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I wish. Those are impossible to find right now with everything going on.


This channel is for the discussion of weaponry and armor!

I use Wickr as well.

What we need is an IRC server that runs off of TOR Relays.

I could do it but I currently dont have the funds.

Why not use something basic but functional like an IRC Sever that runs of tor relays?

The thing is not many people are using PC's so we have to brainstorm something phone friendly but still secure.

Admins of Servers need to communicate securely via Wickr, Signal, or something else.

Nothing posted here should be incriminating what so ever.

Wickr doesnt leak information. From the best of my understanding they couldnt even if they wanted too.

Hence why if you forget your account info your fucked because they save absolutely nothing.

West Texas

There is now a medical channel set up for medical topics

Feel free to use it.

I am an amature mechanic.

If I can take it apart generally I can out it back together.

Want to learn engine building.

I dont believe so.

I thought they had scrapped the idea.

I want a Springfield Armory XD so bad.

But I'm going to end up doing a P80 Glock build.

You know what I would get Dank?

For your first if you want a 9mm

A Canik TP9. Solid gun, pretty easy to understand and work with.

And pretty cheap.

Nice. Best part about mine was I could throw on a jacket and easily CC with it and never be noticed.

And I'm not a very big guy weight wise. So that says a lot.

Fuck I dont even have my guns anymore. I'm going to have to rebuild. P80 lowers are a life saver though.

Wish I had a printer.

If I did I could even print goodies, pretty sure they are watching and would notice immideately.

That what I think it is?

Coat hanger mod receiver lmao.

Repost link bud?

Now THAT is a hella good bottle opener.

That's a mighty nice link yah got there.

I need to buy a 3D printer. Think they are stupid expensive though right?

Holy fuck

I need to get another job once all this shit is over and burn a stimulus check on one.

Pretty sure buying a Ghost Gunner printer immideately red flags you though.

If you finance a gun your missing some vital IQ.

If you can get the elite I would reccomend it.

I'm waiting to start a G17 I think build.

The 9mm full sized.

Idk never been a glock person so I dont know all the models and shit

That's the one.

I cant do those tiny CC meant guns. Cant seem to get a good enough grip.

Maybe ankle holster carry one but that's about it.

If you have time

Guys I need help making a meme.

What software or app do you guys use?

This channel is for members to post suggestions for the server, once or twice a day the admins or myself with come review them and see what can be done. Thanks guys.

Fuck dont we all.

I want the Infidel so fucking bad.

That's good for cutting throats.

And general puncturing.

Armored vehicle ideas are good, but buy some junker car and some basic tools and fix it up.

If you can learn to fix your own car your in better shape than 80% of society.

Even basic shit.

True that.

I dont mind losing the poor shit. And some of my cheaper knives were the more reliable ones.

This discord was made today....

Yes it's my server.

I did set it up because of that though, I feel like the whole FB thing is about to come crashing down.

Dont. Not yet. @Slur38

I know a couple of the admins from Boog Groups.

We have been talking.

It's not quite to that point yet.

This in my mind was more precautionary. I dont want to get caught with our pants down and us all having to way to reconnect with everyone.

All not having a way*

Dont do that to your everyday vehicle.

If it's your boog out vehicle yeah that's a good idea. But use a lightweight but strong metal. Because you still want to have semi reasonable gas mileage.

Having a tank vehicle is awesome. Only being able to go 100 miles before needing to fill up makes it pointless though.

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