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@cj_notjfk Meade here, so we're close.

Weather's real nice. If I had more time, I'd do a little arts and crafts.

Lmao, that SALT report XD what about the UE?

Ehh, that's fair. Hopefully people understand the concept and use it properly.

Nothing going on here, but I don't like loud and upfront. I can't be a PR guy, haha. I'm too concerned on OPSEC.

Ehh, everyone has the right to freedom. And the Feds nor the State should be able to control people's choices so long as it does not bring physical harm to others.

I don't like when people want to erase history, because then they expect people to forget it, and eventually they are doomed to repeat it.

I don't really care about the "Rebel flag" but when people start treating it as taboo and there's an outrage, rather than acceptance. Bad things start to happen.

I disagree, statues are very important. As that's those people's history, their families.

I used to do Civil War Reenactments (Union mostly) But we understand that the history there should be kept.

Some people do idolize them. Just because someone was a confederate, didn't mean they were terrible people.

It's like saying all Germans in WWII were Waffen SS Nazis

Yeah, had family on the lines as well.

I just think history should be preserved, no matter how bad.

I always go by, You can dislike someone/something. But try to show some respect, in others' eyes, they might have been a hero.

Take for instance, Trumpy-boi. Some people haaaaate him. I don't really like or dislike him, but there are so many people trying to destroy the man just for doing what he believes in right.

Of course, Hitler did what he thought was right... and he wasn't a good man. But we shouldn't get rid of his image, because then who will we have to use as an example?

I've actually heard some very very interesting things on him... And of course people are going to paint him in the worst possible light.

Honestly though, he was good for Germany. He brought them out of the depression and unified the people... the whole Jew extermination and war with the world... that's where things went bad.

If only they had checks and balances to stop that part...

To be a National Socialist, is to be in the military, lmao.

Afraid not buddy. Them easterners have blue skin and are missing half their teeth.

Do they even have internet on the east side?


I actually have no idea, I hope there are more in the east though.

Hmmm, anyone know how we get our states assigned?

If not, we can start teaching map tracking the good ole fashion way.

Get out your MGRS boys

I had started a KY group... but I just don't trust facebook in the slightest.

So I took it off.

So boys, what are you boys running for primary/secondary?

Interesting, 7.62?

Got me an AK, I probably won't run it though. It's a Hungarian AK-63D paratrooper variant.

My main is an AR, can't decide between my 10.5 or 20....


Hmmm, yeah. I figure if I stick to woods, I'll take my 20. If I decide to say, hunker it down in Louisville, I'll take the 10.5

I've heard nothing but good about the PSA AKs.

Hey there Vinni, you KY or just come to shoot the shit?

Well shit, we got a good few AK guys... haha, maybe I'll think about getting that AK zeroed in.

Got a guy local to me, he also runs AK, but he wants to use his Uncle bobbed Mosin just for the memes.

I'm not an ACR fan, weight is oddly distributed.

If I can ever find a nice open and fairly flat field, I'll finally get my precision rifle zeroed properly.

I can hit man sized at 300 fine, but I'm not confident with it.

They aren't KY native.

Just came to shoot the shit.

Oh yeah, duh... lol

Yeah, so others can see your state.

You can connect with other Oregon boys

FB is a bit sketchy these days anyways.

The amount of "Fuck you poors" I see, gets annoying.

I understand you should invest in quality equipment, but not all of these guys can afford gucci shit.

And from my experience... brand name don't mean shit so long as it's Mil-spec. Check the metals, chances are they are the exact same, you're just paying for a better finish and a name.

Though QC is important.

Hence why I'll never buy Anderson Arms

I'm working on 2 loadouts. My warfighter/CQC and survivalist/woodsman.

I've made some updates since. But that's the general setup for CQC

I've changed from the 5.11 belt to a riggers and added the mag pouches onto there, and switched out my TP9 for my P320.

Haven't finished the woodsman stuff yet, but I'll be going for a larger pack and less equipment. Pretty much run a chest rig instead of carrier.

Thanks, I've made a few updates that I like. But haven't taken any pictures yet.

And I'm waiting for me new Hawaiian shirts to arrive. I have two but they aren't very blicious.

Hahaha, mall ninjas everywhere....

I don't hate on those who can't afford good gear. But I do talk shit on those who buy super shitty gear.

Like these... these are dumb.

These are much more practical.

Even surplus shit works.

Hmmm, lemme grab a pic of my current micro-rig.

My buddy said he's a part of some kind of gun club that has 3-directional walls for training. I haven't been because of the Rona

10 Acres and good neighbors isn't bad.

I'd be down to get together and do some small unit training though. Always good to know the guys and how they carry their weight if things ever go south.

I know of 3 guys kinda local-ish to me. I'd have to hit them up, I only know one personally. But two others I got in contact with in the comms server.

Well Knob creek occasionally has that machinegun shoot. But half the guys at that place are Fudds.

Yeah, it autocorrected, sorry.

Have a good one.

Hey... it'd be perfect to test the weak spots on a car.

And get used to taking cover behind one. They aren't humvees after all, can't hide behind the whole thing.

It does.

But I'm curious as to if there are any other relatively protected spots.

Oh, I think I've watched that video actually. It's just been a while.

Yeah for sure. I would like to get back into some form of competitive shooting again though.

I haven't even shot in a couple weeks.

Eh, I'm not worried. I'll save my 855 for igloo party. And just use 55 since it's more plentiful.

Well hell, that's real generous my guy...

Maybe.. too generous....

Alphabeti spaghetti.

Haha, steel cased. Tulammo

*Starts to gatther small .22 cal pellets.* I'll make use of those blanks.

I'm 2ish hours from Cincy, in KY

Hey... I've got like 980...

I used some of it.

I only recently got out of the Army. So I haven't had long to stock up and save.

If you guys are up to sharing, let's see some of those boom sticks. I'm always curious to see how people run their rifles.

Hahaha, hey. I'm down.

Not a Kansas guy anymore, was when I was enlisted though. Just popping in to say hi, and nice start on the camo. I'd throw in some darker green to mesh that tan and bright stuff though

Howdy CJ, how's it hanging?

Good shit there. And howdy Gunny.

You're up late.

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