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2020-04-27 23:53:25 UTC

Active in Gillette we have anyone else around

2020-04-29 01:19:03 UTC

Over in Rock Springs

2020-04-29 07:15:20 UTC

Hell yeah, I was starting to think I was the only one here

2020-04-29 12:30:33 UTC

So far looks like is just us, figured there would be more

2020-04-29 16:36:01 UTC

There's a healthy population in Weston county but none of them have social media.

2020-04-30 01:55:52 UTC

Hey guys I’m over in Jackson

2020-04-30 21:05:25 UTC

Don't listen to that @canhascandy guy. He's a douche

2020-04-30 21:24:14 UTC

@Drunk Trooper you watch your tone there guy

2020-04-30 21:25:03 UTC

Haha and no you're not welcome up here in July

2020-04-30 21:25:24 UTC

Too bad

2020-05-01 02:58:25 UTC

If you delete this you like penis

2020-05-01 03:03:29 UTC

Did it stop

2020-05-01 03:03:38 UTC

Wyoming are you real

2020-05-01 03:04:35 UTC

Last time I check Wyoming is real, unless something changes in the last few minutes , I'm still here....

2020-05-01 03:06:06 UTC

Ya in the member chat they went full lib just repeating Wyoming isnt real over and over

2020-05-01 03:06:48 UTC

I saw it, it was an admin

2020-05-01 03:07:08 UTC


2020-05-01 03:07:20 UTC

Nah Wyoming hurt your doll @[LA] Zoomer Medi/k/

2020-05-01 03:07:32 UTC

Only thing its ever done to me was be a boring drive through

2020-05-01 03:07:49 UTC

Everywhere in Wyoming is a longwhere

2020-05-01 03:08:02 UTC

First thing I learned when I moved here

2020-05-01 03:08:05 UTC

And also a crazy hail storm out of no where when I was delivering a 44 foot brand new camper

2020-05-01 03:08:55 UTC

No damage somehow

My dispatcher said when there's bad weather I am suppost to park at an over pass to protect the camper

2020-05-01 03:09:30 UTC

Good luck finding one in some places around here, there are some real long stretches of road

2020-05-01 03:09:32 UTC

I said I think there is 4 over passes total on I80 in Wyoming plus it was sunny 30 mins before that storm

2020-05-01 03:10:02 UTC

That's how it was today, all nice then all the sudden rain from nowhere

2020-05-01 03:10:44 UTC

Oh yeah your not telling me nothing I've driven straight through WY a couple times on 80 whole lotta nothing

2020-05-01 03:10:55 UTC

Be a great state for a long range shooting range

2020-05-01 03:11:00 UTC

Could get a 5 mile shot easy

2020-05-01 03:11:16 UTC

Yes it is, yep not a problem at all around here

2020-05-01 03:11:33 UTC


2020-05-01 03:12:05 UTC

That's at the base of white mountain looking towards Rock Springs

2020-05-01 03:13:04 UTC

That's badass

2020-05-01 03:13:51 UTC

There are a few better places around here to get long shots off

2020-05-01 03:17:31 UTC

This is up by where we go shoot


2020-05-01 03:20:18 UTC

That's badass

2020-05-01 03:22:18 UTC

Yeah all I know about WY is I80 lol

2020-05-01 03:23:10 UTC

I'm about 3 mins away from 80, it runs through town

2020-05-01 03:24:02 UTC

You mean the place where you don’t shoot?

2020-05-01 03:24:08 UTC

Because Wyoming is fake?

2020-05-01 03:24:53 UTC

I guess I'm just really good at Photoshop?

2020-05-01 03:25:03 UTC

Even though I don't have it?

2020-05-01 03:25:21 UTC

That’s what you want us to think?

2020-05-01 03:25:46 UTC

take a picture with a spoon outside

2020-05-01 03:25:55 UTC

bent at 90 degrees

2020-05-01 03:26:00 UTC

And with spit on it

2020-05-01 03:26:12 UTC

In front of your Wyoming car plate

2020-05-01 03:26:58 UTC

The wife would shoot me if I did that to a spoon, I can get a wyo plate pic though

2020-05-01 03:27:13 UTC

I need spit

2020-05-01 03:28:01 UTC


2020-05-01 03:28:04 UTC

I like it...

2020-05-01 03:31:23 UTC


2020-05-01 06:45:00 UTC

God damn it 🀣

2020-05-01 15:14:18 UTC


2020-05-02 03:01:29 UTC

Still not buying this "Wyoming" being sold as a real place. Obviously manipulated images of empty land.....

2020-05-02 05:07:28 UTC

How you doing bois. In Jackson area.

2020-05-02 05:59:54 UTC

Gillette old folks and young are finally stepping up Sunday there's gonna be a gathering coordinated by an older cat that I've reached out for details on.

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