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Polybius 2018-03-13 04:38:48 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

It's real reading hours lads who up

Polybius 2018-03-13 05:00:10 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

@Solipsistic Vinarchy 48 Laws was interesting but seemed to be impractical for anyone not in politics or climbing the corporate ladder in a highly competitive field, etc. Win Friends and Influence People from what I remember was pretty basic stuff from what I remember. It's been years since I read it but it was stuff like give people genuine compliments and smile at them.

Polybius 2018-03-13 05:41:03 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Been trying to get through Philosophy: A Quest For Truth by Louis Pojman (a textbook). I've read and enjoyed a lot of Plato but when I tried to branch out further into other texts like Decartes and John Locke I really struggled to understand what was being said and why so I'm trying to get a better grounding in what philosophy really is all about before I try to go further.

Polybius 2018-03-13 05:41:38 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

That and Sorrows of Young Werther, only about 60 pages in but I like it so far

Polybius 2018-03-13 05:53:18 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Btw I would highly recommend one of Greene's other books, Mastery.

Polybius 2018-03-13 14:18:29 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

No, hopefully someday soon but my book list seems to be growing by the day. What would you recommend?

Polybius 2018-03-13 16:17:51 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Unfortunately not a subject I've gotten to yet but Plato's Republic has some interesting parts on systems of govt. Are you interested in any particular sphere of poli sci?

Polybius 2018-03-13 16:19:45 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Check out Nick's book list if you haven't already, haven't started any but just picked up Krauthammer's Things That Matter and Caro's The Path to Power

Checking in from the gym brothers HH

Guys thoughts on Tillerson being ousted as Sec of State? Could this be related to the depts. ultimatum to Poland??

History and philosophy channels are needed. Remove vidya and ban anyone who's ever posted in anime.

Anime is implicitly degenerate don't @ me

Polybius 2018-03-13 18:49:01 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Nick recommended Clash of Civilizations by Sam Huntington I believe for newbs

Polybius 2018-03-13 18:49:10 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

As a good first book

Polybius 2018-03-13 18:51:38 [Nick Fuentes Server #art]  

Pics are really resonating with my longing for summer tbqh. Very nice.

You talk about innocence and wholesomeness and yet use curses against me. You are an impostor and this is a glimpse into how anime corrupts.

Watch how the anime enthusiast recoils and attempts to amend his statements, "I have been found out"

I kid I kid. There are probably good animes out there but certainly not my cup of tea.

Just as Jackson defeated the banks, I will defeat the anime channel.

@(((The George Borjas))) so the spokesman quit because the admin used the 800 figure when 'not every target is always caught' ??

If I'm reading that right, seems like a pretty ridiculous reason to quit. Probably not someone we'd want in the position anyway.

@(((The George Borjas))) It says right in the snippet you posted that the spokesman quit because of frustration over the Trump admins statements on the event and that ICE (or at least that guy) is disputing the 800 number.

Sure it is but that's not the point I'm making or what the article's about. This guy quit because he didn't like the Trump admin using the 800 number, not that the mayor cucked. That to me sounds like a traitor that was working on the inside, good riddance.

Polybius 2018-03-13 21:34:26 [Nick Fuentes Server #art]  

Where are you guys pulling these from?

Polybius 2018-03-13 23:04:21 [Nick Fuentes Server #art]  

These are awesome

Polybius 2018-03-13 23:04:25 [Nick Fuentes Server #art]  

And thanks for the tips

Polybius 2018-03-13 23:04:32 [Nick Fuentes Server #art]  

I'm a pleb when it comes to art

Gotta question for the catholics here

I'm not actually catholic but interested in the faith and gave up alcohol for Lent with one of my catholic friends

He's saying because the cardinal here has granted dispensation that means I can drink for St Patty's Day and is encouraging it

But I read the news article about it and it seems to be pretty clear that the dispensation is just for eating meat because St Patty's is on Friday

That is a consideration I've been weighing, absolutely. Far from guaranteed that I'd be responsible and sensible about it, especially after having not drank for a month.

Ever since I was a teen I had always wanted to visit Australia for an extended period of time, there has always been something appealing about it to me; it's a real shame some of the things I've heard about just how cucked they've become in recent years on immigration.

I hope they're not too far gone yet. The world needs more shit posters.

Hope you feel better soon king

Really makes me think

Polybius 2018-03-14 03:34:00 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Real reading hours who up

Polybius 2018-03-14 04:04:58 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

You gotta get on that and let me know if it's good fam

Polybius 2018-03-14 04:05:11 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

N yea death of west gets suggested a lot it seems

Polybius 2018-03-14 04:12:55 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Did you start 48 Laws @Solipsistic Vinarchy

Polybius 2018-03-14 04:29:39 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Yea, Mastery was great. I couldn't put it down. Had me totally focused on all the things I wanted to do for probably a few months after. I should re-read it.

Polybius 2018-03-14 04:29:59 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

So you're doing How to Win Friends and Influence People?

@Nicholas István Good to know. I think I'm just going to stick it out though. What's another two weeks?

Good morning lads. I expect every last one of you to hit the gym today.

No fatties allowed in the movement!

Polybius 2018-03-14 14:52:27 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

@🎭🎵 Have you actually read it? I made it through one or two chapters and was bored to death by it.

Ok, financial reasons are the only acceptable reason for not going, but you must still stay fit!

Find a good bodyweight training program if you're not working out right now.

Failing on OH press lads

Eventually. I'm not really concerned about it. I'm cutting pretty hard right now.

@Deleted User that seems right to me. Think of the social climate your average high schooler has grown up in. Most of these kids will have been blindly swallowing lefty narratives on television, radio and social media for their entire lives without ever once being cognizant of it. These are kids that just want to drink, smoke weed and have sex. Nothing about conservatism would be attractive to that kind of person until some years pass and they start to question why the lives of themselves and their constituents are seemingly empty and meaningless.

@Thomas Without giving it a whole lot of thought I'm agreeing with Vin, if the prisoner agrees I don't see what the problem would be.

Down another LB this morning fellas

Fellas we gotta declare war on California

Radiation treatment for California? I'll accept that as well.

Daily reminder that fat people aren't allowed in the ethnostate. Get to the gym lads!

Polybius 2018-03-15 17:54:23 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Idk if the religious books Nick has suggested are a part of his blog book list but these were mentioned after the Styx debate

Polybius 2018-03-15 17:54:28 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  


Polybius 2018-03-15 17:54:31 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  


Polybius 2018-03-15 17:55:16 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Not pictured is C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity which I believe he said is a really good introductory book.

Polybius 2018-03-15 17:55:35 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Gonna be the first I check out once I finish what I'm currently reading.

Polybius 2018-03-15 23:53:49 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

That's awesome @Dr. Ron /Pol/#7878 are you reading it currently?

Polybius 2018-03-15 23:54:04 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

I have an english copy I haven't gotten to yet

Polybius 2018-03-16 05:00:14 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Real reading hours fellas hope everyone's extra comfy tonight https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DM9A0xEWsAAGs6I.jpg

This is just really sad at this point

lmao dude calling nick gay

@Marcus Antonius Put me in champ I got the app on my phone

@Marcus Antonius What would I have to do

I'm tech illiterate


gj joe

lmao christbol

mommy gf's are the downfall of nazis

Thot = patrolled


very sweet lad

@Nicholas J Fuentes oi you got a license for that knife bruv?


@Marcus Antonius so for next time to call in what I gotta do? I just call in from the iphone app?

kewl kewl does the mic auto-mute and un-mute so I'm not interrupting, etc?

Alright, will do. Would love to call in but don't want to make it look unprofessional


Fellas the only way to truly understand the Nicker mindset is to READ! Whomst up?

CC <#402358717539942420>

Polybius 2018-03-17 03:18:41 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Whomst up? It's time we delve into the hard questions fellas

Polybius 2018-03-17 03:19:01 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  


Polybius 2018-03-17 03:22:33 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  


Polybius 2018-03-17 03:22:45 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Interested to hear your takes lads

Why does God pass judgement on man then?

Polybius 2018-03-17 04:31:53 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Whomst wrote that @Thomas

Polybius 2018-03-17 04:31:57 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

I like it

Polybius 2018-03-17 04:36:57 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

I hope nobody takes offense to anything I post from this book, I'm not posting as an endorsement or to be incendiary just genuinely interested.

Polybius 2018-03-17 04:37:37 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

But yea, @Thomas they showed the cosmological argument from Aquinas and it was very interesting

Polybius 2018-03-17 04:37:49 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

I'd like to read that book Nick recommended on him

Polybius 2018-03-17 04:38:00 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

An Even Shorter Summa

Polybius 2018-03-17 04:38:54 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

At first glance I don't see why it would be

Polybius 2018-03-17 04:42:05 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

That makes sense and is pretty much what I thought you meant by it

Polybius 2018-03-17 04:42:33 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

I meant I didn't see why it would be a contrarian position

Polybius 2018-03-17 04:46:03 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Lol sorry I'm tired, I knew what you meant I just put it wrong I guess

Polybius 2018-03-17 04:46:49 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

I meant I understood that the two ideas were at odds and didn't see why holding *that* idea would be contrarian

Polybius 2018-03-17 16:22:47 [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  


REEE stop interfering with us killing whitey, racist

"many white South Africans, fearful of South Africa’s new democracy and the prospect of having to live alongside black people in genuinely equitable relationships, fled the country."

Lol nice strawman ya got there

Windy City Times: You call yourself a 'liberal Republican.' Could you explain what this means?

Tom Hanson: I typically just say I am willing to make compromises. I'm for equal rights and for gay rights. I am for women's choice. I'm for immigrants becoming citizens but I'm not for amnesty. I'm willing to cross party lines, as John McCain has done many times, to make things happen.

The republican candidate running for congress in my district.... JUST

Yea, 5th district

Rocked the MAGA hat to my polling place, nothing but Dem signs outside and a cohort of black, hispanic and white lib women inside.

Polybius 2018-03-20 19:37:38 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

@✠ Deus Vult ✠ sounds like a nice haul fam

Polybius 2018-03-20 19:37:53 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

You too @IAmHiding

Wish I could watch live tonight lads, hope everyone's comfy

Anyone watching the IL primaries? Rauner with a 5pt lead

Fuckin gay


Rauner is the incumbent cuck Gov. that turned IL into a sanctuary state


Is that actually good for them? Won't that mean the Saccone/Lamb race goes from 'well we lost but ultimately inconsequential' to 'oh fuck we lost and now it matters' ?

Polybius 2018-03-21 04:02:45 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  


Polybius 2018-03-21 04:03:16 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Hope you're all making YUGE brain gains on those books

Polybius 2018-03-21 04:03:42 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

It's bout to get real fuccn comfy in here

Polybius 2018-03-21 04:05:14 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Gonna finish up this sad boi's story tonight


Polybius 2018-03-21 04:53:02 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

An incel's infatuation with a soon-to-be married woman

Polybius 2018-03-21 05:11:53 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Sounds pretty damn nice tbh

Polybius 2018-03-21 05:12:44 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

How's the Carnegie book been?

Polybius 2018-03-21 13:46:15 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Do you feel like you're getting anything from it though?

Polybius 2018-03-21 13:46:27 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Maybe I should reread it

H fucking H brothers

🔪 knives out for my nickers

Polybius 2018-03-23 04:09:05 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Good stuff @Deleted User I just got done reading a passage from Plato's Apology

Polybius 2018-03-23 04:09:11 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Socrates innocent

Right he just straw man's the entire alt-right (or 'right wing ideologues') position that jews only populate these positions of influence because it's a vast jewish conspiracy, then proudly claims that there is no conspiracy because ashkenazi jews have high IQs! Racists btfo!

While like you said doesn't touch at all upon the types of policy these people advocate for once they're in these positions, let's not quite go that far goy.

tfw on no fap & no porn and have had zero sex drive for over a month <:kms:402614756243931136>

I would believe the biological benefits that no fap claims are probably bullshit but as someone who has used porn compulsively since late elementary school; I felt like it would probably just be worth it to do both simultaneously, then try to practice healthy masturbation when I feel I can handle it. I've had a pretty bad porn addiction that I think was starting to effect me in very tangible ways.

Fellas if you're not eating home cooked, all organic and freshly prepared meals after a workout.... what you even doing fam?


@Deleted User thanks bruv. N yea @Augustus InFuccsticks that could be a step to take, sure but like Trump said that's pretty easy to get around.

Polybius 2018-03-27 02:47:12 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Fellas we gotta start road tripping around the US with our best friends


England is a mess

Nick you gotta work on the audio levels of the show. Big disparity between intro/outro music and your speaking volume. Got the headphones turned all the way up just to hear my guy talk then he blows out my ear drums with the outro music. Not nice!

@Jacsac Am First; it's been an on going issue. Watching on the iphone with headphones in, through a bluetooth speaker or from my kaptoo plugged into surround sound there seems to be a big disparity between the intro/outro volume and the actual show volume

lol @ that typo *laptop

oof Nick searching through twitter for normie takes on the omnibus is hard to watch

Bad optics my guy @Nicholas J Fuentes seems very petty

Fellas please pray for me I've relapsed on my porn addiction and am REALLY down because of it

Polybius 2018-04-08 03:40:57 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Oof my book list is 100+ and I've barely been reading lately.

Polybius 2018-04-08 03:41:18 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

I hope I get to around to Dostoevsky some day.

Polybius 2018-04-20 00:13:30 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

@Hektor#9849 @Sleightology >2018 >having friends instead of interacting only with anonymous nickers through AF server emojis

Who's the real idiot?

Polybius 2018-04-28 00:39:34 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  


Polybius 2018-04-28 00:39:39 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  


Polybius 2018-04-28 00:39:44 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Fellas I'm having trouble deciding what I want to read next. Been thinking about starting on Nick's list or one of these two.

Polybius 2018-04-28 00:41:05 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Fwiw I've already read everything on the top row but the Bible and Leviathan of the second list

Polybius 2018-05-06 18:29:50 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

@everyone Fellas at the book store right now. Has anyone read City of God or The Screwtape Letters? Wanted to get Mere Christianity but they don't have

Polybius 2018-05-06 19:29:17 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  


Polybius 2018-05-06 19:29:34 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

False alarm I found Mere Christianity. Rate the stack lads.

Polybius 2018-05-06 20:29:58 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

@Bigfoot what did you think of it? I don't know anything about C.S. Lewis and very little about Christianity in general.

Polybius 2018-05-07 01:22:13 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

@Bigfoot#6897 🤔 sounds interesting. I'll probably pick it up next time I go it was only like four bucks anyway.

Polybius 2018-08-12 11:50:33 [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Fellas I really wanna attend mass for the first time today but I have nobody to go with and am scared I'll make an ass of myself. Any advice?

Polybius 2018-08-12 11:51:24 [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

I'm nervous af

Polybius 2018-08-12 11:57:54 [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

I know but I've never been to a catholic mass

Polybius 2018-08-12 11:58:08 [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Or any church in like 15 years

Polybius 2018-08-12 13:21:45 [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

@Deleted User I didn't have time. I'm on my way now. Hoping to just sit next to an old person and ask if they can give me directions.

Polybius 2018-08-12 15:49:51 [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

@Deleted User Thanks bro. I arrived a bit early and ended up just sitting next to an old guy by himself and told him it's my first time and asked if he wouldn't mind helping out. He was awesome about it, explained things and showed me where to follow along the whole time then gave me a tour of the church and introduced me to a young priest who'll be teaching RCIA in September.

Polybius 2018-08-17 11:21:14 [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Morning ma nickas

Fellas I went to my first mass last Sunday and Wednesday mass for the assumption of Mary. They were both beautiful but I noticed compared to the baptist services I went to as a kid there was very little preaching. Is this always the case?

I have no idea that’s why I’m asking

So whereas a baptist service is more about congregating and worshipping the mass is more about forgiveness of sin and spiritual healing in a sense?

Sorry my lack of understanding is probably borderline offensive. This is all so new to me.

Anyone else fasting to make up for weekend dietary indiscretions?

Can’t be a part of the movement if you’re fat

@Punished Örlogskapten ☧ that’s what I did. Just trying to fast today for pizza and beers last night.

@NormanLord Can you explain the significance and purpose of the rosary please? I’m just recently trying to begome gadolic as well and I was given one by a member of the church.

Polybius 2018-08-30 16:37:39 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

How’s everyone’s summer reading lists coming, fellas?

Thanks @Mephisto I’ll check the guides out in a bit and then hit you with a million questions

Polybius 2018-09-01 00:51:08 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

@Mephisto I haven’t finished one since July and only have read six on the year. Pretty disappointed with that. I’m almost done with Mishima’s Temple of the Golden Pavillion though. Really good read so far.

Polybius 2018-09-01 01:25:30 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

@Mephisto What’s next on your list? I think I’m gonna take a long break from fiction after this and really try to focus on history, Nick’s list and religion.

Polybius 2018-09-01 01:50:32 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

God that list could take me years

Polybius 2018-09-01 02:59:57 [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Remember to say ur prayers tonight lads

Big feel right now. The qt at work I’ve been flirting with for the last two weeks just told me that she’s ‘pansexual’ and now I want nothing to do with her. Hurts though; we get along great, my type, the first girl I’ve started to develop feelings for in a long time.

Anyone got any good articles, bible verses or literally anything at all to help me rage against modernity and cheer me up

What means... that I shouldn’t judge her for telling me?

omg then I come home from the beach to my new roommate cooking with a literal 50 year old black woman

@NormanLord I get what you’re saying and understand that women, especially young impressionable women are fickle and often times just need someone else with strong beliefs to latch onto. I just can’t possibly see it being worth the effort. This is a psych/soc major going to college in a major city. Most likely already firmly entrenched in these kind of beliefs and constantly being reinforced by her environment and peer group.

@shinjitsu worst case scenario is I get fired from my job. If we weren’t coworkers I’d have already followed this course of action.

@shinjitsu Hmm. I guess I see your point. Just have to put her on the back burner and continue looking and stay open to a low percent chance paying off maybe.

I just want an innocent Catholic gf to teach me about the religion and to have my children is that really so much to ask damn

Gluttony is a sin my guy.

I was recommended the Ronald Knox translation as a first time reader. Anyone know anything about it?

Lol ur either blaq or fat @Barry N. Terdastein

Guys first RCIA class is in an hour. What’s the dress code for these?

Fug it went business casual

Praying for my nickers today 🙏

Fellas anyone know anything about pic related? I bought this for cheap without knowing anything about it. So far it hasn’t done much but talk about how other books on Greece don’t talk about how they owned SLAVES and that’s pretty bad


Good morning and God bless catboys

Implying there’s any other kind of w*man

Polybius 2018-09-24 02:23:21 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Lol literally just rewatched the Nick/Allsup reunion episode and Nick mentions Evola as being very influential in moving him away from libertarianism

Polybius 2018-09-24 02:24:23 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

What from Evola @Evropa Beagle ?

Polybius 2018-09-25 00:08:40 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

@St. Aidan of Lindisfarne I feel like I should re-read it. I don’t think I got much out of it.

Polybius 2018-09-25 00:10:11 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

What’s that “poetry” book that girls were instagramming for awhile? I almost had the feeling I was reading the male equivalent of that.

Fellas I’ve been going to mass, RCIA and reading an introductory book on Catholicism. As someone with basically no religious background I’m completely overwhelmed and probably doing everything wrong but I still feel the most content, reflective, compassionate etc I’ve ever felt in my life. And I owe it to Nick and you guys. God bless Nickers.

Guys I need money advice. Reposting from /fit/

Fellas I need to make some changes in my spending habits. I'm deep in a cut, on keto and eating at about 1500 cals a day. That being said, how would you plan your grocery list? What would be your essential supplements? What foods can be bought in bulk? What foods are important or not in regards to whether they're organic?

As of right now I basically eat the same breakfast every day: keto supplement + ghee/cocunut oil (this is expensive and will probably be replaced) in my coffee in the morning, an egg with bacon, onion, pepper and a bit of broccoli + protein shake for lunch, then salad with cheese, olive oil + vinegar then whatever meat for dinner (usually pork, ground beef or fish). Sometimes snack on raw almonds, pepitas or walnuts. I try to buy everything organic + onions free as of now, and supplement protein, creatine, D3, cod liver oil, potassium + zinc.

I saw people on reddit saying they budget ~120 for food a month and I just don’t understand how that’s possible. I haven’t figured out exactly how much I’m spending a month at the grocery store but if I had to guess I’d think 2-300 a month.

I do eat twice a day. By snacking I mean I’ll substitute those things if I run out of something else or am short on time. Almost always hit my cals goal, at 145 and the leanest I’ve been since high school.

That is dirt cheap. I’d say normal sale prices at my grocery store that I’m paying are $7/lb for organic grass fed beef, 7/lb for salmon and tilapia, 6/lb but buy one get one pork chops

Those are the staple meats in my diet, then I’ll do homemade tuna salad or canned sardines in between

Polybius 2018-10-02 01:49:41 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

@gamerrightsactivist start on Nick’s book list

Polybius 2018-10-02 12:02:19 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

@gamerrightsactivist his website, nicholasjfuentes.com

Polybius 2018-10-03 01:45:56 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

No problem. N yea I wouldn’t know I’ve only ever used it for the book list. There’s a second one on there too somewhere.


Polybius 2018-10-03 01:46:44 [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Anyway I’ve been reading pic related from the list. Obviously (((Krauthammer))) is a neocon but it’s been ok so far. He’s a great writer.


Polybius 2018-10-03 11:46:25 [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Good morning to you king

Polybius 2018-10-03 11:46:41 [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Fellas I am literally being paid to shit post

Polybius 2018-10-03 11:46:50 [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Feels good

I was really interested in the episode of Am First with him on it but found myself totally unable to pay attention

Idk if it was just his voice or what

Polybius 2018-10-03 11:49:14 [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Just in general

Polybius 2018-10-03 11:49:29 [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  

Taking a nice long shit at work

Send that server invite again my guy


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