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With business cards, the idea is that only one person sees it, but, in exchange, it's more targeted to a specific audience.

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I see it as a way for us to show where IE members are active. One person may open the book and see the card but tens of thousands will see it on twitter.

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That's not really a valid comparison. The majority of those who see it on Twitter already know that IE is a thing and are probably expecting to see it in their feed. Realistically, it's something like one person who find it through a book, while a few new people will see it through Twitter. And most people on Twitter just scroll past it, while finding an IE card in a relevant book is something that would probably make you take a second look. The Twitter account is definitely valuable, however, we shouldn't sacrifice the efficacy of real life activism in favor of Twitter. If that's what we're doing, we might as well just put posters on cork boards at home and take pictures of them.

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We can very easily put business cards and book and NOT tell anyone about it

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Ya, exactly

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That's what I'm saying

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I once saw the guy in front of me in a lecture hall looking at Baked Alaska's twitter. Wish I'd had a business card to give him

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@TMatthews did you happen too strike up conversation about it?

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Business cards in books is certainly useful as the people who might read those books are the types we want to look into us. I think it helps new activists or perhaps prospective types you might meet irl get over any "anxieties" when on their first time out etc.

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@Johnny B. Populus Unfortunately, no. My normie friend sat down next to me a minute later

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@TMatthews Normies ruin everything..REEEEEE!

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He's a decent friend, but he's pretty much apathetic about everything besides sports haha

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The Civil War Union Memorial in Johnstown NY.

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@Whitelash keep up the good work

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Another civil war monument in the town of Saint Johnsville New York.

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Great job

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Great work!

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Tyvm everyone

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That's how we do it my brothers & sisters.

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San Diego Comic Con
San Diego, CA

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@DeusVolk aesthetic 🏆

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Cleveland, Ohio beach cleanup. @hbutzer0511 @Mr. Huxley - OH .

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