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2018-04-04 22:24:51 UTC

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@zsaopx30zc is new to IE this week and is a father to 5 children! That makes him only the 2nd IE member after @Phillip Wiglesworth - FL to have 4+ children (partially because so many of our members are so young). It must be something in the name. Let him be an example for us all, everyone welcome @zsaopx30zc

2018-04-05 03:33:02 UTC  

Every few days I check Allsup's YT channel and he's gained 3-5K subscribers it seems. James is on fire!

2018-04-05 03:39:56 UTC  

He did really well for the past few weeks especially. It's exciting.

2018-04-05 03:40:08 UTC  

I'll post some whitepilling statistics from other Youtube channels, wait a second

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It looks like James's channel growth fizzled out a bit about a month after the inauguration, but did extremely well last month

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Danish comedian did a comedy roast of Sweden and it was aired on mainstream Danish TV.

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To really make this feel like a whitepill, here's a direct quote:

"The truth about these dysfunctional, downscale communities is that they deserve to die....The white American underclass is in thrall to a vicious, selfish culture whose main products are misery and used heroin needles."

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Ann Coulter's fan club twitter account retweeted us. Ann will definitely see it now :)

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Ann Coulter

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^click on the image then click "open original" to get a high-res image

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But wait!

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Always good to know that activist 9th circuit judges are being brought to an end, especially considering Trump is pumping up the number of conservatives to 13 of 19

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Our Danish brothers and sisters always inspiring!

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Covers deployment of the guard, Syria, and trade. Lots of white pills.