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Must we only speak Afrikaans? Because mine is not that great

Okay cool. So what are we talking about today?

Okay cool. So with regards to the up and coming elections, who do we vote for? Because the ANC is communist and the DA is a left leaning political party.

That is not ideal with regards to the current political climate @Arcade_Hustle

@Arcade_Hustle that is not good enough. It's a waste of a vote. I might as well not vote at all

@Willem Petzer just want to say I appreciate your work and thank you for spreading the forbidden knowledge

@Willem Petzer so what's your opinion on the next general election. Who do you think we should vote for?

or should we vote at all?

Just want to know people's opinion

@crazyBoer @Willem Petzer I don't know much about them, but I'll do my due diligence. However why would you guys vote for them? Are they more conservative?

Maybe @Willem Petzer can do a video on who they are and perhaps sway some votes their way

@crazyBoer thanks. My Afrikaans is not that great but I'll read through it. Lol but then again that's why we have a dictionary and google

What is this +1 thing?

Sorry I'm a noob

@crazyBoer thanks man, appreciate it

So I was watching @Willem Petzer latest video and we literally showing the world who we are as South Africans and this I feel demotivates us as a nation. How else can we address this? Because I swear our politicians won't do anything

@crazyBoer I thought I was already in the general chat....?

@crazyBoer I'm at work bru lol

@crazyBoer perhaps sometime very soon. We can text in the meantime though

I wish we had a 2nd amendment

At this point, a 1776 scenario will have to take place in order for us to gain a 2nd amendment type bill

Which I don't want just to be clear

@crazyBoer No so that they can force us into submission so that they can to whatever they want

Does anybody follow Alex Jones?

@Deejay from Earth please elaborate

@Malcolm the Seceder They're both awesome

@Deejay from Earth 9/11 was no joke

I doubt Alex was faking it

Alex has proven to be vindicated time and time again

@Arm so what does that mean?

@Arm I already watched that video or interview

@Arm did you see his other video following up with regards to the David Duke interview. I urge you to check it out

@Deejay from Earth again please elaborate

@Arm And?

@The Fleeb he is on target 99.99% of the time. It's been proven

@Arm please go and watch the 60 minutes interview of George Soros. You'll see that he actually says he collaborated with nazi's to round up Jews

@Arm Please go do your due diligence on Soros then come back to me

He owns media matters, spreading fake news

He funds antifa to start riots

He funded the BLM movement

He literally overthrew Ukraine

@Arm Then clearly you not 100% sure what's going on

Soros is the devil disguised as a human

@Arm no he's not. Alex is basically pointing out that George Soros is behind antifa and their shit, that people should not support his companies etc

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