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Thank you all

I have two Muslims that live in my neighborhood. They walk through other people’s yards. Very rude.

That neighbor is selling their house now. I would have chased them off. I feel like doing it for them.


Yeah that makes sense.

We never had any Mexicans here until a few years ago. Now they’re everywhere.

Nope, they won’t go there. They’ve taken over poor white neighborhoods

Even though they’re besties now with social Marxism and all. Kinda makes me wonder where they collaborate...


That reminds me of a great rant


I wish that would happen in America.

The protest that is...


It’s easier if you try every day 😬

That’s a lot of forehead

Yeah Nazi and white supremast have lost their power as a pejorative.

Anyone have opinions on Balkanization? Maps?

It’s also one of the only real options I see left.


Except for the headline, that wasn’t too much bashing, surprisingly.

Great video!

Yeah, their arguments are regurgitated leftist propaganda with no real thought behind it.

Apologizing to Hispanics after one killed his daughter. I have no words.


24 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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