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Religion is the opiate of the people

This is very blackpillinng

Very sad

How did the fire happen?

Bomb placed by FBI?

And anime

Schumers nose is huge

Did Vince foster actually have two bullet wounds to the back of the head?

Idk how reputable that is

But very odd

The motive for the ATF to just run in and kill all these people is still unclear to me

Who were the Branch Dividians and why did the ATF want to kill them

Whats a good WW1 documentary

I โค๏ธ ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ

Dont know if anyone has posted that yet

Good vid

No im currently reading seige

For the fifth time

>not fapping 100 times a day


Wheres the diet coke at?

My drink of choice for every meal tbh

I train grip strength to firmly grasp dick


Need good games to play on laptop

Is power fun

How to play

Whats wrong with sports

No woman wants a man who is so uncoordinated he cant throw a baseball with his son

Worshiping the nfl is bad

How do i improve my wrist strength, left hand is much weaker than right

Get strunk

Fantasy football is gay and worshiping the nfl is gay but other than that i dont see a problem

Anime is gay

Rich piana is my goal

All natty

Anime is gay

Rip women

They suck

Nothing new


Crowder said "i think socialism is evil" like 20 times

Cool it with the anti semitic remarks

Get swole

Where do i find some cheap plates for home gym

Bob u need a campaign site

HH brother

He rekt him on the entire stream

Cool it with the anti semitic remarks

Is this dude natty

nah he has a world record or something iirc

He got 928 at SPF idk if they test for drugs tho

Yea SPF doesnt test for drugs

He has great leverages for sump tho

Piana is natty

Rip to rich

Anime is gay

Birth control is so cheap all u gotta do is watch anime

Dont be a pussy

she is doing great work for the conservative movement


i would take her on a very nice date and treat her like a powerful woman












tfw no foreskin

israel is the only one keeping peace in the middle east

does greg have a gf??????

i bet greg has a 10/10 gf

is this some gay meme?

i have same length

mine are about the same

this seems like a gay meme

what happened


512 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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