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well the avg intelligence in sub saharan africa is 70, so your probably still above average haha

@Mee6 hello!

Its stupidly difficult to get a gun licence now, my cousin needed a police officer to sign his form and in the police station a black officer said "why do you need a gun? your going to kill my people with it?' and tore it up.

yaman and the irony is that we all had guns and handed them over in the amnesty

will never get them all, also i suspect that they sold alot of them to criminals or 'lost' them

oh no i mean the police sell the confiscated ones

could be juicy

how much support does he have though i cant imagine them having much

well if they arnt anti white and are pro capitalism then it will be better than the ANC or EFF so maybe would be better

but would it be a monarchy lol

thats mad if they go through with it

ya 1 min

@Willem Petzer do a video on cape of good hope succession

@Piesangslaai your on point

@Piesangslaai you joke but living in SA thats a possible wake up lol

@Arm youtube was directing people to it

still is actually with 5.4 mil views

@Piesangslaai being their would be liek walking through sodom and gomorah

alex jones is a madman, but he is right alot of the time. cant take him serious on eveything he says

yes give quick summary in eng please

read the article, thats disgusting.

i understand their demands but thats not the way to go about it

goddamit this has made me so angry

food? water?

this would be a good starter forproud boys SA, to push through protestors to let ppl out

i dont think so, Gavin said we should start one to Willem though

tell us if you can enter

good luck!!

whos in JHB?


it is 3rd august


idk the pic ref date is today so id assume theres people there now, although i dont read afrikaans so yaaa

somebody take a snake there im sure they will run fast

iv got a meter and a half one in a tank in my room, just cant get to pretoria right now haha

their not exactly setting a good example of how hard they work....

maybe they see the light

doubt it

does BEE favour Indians and coloureds or is it just for Black people?

lol well why do you think we have so many powercuts

chappie saved us again lol

@Arcade_Hustle they did/ doing the same in Venezuela and the Venezuelans are fighting back, its logical to think the White community in SA will too

i think violence is inevitable, as to the scale of it, we will see

@Arcade_Hustle your 'over' war, you havnt fought one, your allowing your ancestors courage and suffering be for vein.

@Arcade_Hustle look up what a Dhimi is

go where exactly?

your 'vested interests' will also be nationalised when they make it legal to take white property

lol but why would anyone buy them when they can take them

you will run off to another country homeless and with Rand haha, goodluck

@Arkator7 who dosnt


nobody has been buying farms for a while...

Why buy any assets when they can just get siezed? are you going to slaughter them all if they sieze them?

@Arcade_Hustle gimme a cow bro

lol what like mandela 'co operated'

maybe in an ideal world, SA is far from ideal

my parents left, most of my family did. the grass isnt greener on the other side, fight for what you have

voice chat argue plz lol

make no mistake collaborators always eat the bullet too


i dont think families that have lived on the same land for multiple centuries will just hand over their land and move to Europe

even if he can afford it, it still dosnt excuse that he will have to leave everything he knows behind. even if he wants to stay and fight for ideological purposes and not financial, why is he wrong

im agreeing with u piesangslaai but that sounds abit disingenous. if you want to fight for ideological reasons all for u man fair enough.

are you unemployed?

then surely a few months salary is 40k

so you can get 40k :p

@Piesangslaai fair enough, im a young single guy with no kids, your situations different

but thats why we need to get the women and children out

they are our future

@Piesangslaai i can leave, i have English passport, i want to stay. My ancestors fought for this land, built this country to what it is, and i refuse to accept a kangaroo court to evict my people from their hard fought land. thats why im staying

'changing the constitution' what a sham

both my neigbors were robbed recently, im in the middle lol, wonder whos next

watch out for anything tied on your gate/ fences and put infront of them, may be signals to rob the house


lots would die but the international community would have to step in surely

yes its 2018 now

you cant just hide things anymore

HHAHAAHA the worst

they just see white man and expect cash

literally no matter where you go in the world they see white man they expect cash

nasty stuff

smoke it with ganja

that must be roughhh

they will legalize cannabis soon enough

cannabis has benefitted the US economy so much, theyve called it the 'green rush' after the gold rush

ya with a wire i think

yaman fuck

its actually bad for publicity

nobody wants to be seen next to that

did you attend?

ya me too

whtas it called

ya sure

@Klipkop (Clip-Cop) how long is Willem at Orania ?

ahhh ok, shit i loved his chat with gavin mcinnes

yeee was so prroud of willem

you a lecturer?

ahhh ok



@Piesangslaai holy shit thats good haha

must be bad if CBS is reporting it lol

he was such a snowflake

@SGL watching starship troopers

such a classic although the later ones are so weird

Gavin gave his consent for a Proud Boys ZA

hes an admin on the discord

turn your money into pounds or dollars and as the inflation takes place your smiling

or bitcoin


if the niggaz got to it it would be game over demolition man foam for Cash In Transit

whats up Dusty \

Fascist! <:pepe3:469478301644357633>


unfortunately we cant all be fascists

so far everybody has been fascist except me and karoo 😂

thats what a fascist would say!

@Malcolm the Seceder South African parents moved to London in 96 with me and now im older staying in JHB

its tommy robinson photoshopped into william wallace lol, i was in London a little over a decade, most of my young life.

i prefer it in SA generally, although its alot more of a powder keg now than when i first arrived

becoming a shithole city, even all of my family are now moving away from London. its quiet sad how the white population of SA has been dispesed across the world

i have family EVERYWHERE, but less and less in SA


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