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I'm fucking pumped for the show tonight

Nick has been on fire lately

How'd that happen

I thought you were done because of the delay and I hopped in, tried to hop out but some other sperg jumped in


I was spamming the fuck out of that

got cucked by bob

NYT just released some edited security cam footage of Paddock

At least they confirmed he did indeed receive COMPED sushi

Hey guys, I'm Zeb

look forward to getting to know all of you, and I hope I can do my best to help

Thanks, bud. Admired IE from a distance for the longest time but finally decided to apply from the reccomendation of a member

Thanks again, man

I think this was the right call

As you will find, I'm somewhat dense at times

My dreams have been going crazy as of late. Usually I'm in a pretty passive role, just observing what's going on

6'3" masterrace

sorry I don't make the rules

sorry , my b

@ThisIsChris Won't happen again, my bad

I'm gonna be tall until I day

The day I start hunching over to old age is when I give in

I'm sorry but pixie cuts are trash

Somebody had to say it

That ad that Trump made is some pretty potent stuff, @Selma

Nothing outside of the internet is real, dont you know

Welcome, bud

34 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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