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2018-03-15 19:51:04 UTC [Outer Heaven #auto]  

@Leaf me alone Xzibit.jpg

2018-03-15 20:22:39 UTC [Outer Heaven #auto]  


Happy St. Paddys Day fellas.
Heres some traditional Irish music to listen to today.
" We are chosen
We are one
We are frightened of no one
And no one will win this war
This is the way
This is the law"


St.Patrick was ripped af

A comment left on the aforementioned song.

@Broseph what server are you already in?


Cathot Server
Any suggestions similar to this song?

Jane Crow Server

@Nicholas Istvรกn Well 17 of those kids wont be going to prison now will they.

Seriously makes u wonder where Obama learned to have so much sympathy for the Devil.

@Barry N. Terdastein i say that bc a reoccurring theme for him was being sympathetic to criminals first and having a clear disdain for our laws and judicial system.

@Jacsac ask your Dr. about Kratom. It may be illegal in your state (my state banned it :real fast: ) but it is supposed to be a naturally derived alternative to opioids.

>addiction certainty
>addiction potential

@Beemen >pill cutter
Did someone actually invent such a device?

@Beemen i understand there are very reasonable applications for this im just being a dickhead

@Deleted User RIP in piece Emmet Till

<:deusvult:402379066986070018> It Is Time

Incredibly talented band. Jimmy Page > Any other guitar player.

@Lil Merc GTFO endless blues riffs get boring, Hendrix was a sonic pioneer, but Page was a painter there was more depth to his song structuring. It wasnt just noodling in between standard chord progressions that have been transposed.

@francois le francais a i hope for a modern day steely dan that riffs sarcastically on hipster/soyboy/modernman/clownworldโ„ข culture

@KiltedKaboodle his brother is finally vindicated. Ah fwew.

Searched for Festival lineup and expected attendance
>Life is Beautiful Festival
>Route 91 Harvest Festival

fukkn Drumpf

@๐ŸŽญ๐ŸŽต This is typical of he what did during the election on some issues.
He hits from the left and the right.
No amnesty.

<:blackpill:402367968362758144> Cant believe he signed that shit.

<:whitepill:402381740443959296> <:whitepill:402381740443959296> this better fucking motivate ppl

@Deleted User give me the pedo aesthetic

from /pol anon:
But this is what he was saying the whole time, he can't get shit done and needs his people to win in the midterms. This shit right here proved his point.

Democrats shot themselves in their own foot with this bill. What seems to be wekness right know can be used against all people responsible for this before the midterms. He can support his people by calling out the people who voted for this bill. Democrats and Republicans.

I see no other comfortable option in this situation. He got some money approved and can get shit done that people will see. He know has the military on his side, a veto would have probably pissed them off. He can start building the wall. And all the liberal bullshit that got approved he can delay, use the law against it (for example sanctuary cities), highlight the problems not inlcuded in the bill (especially DACA is going to hurt the Dems).

Considering his position he was in I think it was the right choise to sign it.
But if somebody has a different opinion I would like to hear it.


>voting for obama ever

My knife is sharp and chrome.
A bit normie tier but...
Notice the sex of the overwhelming majority of these interviewees

^boomer bants

that study showed a correlation but not causation

@๐ŸŽญ๐ŸŽต dm me your workout schedule i will help you as much as i can.
I too used to have issues with gains.

You may want to push the 1988 back a few more decades

Basing my aesthetic on this look from hear forward.
May also incorporate some Black Panther aesthetics sans afro.

Joe Biden

He paid for Joe B's pedo tape
I want to thank Mark Hoppus for singing this one for us

who was it that they kicked from Boomer Review? Steve Sailer?

and or Pat Buchanan

6'3 198#

<:jude:402393736505458688> Preach universalism but practice particularism. <:jude:402393736505458688>


the colorized version is pretty Fn brutal

I have respect for Budd Dwyer for doing what was necessary in the face of adversity.

@NormanLord Wictor is a boomer. He lives in California.
Looks like he was probably a dead head...
He talks odd things at different times.
Interesting at times but dont care enough to verify.
Claims hes studied military strategy from a young age...
Ive noticed majority of his followers are boomers also.

@bobop6 B A I S T

^theyve all got THE LOOK
school shooter look


this is the gayest music video ever


le 56 iQ Shaper

bet he just had the cursor in the typee box

@cookis crumbs? yea if you pull up ur keyboard in mobile it shows as typing

ok now everyone watch this gay video

@Deleted User

if you fall aslep u hav smol penor

smol penor is nor hellfee

@Jacsac im close enough

he kilt it for real
uppidy ni๐Ÿ…ฑ๐Ÿ…ฑer probz

2018-05-08 15:09:43 UTC [Outer Heaven #auto]  

Gen1 Focus Hatchback only tho.
Were the SVTs any good?

Capitalist Fascism



Look at the good work this man was doing in the early 2000's

He had a campaign on his show 'The F Word' were he was trying to get women cooking again.

>not intentionally farting on every step...
Wat an incel

the Chad toot-step


Ay Kendall

Yo Kylie

Ur mom gay


@Bolsonaro 10/10 would procreate with

"Im an Alabama nigger and I want to be free."

Im an Alabama nigger and I wanna be free.

Black people dont have to be Democrats

Poopity Scoop

I bet his dad tries to wear matching super hero tshirts to the new Marvelโ„ข (Disneyยฎ) movie

Niggas will debate Marvel movie plotlines for an hour but wont pick up a Bible bc "Its Fiction"
Can someone edit in footage of trucks of peace happenings into this?

Howdy Zip

Howdy Vin

<:blackpill:402367968362758144> <:blackpill:402367968362758144> <:blackpill:402367968362758144> <:blackpill:402367968362758144> <:blackpill:402367968362758144>

his face is symmetrical perfection

Dont stress about it bro.๐Ÿ˜‰

If youre Muslim you are not white.


That was a very Dirt tactic

Peep these maps fam.
Refugee centers in Germany
Churches in Poland

Be me
-on vacation
-self improvement mode always on
-so head to a local gym
-buys the guest pass
-walks into the room were everyone hangs their bags and shit.
-tv is on fox News
-isreal thing is being talked about bc
-some fit college buck is telling some one armed boomer how the jews didnt keep both promises made to God so they only have the small sliver of Land currently held instead of the land east of the river Jordan.
-I immediately know Im in the right gym.

@Deleted User is my Dewd

@Gregory Malchuk Chill bro. Im on vacation.

Id be a heretic to speak to that which I do not know

@Deleted User purged irony bros? Whomst?

Dude I slack off from this server like two weeks and it goes shit?
This is why we cant have noice things fellas.<:sip:402367645866786847>


Got it

I condone without reservation the US' right to defends its borders and deport illegals.
Not so hard.

Pass the street shit?

Too Fat Drew

Nigga y u eat so much?


U a fat

Deep Cuts

Im grilling fish atm
Gay marriage compared to M I G R A N T S let in.

2018 Repent Hawaii

Just here in my harem guys


Yours for only 50 shekels goy

Ur scarring me

Gerg looks a little jewish

Donald the Good

@Hanzai glass of milk m8?

Good luck packing a glass of milk in ur bag for a mid day snack goof.

I like how u read one aspect of the label and called it milk thats good.

U pluralized macro, as if to say there are more than one of them.

Chill pook face.

Yea but you only read how many grams of protein are in it. Then called it milk. Lol

Lol my guy

U seem at least decently informed.

F bro.

U lost a small person

Congrats too tho

Its ok running is good for your blood flow.
But do u lift heavy things?

Thats what puts hair on ur chest

U need to hit the 3 major lifts

Squat, Bench, Deadlift


@Don Ronkers u must be doing it wrong.
No worries i did too for too long

Chest lats and triceps are all what make ur uppr body larger. They are functional glamour muscles

@Don Ronkers ok. Extended range of motion is good. But sheer weight on a bar will be more

Db chest press is good isolation movement

Barbell bench keeps u honest

U donnt over do it if you lift properly and/or dont push yourself...

U workout in ur home gym or u actually go to a gym and dont make m8s there?

@Don Ronkers u have a rack?

@Hanzai try and make m8s with em.

@Don Ronkers yeaaaa. A rack with some straps to catch ur goofs

@Hanzai finish mein kampf and get ur physique improved without showing power lvls

@gangweeder yes u eat dumbass

@gangweeder are u fluffy and trying to cut weight?
Or are you beginner stage?

@gangweeder are you overweight or obese?


Step one. Cutout any soy

@gangweeder now everyone that looks worse and lifts less than me is going to give u their opinions.

@Hanzai @gangweeder
Lift weights Is BOTH cardio and muscular work.

If you work the muscle it will burn fat for time AFTER uve made it back home or to class m8s

Cardio burns muscle goofus

@gangweeder not to bash Hubris but ive never seen him cut

@Hanzai do u hate ur gains that much?

@gangweeder quit smoking and quit soy

@Hanzai whey all the way

@Hickory heresy

Milk is good but jackoff to it like @Hanzai

@Shid Cat ur mum.

Weez tawkin already

@gangweeder sez the lad with bitch tits

@gangweeder im just giving u a hard time m8

Sweat is an exfoliant

@gangweeder rub sand on it

U think women care a lot about a man with really good skin tho?

Ding! And pick her up like her daddy used to

I bet if Gallop did a poll were they measured attractive couples vs unattractive couples 8/10 unattractive would not be able to pick their woman up whilst 10/10 attractive would be able to pick their woman up and hold her

@gangweeder no i cant

Bodyfat is good for ur survival. Unless ur competing u shoukdnt be terribly worried

@gangweeder abs are pretty ridiculous goal tbh

Ur goibg to drive urself mad attempting maintain abs.

10/10 if u gain muscle u will gain confidence and ur bmi will become secondary issue

@Deleted User happiest day of his life m8

@gangweeder build muscle

@Punished Scaredd absolute blakk sheep


Princess Diana Welsh sheep shagger

@Deleted User crusty but troo

Lanius is cleaning out old memes again


Who cares Katie Hopkins wasnt plucked from a lineup for her tits for her job.

Who would win
One Mud lady or Only mud hutts

@Jbruh that tweet is causing cringey reacts

[njfs tweet]

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