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2018-07-18 10:19:35 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

2018-07-18 10:22:09 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

Must we only speak Afrikaans? Because mine is not that great

2018-07-18 10:23:48 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

Okay cool. So what are we talking about today?

2018-07-18 10:25:51 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

Okay cool. So with regards to the up and coming elections, who do we vote for? Because the ANC is communist and the DA is a left leaning political party.

2018-07-18 10:36:07 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

That is not ideal with regards to the current political climate @Arcade_Hustle

2018-07-18 11:00:04 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

@Arcade_Hustle that is not good enough. It's a waste of a vote. I might as well not vote at all

2018-07-18 11:03:23 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

@Willem Petzer just want to say I appreciate your work and thank you for spreading the forbidden knowledge

2018-07-18 11:05:03 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

@Willem Petzer so what's your opinion on the next general election. Who do you think we should vote for?

2018-07-18 11:05:19 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

or should we vote at all?

2018-07-18 11:05:36 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

Just want to know people's opinion

2018-07-18 11:07:52 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

@crazyBoer @Willem Petzer I don't know much about them, but I'll do my due diligence. However why would you guys vote for them? Are they more conservative?

2018-07-18 11:09:15 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

Maybe @Willem Petzer can do a video on who they are and perhaps sway some votes their way

2018-07-18 11:11:14 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

@crazyBoer thanks. My Afrikaans is not that great but I'll read through it. Lol but then again that's why we have a dictionary and google

2018-07-18 11:11:31 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

What is this +1 thing?

2018-07-18 11:11:47 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

Sorry I'm a noob

2018-07-18 11:12:31 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

@crazyBoer thanks man, appreciate it

2018-07-18 11:14:47 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

So I was watching @Willem Petzer latest video and we literally showing the world who we are as South Africans and this I feel demotivates us as a nation. How else can we address this? Because I swear our politicians won't do anything

2018-07-18 11:19:54 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

@crazyBoer I thought I was already in the general chat....?

2018-07-18 11:20:55 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

@crazyBoer I'm at work bru lol

2018-07-18 11:22:02 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

@crazyBoer perhaps sometime very soon. We can text in the meantime though

2018-07-18 11:22:35 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

I wish we had a 2nd amendment

2018-07-18 11:25:22 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

At this point, a 1776 scenario will have to take place in order for us to gain a 2nd amendment type bill

2018-07-18 11:25:48 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

Which I don't want just to be clear

2018-07-18 11:26:57 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

@crazyBoer No so that they can force us into submission so that they can to whatever they want

2018-07-18 12:41:57 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

Does anybody follow Alex Jones?

2018-07-18 12:43:08 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

@Deejay from Earth please elaborate

2018-07-18 12:44:02 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

@Malcolm the Seceder They're both awesome

2018-07-18 12:44:20 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

@Deejay from Earth 9/11 was no joke

2018-07-18 12:44:44 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

I doubt Alex was faking it

2018-07-18 12:45:23 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

Alex has proven to be vindicated time and time again

2018-07-18 12:46:24 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

@Arm so what does that mean?

2018-07-18 12:46:48 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

@Arm I already watched that video or interview

2018-07-18 12:48:54 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

@Arm did you see his other video following up with regards to the David Duke interview. I urge you to check it out

2018-07-18 12:49:12 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

@Deejay from Earth again please elaborate

2018-07-18 12:49:22 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

@Arm And?

2018-07-18 12:50:11 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

@The Fleeb he is on target 99.99% of the time. It's been proven

2018-07-18 12:51:33 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

@Arm please go and watch the 60 minutes interview of George Soros. You'll see that he actually says he collaborated with nazi's to round up Jews

2018-07-18 12:54:16 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

@Arm Please go do your due diligence on Soros then come back to me

2018-07-18 12:54:43 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

He owns media matters, spreading fake news

2018-07-18 12:54:54 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

He funds antifa to start riots

2018-07-18 12:55:04 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

He funded the BLM movement

2018-07-18 12:55:15 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

He literally overthrew Ukraine

2018-07-18 12:55:47 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

@Arm Then clearly you not 100% sure what's going on

2018-07-18 12:56:33 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

Soros is the devil disguised as a human

2018-07-18 13:00:27 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

@Arm no he's not. Alex is basically pointing out that George Soros is behind antifa and their shit, that people should not support his companies etc

2018-09-27 12:17:09 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

I thought @Rendier would be more active. Am I missing something or what?

2018-09-27 12:19:49 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

@Sheamus oh okay I see. I'm brand new so yeah lol

2018-09-27 12:20:17 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

When I say brand new, I mean new to this discord channel

2018-09-27 12:20:58 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

@Sheamus thanks.

2018-09-27 12:23:56 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Not a fan boy but I agree with his stance on farm murders and the political state of SA. He's doing quite well for himself

2018-09-27 12:25:11 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

@WuldGoGayForLauren why do you ask?

2018-09-27 12:26:28 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

I don't understand

2018-09-27 12:27:34 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

@WuldGoGayForLauren what do you mean by, "Nah cause you say 'Love you daddy" n shit

2018-09-27 12:28:28 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Okay are you saying that I said that?

2018-09-27 12:29:19 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

No, I'm new here

2018-09-27 12:30:43 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

No stress. Would like to know though, what do you have against Willem?

2018-09-27 12:32:03 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

I know all that, I guess I want to know about your political stance on things here in SA

2018-09-27 12:32:46 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

And like what you think of Willem's views

2018-09-27 12:34:04 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  


2018-09-27 12:34:24 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

The twitter videos?

2018-09-27 12:34:41 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

I'm not familiar

2018-09-27 12:35:02 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Brief summary?

2018-09-27 12:35:54 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Okay so what are these "weird stances" you talk about?

2018-09-27 12:37:21 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Do they say that?

2018-09-27 12:37:42 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Definitely a small minority

2018-09-27 12:38:25 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Why did you defend satanism?

2018-09-27 12:39:49 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

I never saw that on the R10 note or noticed it rather

2018-09-27 12:41:36 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

I am for one choosing his or hers religion, that is the beauty of freewill that God gave us. I just think satanism and devil worship is kinda the same thing

2018-09-27 12:42:16 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Satan is having his way in SA these days

2018-09-27 12:42:33 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

In the world actually

2018-09-27 12:43:02 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

@Sheamus please explain

2018-09-27 12:43:20 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  
2018-09-27 12:43:40 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Well not really no

2018-09-27 12:49:29 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

@WuldGoGayForLauren for some reason I don't believe that

2018-09-27 12:49:47 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

@Meerkat_RSA please boet

2018-09-27 12:52:57 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

The thing is I don't want to read it. But then again I would be interested in finding out what it is all about so that I can inform others about it

2018-09-27 12:56:06 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Fake news

2018-09-27 12:56:11 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  


2018-10-01 10:46:15 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Not happy about the Discord Leaks video that @Rendier did. I know I'm a bit delayed but hey you don't have time for everything. My reason is because now the other day he was united against the media with Willem and now because the Citizen did a hit piece with regards to what Willem said, which was completely and utterly taken out of context, and involved him (Renaldo) now all of a sudden does a 180 on Willem by saying he shouldn't have said what he said? This is hypocritical and very disappointing. Just sharing my opinion that's all.

2018-10-01 10:51:13 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

So then the constitution is nothing more than toilet paper because we're no longer allowed freedom of expression

2018-10-01 10:56:20 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

I did @Rendier and I'm not saying you said they are racist. I'm referring to the fact that you sided with the article in the Citizen which is slanderous and insulting towards Willem. Now he has become a 'black sheep' so to speak (not a racist term by the way)

2018-10-01 10:59:19 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

When Willem said those things, he was literally allowing the people to see that yes there are racists still out here, even within his following. Does that mean his racist? No. He is not guilty by association and the article was complete and utter bullshit and I'm sure the mainstream media have an agenda

2018-10-01 11:01:36 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

This goes back to what I just said. If this is the case, the constitution is nothing more than toilet paper because now we're not even allowed to freely express ourselves

2018-10-01 11:06:38 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Willem has every right to be arrogant because he has been proven right about quite a few things which I'm sure you can agree to right @Rendier? The fact that he can brag about having more subs because of a hit piece is because he can, he has a right to. It's called the 'streisand effect'. If people talk shit about you, people are going to see what you really have to say on your channel and might end up subbing because now they see what you are actually about instead of believing the lies in mainstream media

2018-10-01 11:25:27 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

@WuldGoGayForLauren i don't understand

2018-10-01 11:30:31 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

No I didn't. I was merely giving my opinion. Nothing against Renaldo at all. If you can refer back to what I said on this server, you will see that I actually complimented Renaldo on stuff I agree with based on what he said and done.

2018-10-01 11:49:55 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

@WuldGoGayForLauren are you his discord guard?

2018-10-01 11:54:38 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

It was definitely a 180 based on what him and Willem did with regards to being united against the media. Is that all you took from what I said?

2018-10-17 09:07:09 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

The new NPC memes are hilarious lol

2018-10-17 09:09:49 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]

2018-10-17 09:11:15 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

When you try to speak to people from the tech left πŸ˜‚

2018-10-17 09:13:32 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Apple moved to China

2018-10-17 09:13:45 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Along with everybody's iCloud codes

2018-10-17 09:15:23 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  


2018-10-17 09:17:15 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

It was the plan all along

2018-10-17 09:17:49 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

I understand that by why did you mention it?

2018-10-17 09:18:42 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

@Sheamus yeah it seems that way, but there is a resistance to it...

2018-10-17 09:20:18 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

@Sheamus certainly have, as well as mobile execution vans to harvest organs

2018-10-17 09:21:04 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

@Meerkat_RSA I'm definitely all for the free-market

2018-10-17 09:23:05 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Apple is now China's bitch basically. But the scary part is that they have the keys to everyone's iCloud

2018-10-17 09:23:40 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

I'm referring to apple users

2018-10-17 09:24:23 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

@GTollini satire I hope

2018-10-17 09:24:38 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

@Sheamus the writing was on the wall bru

2018-10-17 09:25:24 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

@Meerkat_RSA correct

2018-10-17 09:26:10 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

@GTollini good to know

2018-10-17 09:30:43 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Who's into playing FIFA?

2018-10-17 09:39:34 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

@GTollini what is your world view or views?

2018-10-17 09:47:12 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

@Sheamus Looking to COD BO4

2018-10-17 09:59:36 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

@GTollini nevermind. As you were Sir

2018-10-17 09:59:47 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  
2018-11-14 13:11:32 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Why should the Brits vote themselves out of the EU AGAIN?!? How fair is that? I'd be pissed

2018-11-14 13:15:33 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

The EU was not elected but established rather. Countries that are part of the EU didn't even vote themselves in...But here's the best part, the head of the EU is someone by the name of Jean-Claude Junker, King of Luxembourg and his father was a Nazi. A Nazi that is head of the EU....WOW

2018-11-14 13:19:46 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Doubt it

2018-11-14 13:27:57 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Not sure I'm following but socialism and fascism is a big no for me. I'm all for nation states, sovereignty, nationalism and patriotism. Hence why I am for Brexit so those people can be free

2018-11-14 13:30:16 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

Oh yes it can. Ask Tommy Robinson

2018-11-14 13:31:04 UTC [Cheers and Peace Out #general]  

You're confused

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