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Ave Columbia

My campus is getting campus carry this summer

shud be fun

Anarchist Cookbook is outdated, anyway

Talking about it in voice chat

use yellow bandannas

Again, from VC

VoL have agreed to help us

Minutemen are still suspect

@Junge I actually literally look almost exactly like Mosley minus the stache

Anyone here from Kansas?

Wanna hear a joke?

So two communists are at a riot

One of them says to the other, "Who should I throw this molotv at?"

The other one says "What are you, an intellectual?"

I saw that too

I don't remember the joke being in it, tho

I heard it somewhere else

Honestly, the Spanish Civil War is a perfect example of what happens in real life when the rag-tag group of plucky rebels goes up against the organized evil fascists

they get thoroughly blown the fuck out

I've had antifa posters on campus

but I'm glad to say that the students are tearing them down

I may put up some Liberty Prime posters tonight

@hoplite You know, the ones that talk about how *****COMMUNISM. IS. DEATH.*****

Then there's the TRS types who have almost managed to subdue their AnCapism with sheer edginess

but that eventually collapsed

>If I was a trash can, I'd be literally shaking right now

Forget shooting it, I wanna hit somebody with that

Is there a dump for propaganda anywhere?

Maybe the phone app is fucking up, but that didn't look like it had much in it

Hey, how come I'm unvetted?

I was just coming on here to report that I'm going with some buds to protest the Sanders rally in Topeka

Got flags, posters, and everything.

I've been on this server since it was a thing

Don't havr time to get vetted rn, tho

Maybe later

So can I set up for extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeme vetting?

My campus has chalk-and-poster tier antifa


Was that your oh see? Thought I saw that on /pol/ already.

Gib vet plz

What happened to the propaganda channel? DId that get folded into memes?






the furries are invading my safe space

EVeryone should watch this video

very inspiring

Footage of nationalist groups from around the world set to "Do you hear the people sing?" in their respective languages

Video of them chanting about helicopter rides while chasing down commies

meanwhile, I was at my local MAGAMarch, which faced no more opposition than a fat spic in a minivan flipping us off.

They're doing another one in Topeka next week, which I should be able to get all of my IRL meetup group to go to

Getting my 10-pack of skull facemasks in the mail today

Going to another MAGA March on Saturday with my entire group

See, I've got an idea, but I'll take it to <#278748397945618432>

Hey bro, how many levels of LARP you on?

You are like a little baby

Watch this

The flag alone adds like three levels

You win

Wait no, you lose

Because we were talking about levels of LARPing

Not actual power levels

SHARPs? That's Skinheads against racist something, right?

Racist people?

@I'mGoingBerserk At the march I was at, there was an AnCap ironically dressed as black bloc

We affectionately referred to him as "yellow-and-black bloc"

Which workes, because he had a Gadsden Flag shirt underneath his jacket

Oy vey, completely forgot this was a public channel

Brb, shutting it down

Jose Antonio Vargas is on the run from ICE

this is the best timeline

@everyone Who wants to go brigade some commies?

Go to the far-left side of the map and start vandalizing their "art"

there's a whole red field occupied by some commies

which needs to be marked with the gold of free markets


@Lord Joe yeah?

@everyone Let's use blue, actually

they're using yellow

let's be an-trans for a day

It's got to stand out

they're using the yellow for the hammer and sickle, though

Click that link and it'll take you right to the commie area

They're rolling it back, and all my alts are on cooldown!

@Waifu外福 Where can I get a Jerusalem Cross patch?

Speak for yourself

I'm currently getting paid to watch YouTube

IT, slow day

@Affectomancer See about getting vetted first

So I've got an idea for a potential tack we could take

"Blockbreaking", taking a more active role in the dissolution of commie mobs

Using tactics to break up their groups and get them to flee

One idea I had was to tag them with spray paint, thus doing away with anonymity

Spraypaint cans can be much more easily concealed, but for longer ranges, sure, why not


Probably for the best

Paint grenades and cans

If you can get the drop on them, sure

Actual dangerous chemicals might be going a bit too far

I was thinking red, for "This faggot is a commie"

Also, aim for the legs

They can ditch the sweatshirt, but not so much the pants

Another thing that was suggested on 8/pol/ in the wake of Stickman was that you can easily cripple a block by dressing up as them, insinuating yourselves into the group (They won't be able to tell), assess who the leaders are, who the competent fighters are

basically, the high-value targets

wait until nobody's looking, then let the target have it with a sap

then GTFO

They can't run, and odds are you just pegged the one guy who was any good at fighting

Hell, don't even fill them with paint

just start spraying them with super soakers

>tfw medieval combat is making a comeback

There is also a point where they can become stupid-looking

Anyone remember the battle of Sacramento?

Those guys looked LARPy AF, but they certainly knew how to fight

There's a big NSM-type group training meetup in Pikeville this month, apparently

TWP is gonna be there

Maybe they'll practice these tactics

That was a while ago

Oh, well, there was a similar incident a few weeks ago


Infiltrating an honest-to-God antifa meeting in about an hour

send me your high energy

"Ommmmmmmmmm... I wish to establish a dictatorship of the proletariat... Ommmmmmmmmmmmmm..."

I put a bernie button on my bag

I should be good

Me and my friend are going to lament the rising tide of Nazis on Yik Yak



Another sunflowerfag

Anyway, knock knock

So the antifa meeting we were attempting to infiltrate turned out to be a bamboozle

But it was a bamboozle by one of /ourguys/

He was poasting about it on Yik Yak in an attempt to get commies to waste their time

So the only people's time he wasted was 5 anticommunists'

but he found out about our organization that way, so that was cool

😫 tfw you're not gonna get your stickers for another day or so

@Lord Joe Lawrence


@Lord Joe why do you ask?

Should I get a t-shirt, a hat, or a patch? Decisions, decisions.

Absolutely terrifying


a thought occurs to me

What are the odds of all of those glitches occuring at the same time?

My thought is that all of those happening at once indicates a glitch in the video, rather than a glitch in a simulated Assange

but I could very well be wrong

Por que no los dos

@Affectomancer At least one of my ancestors was definitely a Crusader

Sir Hugh Tyrell, First Baron of Castleknock

a key player in the Norman invasion of Ireland, and was also at the Siege of Acre

He also made significant land grants to the Hospitallers

We don't want to make the mistake that Japan made on us in WW2

It's definitely a land grab

They're trying to get the Golan Heights, which has a fuckton of oil that was coincidentally discovered after Israel took the land

Never fear, Magic Negro is on the case!

America would be have sneks and half Ameribears

Got my stickers today

Jesus Christ

He went from defending Assad to bombing him within 48 hours

because of some sad pictures of allegedly dead children

Welp, better start making my plans to flee to Russia

They were apparently just targeting the airfield where the attack was supposed to have come from

can we get a confirmation on them being targeted at ISIS


okay, the reports I'm seeing all say that this was targeted at just one airfield

The Russians apparently shot most of the missiles down

We are six degrees oof fucked right now

If we go full Fallout by this time tomorrkw

@Dangerlurking it was probably an automated system

I've got some really sweet skull masks

And I'm surrounded by puffy college leftists who will be really easy to go full Legion on

The official Trump narrative is that the strikes were targeted at chemical weapons facilities


's ready to take the accelerationism pill?

At this point, I almost hope it's true that Assad was the gasser

rib in pasta

Right now, my options are
A) defecting to Russia
B) starting an ethnostate in Lindsborg

okay, I'm still finding it hard to totally lose faith in Trump, so here's what I think

Or a thing I thought of, I don't believe it yet

Trump ordered a casualty-free and ineffective attack to both placate the neocons and given him room to go back

The fact that nobody died and all the missilese hit the same area implies that it was extremely carefully planned

Now, whether that's true or not, we'll see

I somehow doubt it, though

What does that mean

I don't follow skyking-type stuff

He warned Russia, at least


defecting to russia






A key plot point towards the end of the Turner Diaries is that the Order's ethnostate is able to keep the US government from just nuking them by saying that they will respond to such an attack by launching all of their captured nukes at New York and Tel Aviv

Forget defecting to Russia, I'm defecting to Syiria

It's real

Insert your "The Phantom Menace" joke here

As well you should

fucking Amish

So some UN bigwig who handles atrocities is saying that it was probably the rebels who did the gas, not Assad

Wait, what happened to /pol/ to warrant an announcement?

No, but seriously

what's with the announcement about /pol/?

#FireKushner seems to be going well

it feels odd deploying meme magick against Trump, but it needs to be done

Nothing wrong with skinheads

Well, lots of things wrong, really

but they're still our people

Real talk: movement-wise, I identify with the rebels in Les Mis

But personal-wise, I identify with Inspector Javert

>when your best bud is getting married

Imagine having Hitler as your best man

Hippity Hoppity

Get off my property

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