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Don't listen to that @canhascandy guy. He's a douche

Haha and no you're not welcome up here in July

God damn it man

@Sparrow better?

So dicking around with the baofeng, I found a classical radio station. I'm talking the same shit that Washington listened to before stacking bodies. TLDR; I've found my festivities station.

Sweet. Makes sense though on nono words haha

Well I was just throwing it out there. Since everyone is fuckin pinging my ass 🤣

Yes Pantera is the standard, but flight of the valkyries while in a firefight.....orgasm

@Catman or Mars, Bringer of War by Gustav Holtz

God damn it

I'm a big fan of classical. Sets the mood for everything

I mean if you want sparrow, I'll give it a shot

I was thinking roaring 20s? Yes full autos are back haha

I'm in Post Falls Idaho, 15 min drive to Spokane.

God damn it 🤣

Nice. I'm gonna hit the rack as well. Gonna go lend the WA guys a hand in Spokane tomorrow.

@Bogs_Bunny i got a guy on Facebook that does vector work

Did it work?

If it did, it's not my fault

Sweet. Later gentlemen, or ladies if you identify that way 🤣

Haha to quote Ted "it's not chicks with dicks! It's guys with tits!"

@Bogs_Bunny pm me and we'll link up on Facebook.

Just dawned on me, the song "We're not gonna take it" by Twisted Sister, would essentially be the best option for the Anthem of ours. I only say this because the lyrics are on point for our current situation.

I mean the song is about rebellion. But Electric polka is always good

@watchtower123 I was one of the first guys you talked to. Take a guess which one is me


@watchtower123 just an FYI, our thing without rifles, was they were close by. Plus my rifle is illegal in Washington haha

So everything got changed and apparently cleared. Post Falls here

@Bender please tell me you told Mr Fudd to shove it.

With the plate carrier.

Oh wait. The was @GRANITE

My apologies

Haha @Sparrow not simping. Simply trying to reach out for more gamers

Haha I will cut you with a spoon

Haha gotta have the role to threaten? Love the rule.

He messaged to soon 🤣

@canuck-boi this is @Sparrow in those situations.


@Ithuriella it's 46° here. Quit lying

What part were you in?

Nice. I'm up in post falls. 46° and raining like a mofo

@Sparrow deployment or contract work?

Nice. Still working on getting the VA to approve my gi bill for predator security and defense

@Ithuriella the sun means bikinis. You shut your mouth

Flex cuffs, paracord, rope, hinge cuffs, duct tape, and fuzzy cuffs

I have a fun arsenal

@Sparrow the fuzzy cuffs are for my balls and shaft

Well we're already this far

Look what I found haha


Things were going south. Had to help accelerate it

Haha no furry shit

@Sparrow I wanna join that server!

> While tasteless I haven't posted anything NSFW
@Catman same

@Sparrow you don't know me. I'll roleplay the fuck out of some scenarios

I've got loads of stuff on my phone that is NSFW. I'm afraid to open my phone in public.

If my parents ever saw some of it, they'd disown me

> why do you save it
@flyingwolf because it's my phone?

What if I've got to rub one out while I have no service?

Haha fuck off

External hard drives are a god send @Sparrow

We had hard drives listed "Games" "college" and "classified"

It is easy. Just gotta beat off to keep levels low

Hence the need to have shit on the phone. What happens when I'm out in the field without service for a couple days and the wife is at home? Check the saved stuff on said phone.

> Anyone know what happened to Chevy?
@Catman good question

Post falls Idaho actually. But the extra stuff is fun. I mean I've got a binary trigger that I can't have in Washington and a suppressor I can't have in Washington either

> @Drunk Trooper what rifles are illegal in WA...? Asking for a friend
@Static my binary trigger being in my rifle makes it a machine gun because of Washington's RCW

Wait, we're building new gaming rigs?

I love this group even more

I'm stuck on the Xbox right. Saving some cash for my pc build. It will be done before the new flight sim drops

Microsoft flight simulator 2020

They announced at e3 last year.

Google the game and you'll see the stupid awesomeness of it.

@Anonymoose my gear has been set for a minute. Got plates, ammo, reloading equipment, and weapons.

Warthunder is a bitch on console

But the cool thing, msfs2020 is a 1:1 ratio of the world. Pick any airport in the world and you can land at it.

Without a doubt. Pc is the master race. Just haven't had the money

This is what I spend all my money on instead


Haha it's polymer thank you very much

So the handguard is the next thing I'm actually changing. Got a buddy who owns a shop here in town and I buy everything at cost. But when I bought the handgun I didn't even realize the colors matched.

So it helps with the tacticool aspect🤣

Got some white phosphorus nods as well.

And now you guys see why I don't have the cash for a pc build haha

Hell that stribog was 1100 after tax. And acog was 1200 without tax.

Wife was pissed. Got some backpay from the VA, 5k disappeared in 3 months at his shop

Get a titanium nitride bcg from SLR Rifleworks

You getter better training in bf4

> I like Escape from Tarkov for my gunplay
@Sparrow flexing that pc build over me again. Dick

> @Anonymoose just buy a 37 MM launcher with flashbangs and concussives. I love mine
@Acadian Adventurer nah, just loot a 40mm when it gets heated

37mm doesn't require paperwork because it isn't a destructive device or a firearm

Get caught with 37mm frags though, (rip your butthole)

Start a security company in your state and you can have access to them.

351 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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