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Great video!

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2017-11-20 16:31:33 UTC "Among other things, the framework for a minimum income should be restricted; benefits in kind instead of financial subsidies, recognised refugees should in the future be allowed to apply for citizenship only after ten years, like all other immigrants, and not after six. Furthermore, there is a wish to reduce the so-called illegal migration to zero and for legally convicted asylum seekers there should be no residence consolidation." Some good happenings in Austria after the election.

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DHS ends temporary residency program for 60K Haitians

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They have to go back!

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Kind of neat to see jones finally talking about something that matters.

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They mention Richard Spencer and a"field guide" to learn about "the different types of white people and how you can learn to spot them in their natural habitats.” What the bloodyhell.

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I would be open to gathering a bunch of us to attend this. So they can get a good look and spot us in our natural habitat....... ya it's called the United States of America.

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We are white European ancestry. Clean cut, well dressed, tax paying, non welfare, non thieving, non violent, working jobs, family oriented, decent and respectful persons looking to protect our heritage , culture and peoples.

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Its only going to get worse for the former bread basket of Africa.

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Who is Amy Siskind?

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T-Giving sounds like the most alpha holiday ever

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I plan on showing Murdoch Murdoch's D- Day Episode to my T-Day guests. Thankful for the red pills.

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Our page is beginning to gain traction

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The prefect women do exist

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100 likes is very impressive. I was unaware so many people were on there.

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Had a long face to face conversation about race realism last night with an old friend who finds it morally detestable. But the conversation still happened and by the end he "appreciated my perspective" and consented he might come around to the idea in time. We are winning by inches!

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She has to go back.

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Steve King just replied to the Defend Europa twitter account

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***hungary is our friend***

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One of my favoirte Murdoch Murdoch episodes, always reminds me of what we're doing and why it's necessary

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Wow, Tomi Lahren turning into a shitlordess.