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2018-08-26 23:32:36 UTC


2018-08-26 23:34:02 UTC


2018-08-27 03:35:54 UTC

A chat wipe?

2018-08-27 03:36:56 UTC


2018-08-27 03:36:56 UTC


2018-08-27 03:37:00 UTC


2018-08-27 04:39:29 UTC


2018-08-27 04:39:29 UTC


2018-08-27 04:39:32 UTC


2018-08-27 05:08:42 UTC

Hotwire, it doesn't look like you can use that. <:SMILESWEAT6:403540174069432320>

2018-08-27 05:13:01 UTC


2018-08-27 05:13:01 UTC

Hotwire, it doesn't look like you can use that. <:SMILESWEAT6:403540174069432320>

2018-08-27 08:44:02 UTC


2018-08-27 08:44:02 UTC


2018-08-27 08:51:25 UTC


2018-08-27 08:51:25 UTC

Go check **Renaldo Gouws**'s leaderboard here https://mee6.xyz/leaderboard/475065418030120983. <:WINK6:403540173566115840>

2018-08-27 08:52:10 UTC

@Apollo Coming for your spot

2018-08-27 08:52:16 UTC


2018-08-27 09:16:14 UTC

@Sheamus watch me dump this server with memes to prove my power🚨

2018-08-27 09:18:14 UTC

@Apollo <:Hmm:480050565167185920>

2018-08-27 09:19:30 UTC


2018-08-27 10:01:46 UTC

Literal fake news

2018-08-27 10:03:17 UTC


2018-08-27 11:45:38 UTC

Lol "farmers"...quotes one farmer

2018-08-27 11:47:25 UTC

wont be hard to disprove that. I can get you multiple farmers in Bela Bela's numbers if you want their opinions on it

2018-08-27 11:48:13 UTC

get articles out there saying one farmer doesn not represent everybody

2018-08-27 12:00:07 UTC

@Nidalap Rorrim Yes please, already suggested that farmers actually speak up against this and point out this misrepresentation

2018-08-27 12:00:24 UTC


2018-08-27 12:00:47 UTC

so one black farmer gets to speak on behalf of all white farmers...

2018-08-27 12:01:41 UTC

Theres an obvious bias and misinformation here

2018-08-27 12:34:02 UTC


2018-08-27 12:34:16 UTC

Gief farm and mine China loan must be paid!

2018-08-27 12:34:24 UTC

come come come TODAY not tomorrow!

2018-08-27 13:16:58 UTC

@Noa Theresa May is here tomorrow..

2018-08-27 13:16:58 UTC

GG @Arcade_Hustle, you just advanced to level 8!

2018-08-27 13:17:11 UTC

To talk to squirrel

2018-08-27 14:01:17 UTC

Anyone aware of a free alternative to Photoshop

2018-08-27 14:03:40 UTC

ms paint lol

2018-08-27 14:03:44 UTC

@Conscious Caracal i agree. It is the same as if someone says something racist or stupid and then the media say: White Males:"...."

2018-08-27 14:03:59 UTC
2018-08-27 14:05:33 UTC

I am serious i have 850+ matric farewall photos to filter through and to edit

2018-08-27 14:07:18 UTC

Sorry man , Free stuff not really any good and always missing things adobe still got the favorable product our there ... \

2018-08-27 14:07:57 UTC

Gimp maybe

2018-08-27 14:08:02 UTC

I heard of gimp.

2018-08-27 14:09:19 UTC

Problem is if you don't know it you might find it difficult to use

2018-08-27 14:09:43 UTC

or at least that is what my wife tells me

2018-08-27 14:55:34 UTC
2018-08-27 14:59:15 UTC

it's not that complicated to get started, but if you want to do alot of the advanced stuff, you will need to download plugins, and also workflow is not as smooth as a paid for piece of software is intended for production... Gimp is best for home user being free and quite capable, just blender, but if you intend to go into production environment, it's worth paying for the fancy software.

2018-08-27 15:09:40 UTC

Heard PS is on sale on PB

2018-08-27 15:56:15 UTC
2018-08-27 15:56:38 UTC

You'll KNOW once it starts.

2018-08-27 15:57:04 UTC

<:weed:482910661836275723> 😂

2018-08-27 15:57:29 UTC

@DirtNapBrand Johan Steenkamp still owns his farm, when he goes, it starts.

2018-08-27 15:57:52 UTC

Or if he dies, then it REALLY starts.

2018-08-27 15:59:48 UTC

i agree bro they quick to call white people names u say one word to them they wane shit brick if u propered to call some one a name dont shit your self and ccry victim when they call u some thing back

2018-08-27 16:00:42 UTC

@DirtNapBrand commies gonna get curb stomped by US, watch this EWC die the death it was supposed to die.

2018-08-27 16:01:04 UTC

Los pappa se myne uit, ou seun

2018-08-27 16:02:43 UTC


2018-08-27 16:04:17 UTC

Thing is though I hear ANC is broke

2018-08-27 16:04:22 UTC

So that sucks.

2018-08-27 16:04:37 UTC

Might explain this EWC stuff

2018-08-27 16:08:32 UTC

...how the fk did they go broke?

2018-08-27 16:18:43 UTC

That gravy train

2018-08-27 16:20:58 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle 100%, EVERYONE will know when EWC starts

2018-08-27 16:20:58 UTC

GG @Darkseid, you just advanced to level 20!

2018-08-27 16:22:18 UTC

@Darkseid Yep, so much buzzing before the event, can you imagine when it actually starts. It's going to be loud. Real loud.

2018-08-27 16:23:06 UTC

Instant regret memes are ready

2018-08-27 16:24:24 UTC

@Darkseid When sanctions hit, and the hurt is turned up good, wonder if anyone from the ANC will still be in SA?

2018-08-27 16:24:35 UTC

Probably just some of their useful idiots, rest will all bail out.

2018-08-27 16:24:39 UTC

Probably Dubai

2018-08-27 16:25:15 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle They'll all be gone..EFF too and I'm going to turn to their supporters and ask "En nou bru"

2018-08-27 16:25:48 UTC

@Darkseid I don't think the ANC or EFF have the testicular fortitude to combat Sanctions effectively.

2018-08-27 16:27:37 UTC

@Darkseid I'm sure Cyril will be briefed about what individual sanctions entail tomorrow with her visit.

2018-08-27 16:27:58 UTC

Anyone who thinks she's coming here to "secure trade deals" is a bloody fool, you don't secure anything with those about to be sanctioned to hell and back.

2018-08-27 16:28:18 UTC

her visit = Theresa May

2018-08-27 16:32:29 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle They can barely navigate a free market...imagine a sanctioned one

2018-08-27 16:32:46 UTC

@Darkseid Ons gaan kak, aren't we

2018-08-27 16:33:31 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle It's going to be funny watching SA burn

2018-08-27 16:33:50 UTC

@Darkseid you know we here as well, yea? lol

2018-08-27 16:34:41 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle Bruh I'm just watching the meteor come and embracing it😂

2018-08-27 16:35:52 UTC

@Darkseid Good attitude, embrace the chaos.

2018-08-27 16:36:01 UTC

Feel bad for those who only gonna find out the day it happens lol

2018-08-27 16:36:04 UTC

there are millions

2018-08-27 16:37:15 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle Would be depressed if I didn't, Lol I don't I'm going to meme them

2018-08-27 16:38:08 UTC

@Darkseid R20 000 a month for internet is gonna be a bit tight for me

2018-08-27 16:39:00 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle I'm more worried about R12000 for bread

2018-08-27 16:39:56 UTC

@Darkseid HIER KOM KAK

2018-08-27 16:43:59 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle Finna be lit...literally the protesters are going to burn so many tyres and buildings😂

2018-08-27 16:44:38 UTC


2018-08-27 16:44:50 UTC

how do you protest someone who is in Dubai? lol

2018-08-27 16:45:01 UTC


2018-08-27 16:45:41 UTC

Dude you're using logic here, these are the same people who burnt down universities for Free Education 😂

2018-08-27 16:54:04 UTC

@Rendier any time a video is coming up on the unfair removal of Athol.

2018-08-27 17:00:07 UTC

@Renaldo it must be tough seeing your dad on Willem channel when does not want to acknowledge you as his illegitimate kid

2018-08-27 17:02:52 UTC

Oh /r/southafrica, never change

2018-08-27 17:02:54 UTC

"Hope this means we’ll get visa free travel to uk soon"

2018-08-27 17:03:14 UTC

I'd worry more about a loaf bread costing R150 soon than visa free travel, cookie.

2018-08-27 17:03:32 UTC

Thinking this May visit tomorrow is about trade agreements and free trade

2018-08-27 17:03:52 UTC

do people NOT understand the amount of sh*t we are right now due to EWC?

2018-08-27 17:08:06 UTC

18:02] Arcade_Hustle: "Hope this means we’ll get visa free travel to uk soon"

lol, the UK government is just going to call them racists for not wanting to stay

2018-08-27 17:08:46 UTC

THey were referring to SA

2018-08-27 17:09:10 UTC

people are so insanely ignorant they think May is here to offer trade deals and "visa free" travel

2018-08-27 17:09:24 UTC

We're reaching intergalactic levels of delusion

2018-08-27 17:10:04 UTC


2018-08-27 17:10:38 UTC

@SmartBullet_ZA ANC must be popular over there.

2018-08-27 17:11:17 UTC

That is @Rendier territory

2018-08-27 17:11:17 UTC

GG @SmartBullet_ZA, you just advanced to level 2!

2018-08-27 17:12:29 UTC

corrupt guy fired, corrupt guy pulled Zuma on the DA

2018-08-27 17:14:06 UTC

Democracy is democracy.

2018-08-27 17:14:54 UTC

You spelled Mob Rule wrong

2018-08-27 17:15:39 UTC

Democracy is mob rule.

2018-08-27 17:15:56 UTC

where is the refugee camp?

2018-08-27 17:16:06 UTC


2018-08-27 17:16:16 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle how goes?

2018-08-27 17:16:24 UTC

@Banting Gamer good man, self?

2018-08-27 17:16:29 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle we need a reworking of it

2018-08-27 17:16:30 UTC

its going hey

2018-08-27 17:16:41 UTC

i like the refugee camp

2018-08-27 17:16:47 UTC

lol, yea

2018-08-27 17:16:54 UTC

has a great ring to it

2018-08-27 17:16:58 UTC

really sells it

2018-08-27 17:16:59 UTC


2018-08-27 17:17:02 UTC


2018-08-27 17:17:11 UTC

@Darkseid What we don't need are sanctions, we getting a full hot load to the face real soon.

2018-08-27 17:17:35 UTC

THAT should shake up the political landscape

2018-08-27 17:17:38 UTC

yea i jsut upgraded everythig i can with my life savings @Arcade_Hustle

2018-08-27 17:17:45 UTC

all these armchair commies will be crying for bread on twatter

2018-08-27 17:17:57 UTC

@Banting Gamer smart!!! lol

2018-08-27 17:17:58 UTC

the sanction are going hit us the hardest... the government does **NOT** buy through amazon

2018-08-27 17:18:04 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle Lol they're brave now till it actually happens

2018-08-27 17:18:19 UTC

@Darkseid It's going to be Americas fault watch.

2018-08-27 17:18:32 UTC

Mugabe couldnt shut up about how everything was America UKs fault

2018-08-27 17:18:39 UTC

while his sh*thole country liquidated

2018-08-27 17:18:47 UTC

No they will blame white people and Afriforumn

2018-08-27 17:18:54 UTC

Not their suicidal policies

2018-08-27 17:19:11 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle Always murica,

2018-08-27 17:19:33 UTC

They already blame afriforum for the tweet

2018-08-27 17:19:35 UTC

blacktwitter becoming hungrytwitter 😦

2018-08-27 17:19:38 UTC
2018-08-27 17:19:41 UTC


2018-08-27 17:20:14 UTC

no more black twitter.. sold phone to buy bread..
1 iphone 1 loaf

2018-08-27 17:20:24 UTC

Viva la revolution, holy F*CK I'm hungry, comrades!

2018-08-27 17:20:48 UTC

Death or Poverty

2018-08-27 17:20:54 UTC

You signed up

2018-08-27 17:20:56 UTC

why not both 😃

2018-08-27 17:21:05 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle Hulle gan huil, Farmers please come back

2018-08-27 17:21:23 UTC

It's not the lack of farmers that kills you, it's the sanctions

2018-08-27 17:21:33 UTC

Kiss AGOA goodbye as well

2018-08-27 17:21:49 UTC

"we are going ahead with EWC", nee OK grootseun jou funeral

2018-08-27 17:21:52 UTC

mebbe we will have a flood of chinese stuff instead

2018-08-27 17:21:57 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle Apartheid survived sanctions just saying

2018-08-27 17:22:17 UTC

@Rox poisoned rice, nice

2018-08-27 17:22:30 UTC

better learn to love rice

2018-08-27 17:22:34 UTC

@Darkseid That government was a little different than this particular field of candidates.

2018-08-27 17:22:34 UTC

its coming

2018-08-27 17:22:52 UTC

I was trying to think of a way to type that

2018-08-27 17:22:52 UTC

GG @Rox, you just advanced to level 9!

2018-08-27 17:22:58 UTC

Yep, pap is out, rice is in! Here's 10 recipies to help cook! - News24

2018-08-27 17:23:08 UTC

No recipies... just rice

2018-08-27 17:23:23 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle I mean the ANC is a shit version of the NP at this point

2018-08-27 17:23:26 UTC


2018-08-27 17:23:31 UTC

Plain rice 10 different ways = News24

2018-08-27 17:23:36 UTC

Mperri Hoendor becomes Mperri Ratta

2018-08-27 17:23:42 UTC

How to lose weight on a rice diet

2018-08-27 17:23:53 UTC

ah man my Afrikaans is too bad to understand now

2018-08-27 17:23:57 UTC


2018-08-27 17:24:16 UTC

@TwoSugarsZA we is getting sanctioned up the bum n the woke peeps on reddit be laughing

2018-08-27 17:24:27 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle SA has an obesity problem, maybe socialism is the cure

2018-08-27 17:24:30 UTC


2018-08-27 17:24:34 UTC

Do you think they will put sanctions?

2018-08-27 17:24:49 UTC

What if the gov carries on paying 10% of values

2018-08-27 17:24:54 UTC

@Rox Yes

2018-08-27 17:24:55 UTC

@Rox Theresa May is NOT coming here tomorrow to talk about trade agremeents, LOL

2018-08-27 17:25:09 UTC

You don't trade anything with the soon-to-be f*cked

2018-08-27 17:25:12 UTC

Yeah? I thought she was backing this crap

2018-08-27 17:25:30 UTC

@Rox I think she will back whatever America tells her to back.

2018-08-27 17:25:38 UTC

Cyril will charm her and say the usual ... within the law .. food security

2018-08-27 17:25:41 UTC

Americans seems not to be backing EWC for some strange reason

2018-08-27 17:25:46 UTC

Al hierdie klomp is kop in een mus met die ANC:


2018-08-27 17:26:01 UTC

Bro the afrikaans, is fucking up my typing

2018-08-27 17:26:09 UTC

@Rox I highly HIGHLY doubt she's coming here in friendship.

2018-08-27 17:26:29 UTC

what if cyril parades a bunch of farmers who want ewc

2018-08-27 17:26:31 UTC

Whatever dirt the CIA has on ANC is long been building, not much for Pompei to investigate.

2018-08-27 17:26:45 UTC

@Arcade_Hustle Securing her Malema investment he's backed by the british

2018-08-27 17:26:52 UTC

Yeah and Malemas crap is all over youtube

2018-08-27 17:26:57 UTC

@Rox CIA don't get their info from news24 or huffington post, doesn't matter who parades what.

2018-08-27 17:27:14 UTC

You give me hope.. do go on

2018-08-27 17:27:29 UTC

@Rox South Africa glows in the dark like a Christmas tree

2018-08-27 17:27:36 UTC

So you dont think it was fox news that prompted the tweet?

2018-08-27 17:27:54 UTC

@Rox No, it was at request from US gov to air that.

2018-08-27 17:28:17 UTC

But ANC said piss off the next day in a tweet to donald

2018-08-27 17:28:25 UTC

@Rox they got enough dirt to action, EWC is supposed to pay as colateral for China loan (T&C hidden from public)

2018-08-27 17:28:39 UTC


2018-08-27 17:28:41 UTC

Die Ruperts is Vrymesselaars en Broederbonders

2018-08-27 17:28:54 UTC

@TruthCanary Try Anglo Gold

2018-08-27 17:29:01 UTC

@TruthCanary Try Anglo American

2018-08-27 17:29:10 UTC

Trump probably has shares! lol

2018-08-27 17:29:12 UTC

But if ANC backs down the masses still want land
Theyve been hyping them up for months

2018-08-27 17:29:32 UTC

@Rox Don't take Trumps friends companies and give to China that's not nice.

2018-08-27 17:29:35 UTC

And all the EFF bullies

2018-08-27 17:29:50 UTC

aaah ... keep talking

2018-08-27 17:30:08 UTC

@Rox They've been played by Malema (UK backing) to rush EWC destroying them, they cant go forward or backward, they in checkmate

2018-08-27 17:30:28 UTC

So May is here to rap over the knuckles

2018-08-27 17:30:41 UTC

I thought the meeting was rushed

2018-08-27 17:30:53 UTC

@Rox Yes, this all started when the words "nationalize mines" was spoken by some ANC idiot a long time ago.

2018-08-27 17:31:01 UTC

and banks

2018-08-27 17:31:05 UTC

You don't get to touch mines and live to tell the tale.

2018-08-27 17:31:17 UTC

hahahahhahahaha awesome

2018-08-27 17:31:44 UTC

do you think cyril got a few calls after that tweet

2018-08-27 17:31:48 UTC

Lets grab mines from ANglos and Americans and give to China, nothing bad will happen we have moral highground.

2018-08-27 17:32:06 UTC

@Rox Yes, from China immediately.

2018-08-27 17:32:17 UTC

I still dont trust them... could go Mugabe style

2018-08-27 17:32:21 UTC

@Rox Chinese ambassador in SA was screaming about tweet

2018-08-27 17:32:27 UTC


2018-08-27 17:32:27 UTC

ruining their whole clever scheme

2018-08-27 17:32:43 UTC

what did they think would happen

2018-08-27 17:32:52 UTC

Apparently the council meeting wasn't legitimate

2018-08-27 17:32:55 UTC

@Rox If Cyril still wants to go ahead, they will sink SA like Zimbabwe, if they cant have it, nobody will have it.

2018-08-27 17:33:07 UTC

yeah that doesnt help us

2018-08-27 17:33:13 UTC

No, that doesnt.

2018-08-27 17:33:20 UTC

so no hope then

2018-08-27 17:33:22 UTC

@WuldGoGayForLauren het jy sopas Afrikaans gepraat

2018-08-27 17:33:36 UTC

@Rox Think of it as chemotherapy

2018-08-27 17:33:39 UTC


2018-08-27 17:33:56 UTC

@Rox In order to burn out the ANC, you must administer chemo to the whole place.

2018-08-27 17:34:10 UTC

Make the woke ones a bit hungry for a few years

2018-08-27 17:34:11 UTC

yeah like the 80s

2018-08-27 17:34:14 UTC

@WuldGoGayForLauren so jy is n Afrikaanse persoon wat in America bly?

2018-08-27 17:34:28 UTC


2018-08-27 17:34:32 UTC


2018-08-27 17:34:45 UTC

@Rox I don't think ANC has testicular fortitude to last long under sanctions.

2018-08-27 17:34:56 UTC

@WuldGoGayForLauren Is that the only word you know

2018-08-27 17:34:56 UTC

I think most of their members will emigrate quickly.

2018-08-27 17:35:07 UTC

The governing ones anyway.

2018-08-27 17:35:19 UTC


2018-08-27 17:35:59 UTC

PIEL belasting LOL

2018-08-27 17:35:59 UTC

God dammit Jub this is why you were banned😂

2018-08-27 17:36:37 UTC


2018-08-27 17:36:43 UTC

so avert civil war?

2018-08-27 17:36:56 UTC

@Rox yeah definitely, nobody is fighting over garbage.

2018-08-27 17:37:04 UTC

@Rox might be tribal / gang spats etc

2018-08-27 17:37:15 UTC

not white black

2018-08-27 17:37:31 UTC

@Rox no, the people driving that will be chilling by the pool in dubai by then

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