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Born n raised in the north

Agreed I’m guilty of terrible memes

Always welcome here in the land of maple syrup

Just like the American revolution canadians were there to help against the vicious redcoats

Every hour this group gets bigger and better - hats off to everyone

Canadian intelligence watch list for going to Palestine lol

Watched we were soldiers last night lol been on a Mel Gibson spree last few days

> Made about 1/2 way through
@INNATRUCK that movie just backs up my belief to never travel to India or Dhaka lol

I run a page on zuccbook <@&704861045386117220>copblock feel free to like or share content I’m only admin could use help

> WE HIT 450 I THINK @Anonymoose
@TonyB 🍻🍾

Community is healthy and growing

Make a new type boogshine

Hint of gunpowder lol

Brown brown

Yes awesome stuff thanks for joining bro

Did the meme page get axed

Good morning stallions, my count puts us at 509 - lets keep it going !

We need to reach out to those in Alaska, Nevada and North Dakota

We need to reach out to those in states listed that are empty like Alaska and Nevada

I believe strongly in that quote although I do not agree with what you say I will defend your right to say it

What’s our count at anyone checked

I’ve been adding up offline/ online users/ and rest

Let’s Try for 600 by 23:45 lol

I’m free I have the permits to prove it

I just finished work - thank you admins for squashing that bs from earlier

Counts at 521

☕ morning

I drive a truck on route to yard 11:15 here and raining - “essential” doesn’t seem very essential

Yeah out of oakville

30ft straight truck

It’s a ghost town now

I get paid cash thankfully lol dipped into that stimulus haha

In Canada I think only cash trucks get to be armed

Bullshit laws here

Never liked G4S they run detentions centres in Israel

His wife is hiding out in Israel I’m sure he is there -first place spacey went to after he was found innocent lol

> Israeli ex special forces are highly sought after private guards
@BugsyBaldwin yeah they are very well trained

War through deception

> I learned that I never really want to work alongside the JDL again lol
@BugsyBaldwin there JIDF (internet wing of JDL) slandered me in an article 2010 lol

When I countered them in Toronto they were trying to get me to attack first with the camera ready as they provoked us - they are dangerous - listed terror org to in the US

Memes should be posted in memes lol

Count is at 578 - hopefully hit 600 tonight

I find when you send an invite then click on the invite it shows the amount of members

> If someone talks shit about discord or whatever just kindly tell them they don’t have to join. That the immaturity isn’t welcomed here anyways.
@GRANITE you have been putting in work on the fb page lol great work

We are all treating the survival of the community as a priority - warms the darkest parts of me haha

No sweat that’s what we are here for - survival and growth of a healthy community

Redacted intelligence and surveillance

Sorry for swearing

Canadian sorry lol

Hey guys guess what?

599 baby

Be sure to welcome 600 with a beer

600 members now 📈

Small stride to what we had on the original page on zucc book (6000+)

Question about hot words in user names ?

Totally agree I’m not bashing the mile stone. Set goals smash them

No worries

Time will tell lol

Nothing is being censored -we are taking small steps to ensure the safety and growth of the community

I’m so glad he’s not number 600 lol

1,017 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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