:50 UTC  

We could sell Hatian cookies to fundraise for the trip

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Are we supposed to archive twitter links so when they are deleted we can use them in defamation suits?

2018-02-21 03:31:10 UTC  

I hate to always sound like a cop, but these people are ruthless.

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"Kool Kekistani Kids" 😂😂😂😂😂

2018-02-21 04:40:01 UTC