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2017-07-15 14:41:09 UTC

@everyone Is anyone sticking around through Sunday? Remember that this happened one night after our last rally. Might be good to know who is still around in case we need a squad to defend the statue in some way.

2017-07-15 14:41:38 UTC

i would definately have people there with cameras

2017-07-15 14:41:53 UTC

thats shit you did was awesome

2017-07-15 14:42:20 UTC

@MadDimension I'll be leaving sometime Sunday

2017-07-15 14:42:22 UTC

I don't want to start shit but I think we need a contingent of people circling and guarding the statue come nightfall. They're going to try to vandalize it or do some other shenanigans

2017-07-15 14:43:44 UTC

Having video is a very good idea.

2017-07-15 14:44:32 UTC

I bet we could reach out to some of these militia groups to help guard the statue Sunday night

2017-07-15 14:45:57 UTC

All I heard in that video was autistic screeching

2017-07-15 14:50:37 UTC

2017-07-15 14:55:03 UTC

From that video at the end: "pay pal dot com slash _____ stern, hit me up" geif monies plox

2017-07-15 14:57:49 UTC

They've learned to turn their nonsense into SJW bar mitzvahs. "Wow, if I virtue signal hard enough, stupid people will just give me money!"

2017-07-15 15:11:33 UTC

I'll be sticking around through Sunday. Not sure if I'll be hanging around Cville or going to DC on Sunday, though.

2017-07-15 16:49:02 UTC

@GoyMeetsWorld and I will be around

2017-07-15 16:51:41 UTC

I'll still be around on sunday if I go

2017-07-15 17:21:57 UTC

Ill inquire if my group would have interest sticking around that long.

2017-07-15 17:49:16 UTC

@MadDimension vanguard has members in the pa militia we could do some networking

2017-07-15 19:53:18 UTC

@MadDimension Can't law enforcement defend the statue or is that out of their jurisdiction?

2017-07-15 20:48:33 UTC

They can

2017-07-15 20:48:34 UTC

They just wont

2017-07-15 22:48:39 UTC

They aren't going to defend it against what could be another 1,000 liberals intend on vandalizing the monument or draping some anti-white banners on it

2017-07-15 22:51:54 UTC

We wouldn't need to match their numbers. Just have enough to stand between them and the statue

2017-07-15 23:14:58 UTC

It's almost like they don't have jobs to go to on Monday...

2017-07-16 00:47:43 UTC

Here's the thing, if they want to, eventually, they can destroy it... the question is how noted it can be, how many people will remember it and how many of our natural allies will awaken because of it. What we are doing raises awareness, we are not fighting for the statue but rather what the statue stands for, our people, our blood, our legacy and our futures. At the end of the day it is a statue, a statue is a symbol but a symbol only has as much meaning as we imbue it. It would be sad to lose it but it would be sadder if we lost it and the symbolism of losing it was lost on the larger part of our brethren.

2017-07-16 00:51:40 UTC

"We might as well not even fight its just a statue"

2017-07-16 03:08:42 UTC

Please reread.

2017-07-16 03:36:10 UTC

@Athena Marie rioting is their job

2017-07-25 00:57:31 UTC

I'll be there Sunday night as well.

2017-07-31 23:51:14 UTC

Orlando hate bus will be staying for Sunday

2017-08-07 00:49:33 UTC

Anything going on Sunday? I'm planning on staying an extra day hang out in DC on Monday

2017-08-07 20:19:11 UTC

@Ignis Faatus want to tour DC on Monday? I know a fashy tour guide who should cut us a deal

2017-08-10 03:30:12 UTC

I'll probably be sticking around through Sunday. I got memed into doing a thing.

2017-08-10 05:51:53 UTC

It would seem many of us are staying through Sunday.

2017-08-13 11:59:04 UTC

@everyone Let's show sympathy for the VSP pilots today. Everyone else..not so much

2017-08-13 12:10:19 UTC

Yeah the cops that pushed you out of your permitted event, don't forget to show them sympathy.

2017-08-13 12:12:24 UTC

The cops that do the bidding of the nigger vice mayor. The cops that enforce the laws that are the supporting frame work of the anti white system. THE ZOG BOT COPS, don't forget about them guys

2017-08-13 12:27:17 UTC

Ill be around people

2017-08-13 13:04:56 UTC

I'll be around also

2017-08-13 14:02:38 UTC

Press conference today

2017-08-13 16:52:27 UTC

@My Name Is Hate the local police set us up, not the VSP

2017-08-13 17:04:40 UTC

I heard the local police stood down so the governor sent in the vsp

2017-08-13 17:17:10 UTC

ok. if im wrong, educate me. its not a challenge. I want to know

2017-08-13 17:23:35 UTC

it was definitely a setup. my friend a former marine could smell it a mile away

2017-08-13 19:40:57 UTC

Any one still in town tonight?

2017-08-13 19:41:11 UTC

Yea man

2017-08-13 19:41:20 UTC

Hey saw your messages. U good?

2017-08-13 19:41:31 UTC

Ill be in Richmond

2017-08-13 20:14:48 UTC

Yeah im fine just hurt my finger a bit and blood on my shirt lol

2017-08-13 20:15:15 UTC

Hanging just outside cville still there is not shit to do around here

2017-08-13 20:27:46 UTC

Our room in richmond is open to 2-3 goys if anyone needs a spot tonight to hang.

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