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Lets get it

@Nicholas J Fuentes - 4 supporter tiers, $5,$10,$20 monthly, other role for people who actually help the operation as well as donate, "staffer" or something maybe. You have the benefits for $5 already, benefits for $10 a month = all the $5 benefits plus maybe at the end of the show, give all $10 per month donors a chance at the end of the shows a couple times a week to come on and chit chat a little bit OR have one supporter show every week, like a panel discussion. Only supporters with tolerable microphones and non retarded takes would be allowed obviously. For $20 you get all the previous perks plus access to some kind of voice chat with you outside of the show to talk about suggestions and ideas to move the brand forward. Just an idea, but I've seen a few times now where people ask for a higher tier package for donations.

A great cook


Ben Shapiro is the most basic of bitches as far as commentary goes.

Like james

He is live streaming in the same time slot with Enoch on right now

Of course

Is it his first live show?

So he's going to be regularly live streaming in the slot lol


That shit was boring

Is it still going on?

That guy was beyond retarded

The paul brothers could lead the great white awakening if they weren't so faggoty

Stop lol

All the money and fans in the world and instead of helping their race they just shitpost videos

"Don't try to find out what's in the "squishy" bill, because it's currently a secret."

Thats in the first 4 lines

or 6, w/e

Stay vigilant but I really see any kind of shit like this getting BTFO'd by a red congress

In some form or fashion

There really is no feasible way to set a rate of fire limit under law... I don't doubt they are digging for ways to fuck us, they always are, but this is too stupid to even get traction I feel


What's that from

Sponsors for what. Context sir

That's a list of shit

I'm so informed now

Lol. I'll check it later

Making a pizza hmmm

What lol

Well depends on when the classmates thing was made

This David hogg faggot is very polished


That kid has a Twitter

I might put the polish on hold and buy that... I need a new EDC more than a new rifle tbh

That polska isn't going anywhere

In fact I might order that tonight lol

I might get the black

We can be bersa brothers

Black or green grip

Little baby

This is an atrocity

I wanted the polska :(

I'm sure it won't be the only one ever

Been looking at that bersa all day

I'll have to think about it. It's kinda hard to justify now that I think about it since I already have two rifles.

And trying to hopefully have a kid within the next year or two.



Got a link to tweet by chance

I'll find in a little

Soaking after gym rn

You the best

Allllll you got

Thanks gents


@everyone mandatory viewing


Thanks @Arrow

@everyone If you want to do more than circle jerk each other off all day in discord and actually maybe make some content that matters pm @droopyloaf or myself. It's time to get to work fellas. (No thots allowed)





Ahh yeah true

Serbian lol nice

Looks like fun, good chunk of change for a semi pistol though lol idk I just see those as kind of goof guns. They'd do the job no doubt but I'll take a rifle first.

short barrel

suffering a shit load of distance accuracy

to each their own lol, I don't have any interest in em

Not for those shekels

@everyone periscope now

got mic yea?

configured and shit?

Go to call in show lobby

2 callers in front of you

But you are in line

I'll @ you when you are up and move

Get a profile pic real quick buddy


You will be after the next premium I can find

did you change y our name lol

Oh nvm

Carrot you are the caller after next

Lol enjoy

@bobop6 you want to call?

After Shin

Taco is after Icephyre

and he just left

now hes back

I grabbed a random

Just pulled you in lmao

You usually have a Q

Because Joe was next

and he wasnt there

@dingleberry you ready as well?


That is a question I want to know as well

@Torqle you as well

show me proof and I'll put you in

Saxon is going to be next because nickers arent responding

followed by whitek night, I like that question

@Torqle you are #2 pleb in live

Only 1 premium

God damn

I hate you all. Joe is next THEN Saxon

I want that question addressed

Nah we got a line longer than a welfare line in Baltimore

@Deleted User come back next time though that was a good Q

Good stuff

Actually I told Taco I'd let her talk lol

I want to see youtube chat reaction to a thot on the mic

You gonna be ready?


I hear it too

Yeah, I dont like discord quality at all

Fuck we might not have time for more than 1 more lol

Saxon has the claim I cant cuck him for a thot

taco isnt responding either

Taco I'll let you close the show

taco get in vc

I see you now


@Deleted User Nick said to on the show


pm nick and tell him you're next lol

And to let 1 more go

He might

@Nicholas J Fuentes kingdom come lol

Want a call?

@Deleted User I got you next

It did sound like it lmao

Yeah audio was choppy

He just changed to yeti

@Deleted User this gon be gud

Premiums over plebs. Sheeeeit

Yeah, I want to try to get in white knight

He has a good Q but gotta put the premiums in first

Hes next

Yeah but we prob wont have time lol

@Son of a Gunsmith you are fading FELLA

Full of po boy lol

It's shawn's turn

alright you are up

If no premiums white knight will be first pleb caller in line

Autist optics are best optics lol

@Problematic White Knight did you superchat it yet?

Damn I would have lol

I want to know his take on Ryan

I didn't know shit about Ryan until a few weeks ago

Seems like a good fella

Enoch is a tard

Not me man lol I just clicked and dragged nickers

Yeah you would just join lobby and I'll move you in

When you connect to VC on mobile it uses your mic automatically I'm pretty sure

Hmm that I'm not too sure of, I'll look into it before the next show though if you remind me

He only does the call ins every other Fri as of now brother


Donate and support Nick through STREAMLABS instead of YouTube SUPERCHATS. Youtube takes a shit load of the superchat cash, STREAMLABS lets Nick keep all the Nicker money.


@everyone WE ARE LIVE

Hulk Hogan Brother

Nick might just drag random nickers in idk

<#402353090042527756> is contaminated

@everyone going live right now. SO LIT RN

@everyone Live SOON




No queue just at the moment, not sure how Nick wants to run it

We'll see

Get into lobby though

And you'll get a shot

You just get moved to voice chan


He can role

Join the voice channels

Nick is moving in by himself tonight

Pm nick proof of pledge and he'll role you

Then you can get in. Premium voice channel


$5 superchat in the name of nicker nation to the best 250 characters you can make. Must neg Nardi Hard

^ Is that what you want?

Idk if thats character count lmao

You were the only one to respond

I'll make it out in your name


He is right now homie

yours will be soon

I did it right after my 2nd

Right now

was a good chat

Got him to elaborate a lot

^ ^ ^ ^

@everyone this window might not be open for long - spread, comment, and RT to get Kyle on America First with Nick.

2018-04-22 23:21:31 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  

The fuck

2018-04-22 23:21:36 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  


2018-04-22 23:21:38 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  


2018-05-08 19:50:57 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  


2018-05-08 19:51:00 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  


2018-05-08 19:51:02 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #general]  


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