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Got a guy here trying to dox our guys, please report his tweet.

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Reported 👍

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@Grossly Incandescent I don't use Twitter (it won't let me make an account without giving my phone number), where is the report button [30 y.o. boomer intensifies]

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On the side of the tweet is a drop down arrow. Select report, then “it’s abusive or harmful” then “threatening violence”

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I only have "embed tweet" as an option. 😕

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Looked through the guys twitter, have information of his. He has a habit of monitoring the IE twitter account, should be blocked.

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Yeah he claims to have been arrested blocking a road to an ICE facility. Would really be a shame if his record was already out there but I am in no way encouraging violence or illegal activity of any kind.

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He also appears to be a member of DSA North Texas, as well as the DFW Socialist Rifle Club- guys who I already have pictures of. I may or may not do some searches

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Both the left and the right think they're losing

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Who do I believe?

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We did it Reddit!

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Good job guys

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Negative, the account is still up. It was only locked temporarily, so continue to report the account and tag the infracting tweets to get them removed or the account banned.

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Close to a 1:1 reply ratio, let’s get it to 2:1

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He is the one that hates, and he is the one who tries to intimidate us with an “investigation”

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Halfway through. Interesting video. Obviously, this has the result of psychologically bludgeoning white people, yet the explanations have a big nugget of truth to many of them. Yes, we have a fundamentally different identity, existence, and story than blacks and other minorities. As JT put it, we have irreconcilable differences. The answer is our own identitarianism: politics by identity. Also, when they're discussing racism and supremacy, they are only describing the phenomenon of white people numerically representing themselves and doing well in some area in society.

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Good comments section.

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@Matthias you know I agree with her. Race matters.

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"I have taught courses in Multicultural Teaching, Inter-group Dialogue Facilitation, Cultural Diversity & Social Justice, and Anti-Racist Education."
She sounds like a real bundle of fun to be around.

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>literally any joke

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you're racist!

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Oh man, that like/dislike ratio and comment section gives me hope.

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Gotta say, while obviously we are coming from different perspectives, I agree with most all the points of the video. "I don't see color" is stupid and makes the problem worse. Race is fundamental to the world and can't be ignored without causing problems. See white people tried to make it work, they put an honest effort into integrating those outside our family. The only way to do that is to pretend they were our family. Now everyone is waking up to the fact that doesn't work, you can't ignore race.

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"I don't see race"... I'm new here:-) but I'm an experienced online troll. It perfectly fine to use "I don't see race", but you have to use it in the correct context....use it for sarcasm. Sarcasm is one of the best tools in the toolbox. That, and humor. So when you see a bunch of Muzzies rioting in Paris...that's when you post "I dont see race". Humor and sarcasm are wrecking balls.

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Hey fellas I’m making an IE DM Group on Twitter, message me your username and make sure your settings are right for it if you want in

2018-09-28 20:36:34 UTC  

@NateDahl76 Honestly I'd recommend against that. Remember, it's a hyper-lefty controlled media platform and yes, any employee there can (and DOES) have the ability to read any and all DM's.

2018-09-28 20:40:47 UTC  

It’s just for people who want to join, @Phillip Wiglesworth - FL. I have already been explicit about my membership in DMs. Obviously no one will be posting personal information in there

2018-09-28 20:42:00 UTC  

The purpose of the DM group will be to promote IE tweets and increase engagement online, might make cyberstrike more effective as well