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How's it going folks? I'm new here in just about every sense of the word. I've been a race realist and been aware of cultural Marxism for some time, but I've been aware of (((cultural Marxism))) for less time. The other sense in which I am new is that I only downloaded this app recently because a dude I did some editing on some pampers for referred me and I have no idea how discord works. Seems pretty intuitive though and I read the rules though. Anyway, pleased to make y'all acquaintance.

Pampers was supposed to be pamplets, fuck.

I should be looking like good ol' Sharia LaBeouf now yeah?

I'm solid. Thanks for the welcome and as I said, pleased as all get out to make acquaintances.

I think I'm gonna go watch a tutorial on this app real quick so I don't come off like a luddite boomer retard.

I'm @shyrialabeouf I was @sharialabeouf but the y came in because I'm twice shoahed and hence a bit more shy haha.

Using kayak instead of the word it sounds like helps keep the acct. alive.

I'm about to buy an actual kayak. I learned that trick though from Sven with that "Some Kayaks" parody.

Oh hey Coffin. Yeah man. Thanks for the referral bro. I've been busy with moving and family shit the last few days but I got an evening to relax tonight so I decided to start fucking around with this finally.

Did anybody listen to the new Third Rail yet? Spectre's mic pop was no fucking joke. Apparently he's on the case though.

I'm in the Northeast and I got some good land we can survive on. Assuming Putin doesn't nuke us of course. Bring fishing poles.

Aren't their women free bleeder weirdos? No use for tampons.

I just got back to rural life, fuck cities.

It's nice going to the grocery store without seeing hijabs.

I lived near a kebab area when I was more urban. It's fucking insane.

They say that they're only a tiny percentage in America but even in the burbs you can't go to Walmart without seeing s half dozen or so.

I'm in a state known for urbanites but where I'm from (Rufus has talked about this) it's rural and mountain type shit. Culturally, we have more in common with Southerners than we do with the urbanites my state is known for.

I'm mailing in my 23andMe tomorrow. Whatever that shit comes back as, it won't be very Mediterranean. Heat doesn't suit me. I need mountains and snow.

You mean those "natural conservatives" burgle homes in broad daylight? Color me shocked.

Yeah, they get it.

Don't fuck kikes Rex!


Tom Cruise is nobody's father. Closet fag.

Nicole Kidman is a hermaphrodite confirmed.

I listened. Spectre needs to get his mic station fixed up.

Mic pop like a motherfucker. I DMed him, he knows. He's on it.

I don't blame your impeccable production skills.

Don't get a new computerized car, the deep state will hack it and kill yo ass.

Yeah, it was funny. @Caerulus_Rex

Sven's cover of that Live song is my shit. "The goyim opens his eyes!"

Free us from the kayaks!

Crypto echoes

I just bought a new shotgun specifically for turkeys.

Enoch's short rant where he was like "that's just anti-white" during Spencers Q&A was 👌

What the fuck am I listening to?


That was disgusting!


No I was invited here. Nice to meet y'all

Forney is repulsive. Rope. Just rope. We'd be doing him a favor frankly.

No hoteps. They're retarded.

Did someone just hive me a helicopter? I want more helicopters. I need to learn how this app works.

Funny thing about hoteps, they're still retarded nigs.

Based chink-fucker bro!

Cues up Bane voice... OF COURSE he's part Jew!

Proud boys is alt-lite + dildos



They'll find a new boomer or they'll create one.

Wait can I just talk to you guys?

Dude, some race realist socialists were ackshually trying to make alt-left a thing.


Fuck Alex Jones.

I don't care if America is 80% brown if they like guns! - Alex Jones

He's right about a lot of stuff. He'd seem like less of a maniac if he wasn,t in such denial on JQ.


Thot patrol... Tom is useless.... Lauren is smart enough to contribute...


W. Kama bell?


That nigger hates us.

Gutted is Forney with more money. He just reeks of degeneracy to me.



Dude I'm fucking nervous.

Car-posting is so over my head.

I do like that one.

France will be where it all begins...

Win lose or draw..

Rex is almost right.

France as a nation is done, even if Le Pen wins. They descend into chaos soon anyway.

Electre is gross. She's like if femen joined the alt-right.


Know that feel Rex.

You were just on point about Europe Report and the anger it produces. You can only listen to do much of that shit.. fucking brutal.

I'd roll but I'm a yank and far away.

Brian Wilson is the official face of American white nationalism. Beach Boys all day.

Rex is Chad as fuck.

Kikes warped his mind. Then he made it out. Brian Wilson man... fuck yeah.

Beach Boys posting has me liking the cut of your jib


Same here. Gayle noticed my tweets and before I knew it I'm followed by Spectre and Ricky then I'm editing pampers for Coffin Builder and now here I am..

Pet Sounds poasting! Fuck yeah!


Impeccable taste good sir. God Only Knows is perfection. I wish I had a better word because you already used that one but there is no better word.

Rebel Yell is best podcast objectively (no offense Rex).

Earl Turner jumping in like a boss. Epic taste. Agree!

I like it here. You guys are rad.

South Africa... fuck!

But some of them aren't cucked.

The ones that aren't cucked are powerful.

Yo Rex, can I just talk to you guys if I unmute my mic?

I want to matrix post for a second.

I want to live to see the day that Pat Bucannon hands that tranny weirdo.


I wish I could still have a beard. I grow a glorious one. Fucking wage-cuckery...

We will have to meme like we never have before...

I know it's Sargon but it's worth a watch.

Thanks, I started it as a twitter handle like a week before his arrest. Shoahed twice since then and on my third iteration.

If anyone wants to blabber let me know. I kinda want to talk about some ideas I have about that BAMN shit and how it compares to us from some stuff Enoch was talking about on the new shoah.

I may or may not have been dancing my way out onto the porch for a smoke to that...

Dose r funny

I was raised Presbyterian. I'm atheist now but open to rediscovering my faith. It won't be that church though.

I'm not going to mic cuck again but that was great...

We will need to construct a Yankee identity that isn't pozzed, southerners have this...

Thanks folks, I need to ponder how white nationalism looks up here...

These are our reds...

That's good research on our opposition even if it's coming from him.

Sargon got BTFOed, by Millenial Woes and some of his friends and is still mega butthurt. He also has his living at stake. My theory is that he knows we're right but just refuses to go there.

He sucks in general but in that video, he is just presenting the facts about BAMN which are damning enough in their own right.

He did three hours with woes and a bunch of woes' friends and his only argument was "you'll never win over enough people to accomplish anything this way."

He's 1/4 black dude.

He is a mixed kid.

You can only go so far down the idpol rabbit hole without realizing that if white people, and more specifically, white men must either start playing them too or they're fucked.

Grammar cucked myself there, forgot a preposition.

No, he has a black grandfather.

He's mentioned it a shitload of times. I mean who knows how diluted the black was already... you don't really see it looking at him but I take him at his word.

Could be... I have no idea...

I agree with that actually.

I think that's accurate.

Cancerous cesspit is an understatement.

Peak kvetching.


Dat pin tho

Anybody for voicechat? I've been working midnight all week. Missed you guys.

Rejoicing commenced

I'm out for a bit...

Yeah I just thought with that particular thing, how hard would it have been for Cantwell to edit that out? It wasn't a good look.

I really like Cantwell. His chat with Rufus was amazing. I'm not NatSoc. I'm more like them.

Yeah it was fantastic.

I'm on here right now because we had a massive T-storm and I have no power.

Dude I'm in upstate NY and it's been like fucking tornado alley and it's not even June yet.


Tara's not a jew

@SDifference that was a good call


The frogs man, those tragic homo frogs

Alex Jones's gay frogs...

I gotta get some sleep for real. Later dude

A FB friend screen capped those.

I read that yesterday I think D'Marcus. Someone posted it on Twitter. It was good.

Did I do a good one?

I got the gas on the Twatter. @sharboofx4 is the new one.

This is fantastic D'Marcus.

Had to go. Work stuff. I might hop back on for the commute home in an hour and a half.

Bell and D'Marcus can you come talk to me for a bit?

"Come to the AltRight, we have cookies." - Stefan Molyneux

@diff 41:36

That tag was a space bar fail.

The title led me to believe it was about something else. But it came on autoplay while I was driving and the lady he was giving advice to sounded nice so I got sucked in.

I don't listen to a lot of them, but sometimes I get sucked into those ones where he is giving people life advice.

Was just talking to a friend in Vanguard... Apparently Azzmodor gave a badass speech to the cuckservatives at the Sam Houston thing today and told some girl that she needed White Sharia.

Friend was wearing a GoPro and thinks he filmed it. Fingers crossed.

Right about at his chest level haha. So you can feel like a short person there.

I think he's pretty tall.

I'm not sure. Haven't talked to anyone in a while.

Am I fucking audible?

Yo Alex do you know gabe?

He's vanguard, he was in Houston today

Are those four items all you're selling atm?

Dude it looks nice on mobile.

F for unnamed hamster

@alexthat looks crisp

@Alex - LA looks fresh

@jjvandal bookmarked!

Just checking in to say I'm not dead. I miss you guys. I've been working a ton and traveling s bit and spending lots of time with the family lately. I'll be active this week. I'm going to go to Virginia in August. Congrats @Caerulus_Rex that's a big moment. Glad that's going well. Be well folks.

Sincerest congratulations my dude. Hoping the same for me by year's end. I picked the right time to drop in. Lots of good news.

I'll be in a bit.

That was that map we were discussing last night in case anyone was interested


Hi guys! Hooray!

Do you guys want to hit up blather? I don't want to interrupt whatever is going on in blabber with us making aquaintances.

Twitter friends whose voices I've never heard.

No worries. Take it easy. There will be other times. Glad you're here bud.


I'm in.

Brad can give "seppos" all the bantz he wants but look at these disgusting beasts that are considered comment worthy on the news in dingoland...

Nothing much, it's just bantz.

@everyone I'm booking a room for Charlottesville tonight or tomorrow. Staying with a new Vanguard recruit Twitter buddy. Anybody got recommendations on the best place to have good company about?

Oh I definitely want to see that. I meant for like booking a room. Where is the best place to stay.

Also, any recommendations for a good place to go rafting or fishing in Appalachia after would be appreciated. I still have days off after so I was thinking about cutting the drive home short to hit a river and some mountains for a night or two on the way back north.

I'm thinking we'll be going out in the evening to drink and bullshit with folks. BnB is a little gay for two dudes too.

Charlottesville has cabs or Uber right? I just don't want to be out in no man's land in the evening. This will be my first event. I want to hang out and have drinks and meet and talk with people.


You think we'll get much in the way of Antifa?

I'm worried about the heat. I am a creature of mountains and winter. The heat doesn't suit me so well.

23andme will let me know in a few weeks. If I am I'll get a vasectomy, make Aliyah, and root for you guys as I fondle Khazar milkers in the holy land.

Yeah I RTed that earlier. Hilarious. I love that account.

I'm not gonna be a Jew.

I'll join in a bit.

Done and done Azz!

User not found for @MadDimension

Needed the "the" thanks!

@D'Marcus Liebowitz love the rebranding you've done with the voice channels lol

I wrote a thing. Reads and shares appreciated.

@ReaganBattalion has been unmasked and he's a Hasidic Jew. Ben Shapiro and Kassy Dollop all wrapped up in it. Please spread.

@everyone see above

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