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Wtf is going on in that other discord...

You want the full scoop?

Yep my soviets bretheren

Well I can't give the full scoop at @Darkseid

wait ill dm uu

I'm getting the leaders of this resistance

Can you link me the discord?

I can't share it

'Gross misconduct'

Verbally raping people?


@Rendier I'm the best thing that's ever happened to your discord xd

@RaRi Give me the rundown on why I was banned

This is what happens when you fuck with my cult.


Children,I will speak in 7 days.

They are my disciples

we need reinforcements

On the pole

Well,I have to go now
It was a pleasure
Boycott the other discord lol xd

Nah I did but I'm a man so I'll get away with it

Willem's server also isn't infested with snowflakes...

@f*ckwhites We're also rapists.

We've beaten your kind before

We'll do it again

Did the boere oorlog end?

I think we beat your kind

Who's still the backbone of the economy?

Who's still the backbone of the economy?
We beat your kind

@f*ckwhites who's living in shacks

We beat your kind

You'll have to be able to read the gps if you wanna get there

That made no sense...

Anyways @f*ckwhites we're just joking man

We're meming

@f*ckwhites That's the thing

I'm american

Hey It's guss :D

@Guss No Jub no people I guess

God I can't breathe

They may take our jub but they won't take our spirit

@Guss Why are you Anti-Jub?

@Dusty hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Can u take a closer picture

Make a twitter

For the army

My documentary:
The long walk to Memedom

Releasing soon

Fuck that im staying here

This server actually has a pair...

Ignore the jub memes

Tbh I was just a victim of the war for free speech

Jesus this is going to be an era in itself

I will join as Verbal Rapist

@Conscious Caracal and @Apollo
You guys should push to get the mods revamped

The mods on that server are shit

The problem isn't that

It's that they aren't professional

This is a great learning experience for her

Don't fuck with the internet.



*Goes viral*

@JWille when did u join Willem's server?

They're turning Renaldo's server gay

Dw I think they might cave

Or moderator

This shit isnt about me anymore

Just a common enemy

This is what happens when you fuck with the wrong 10th graders

Ill make a discord server

Announcing it


Invite as many as you can

Its queen

Convince queen

To the ub

Did u see the memes today?


Is the server dead?

is the server dead?

Is it interesting

@ZombieQueen Dusty was lurking with a fake name on here

@ JohanvR#9700

We know it is

Mods told us

@Klipkop (Clip-Cop) im pretty sure she's @ JohanvR#9700

Conscious caracal

Hello there

Why are you asking

Other way around

I got banned

Chaos insued

@Sheamus There will always be someone like that,like I said I’m just the match that sparked this fire

Just great that we’re fighting it

This isn’t renaldos discord

Don’t have it

@Piesangslaai u fucking hit a home run with that one lol

Tbh that’s pretty accurate

@Sheamus just keep trying to test them

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